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My Father's Voice On The Staircase

stairs dead parent voice

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#1 A-Fine-Mess



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Posted 30 September 2014 - 09:42 AM

So, I literally just joined and I don't know if i'm doing this right but i'm a bit rattled. I am 12, almost 13 years old and i'm sick, so i'm home from school.

I was walking up the stairs and I heard my late Father's voice yell "BOO!" In my left ear.

If he was a ghost, or a spirit, or something else paranormal, that most definitely would be what he would yell, to scare the heck out of you and then he'd laugh as you freak out.

I wasn't thinking of him or anything of that kind as I walked, so I don't know if that rules out my brain playing tricks on me?

My cat, (I've heard animals can sense and even see the paramormal) has been all over the place today as well and he's usually quite mellow.

I've always been a believer because quite frankly, there had been no solid scientific evidence, at least in my mind, to prove against it.

A human is energy, and energy doesn't fade. Therefore, it has to go somewhere.

I've always gotten little feelings and instinctive urges and my friends joke about how i'm physic but i'm not sure that I am.

This would be my first encounter with a ghost and i'm a little scared, I suppose because society and my human survival instincts have taught me to be afraid of what cannot be explained and so, i'm frightened.

Please help. Sarah.

#2 White Witch

White Witch

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Posted 05 October 2014 - 09:19 AM

I heard my grandmother's voice calling me after she past away.

Right this way to my haunted space.

#3 axlfoley


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Posted 10 October 2014 - 05:04 AM

Thanks for the post A Fine Mess. Yeah, it's natural to be scared of an encounter like that. Maybe your dad was just being playful with you?


Something like this happened to a friend of mine before. She heard her cousin's late husband call out her name (my friend's name). My friend didn't answer back or anything. The thing is her cousin's husband passed away 2 weeks before. She was creeped out, needless to say.

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#4 jimmary


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Posted 10 October 2014 - 08:33 AM

Welcome A-Fine-Mess.

In my experiences, I have never had anything happen paranormally that I could say was personal to me.  Now with other members of my family, things involving my deceased oldest brother have happened.  My youngest brother saw our brother looking at him while at his workplace.  Then my mother, who has had MANY paranormal experiences, saw what she called his energy standing at the entrance to the hallway leading to the bedroom where he died.  Without an ounce of fear, she conversed with him in a mental fashion; no verbal words were exchanged.  He revealed to her that he had to go farther away and that he didn't think he was coming back.  She actually hugged at where his energy was and swatted at where she though his bottom was as he moved down the hall.  To this date I have never knowingly had a personal experience with my deceased brother, though I have had other experiences that I welcomed very enthusiastically.

The loss of a loved one at your age, A-Fine-Mess, is hard for most children to comprehend.  Believe me, most of us on here have gone through it; it really screws with your head when trying to understand why these things happen and why someone so close is suddenly gone.  I can put myself in your place at 13 when we lost a very close family friend.  I'm 51 now and it still saddens me that he died (we also had paranormal experiences with him the night he died), but people usually work through the experience and realize it's a part of life and remember the goods times joyfully.

And then with the experience of hearing your dad's voice, the fear is valid, but you have to realize that what your father was before physically he now in spirit form.  You should treat the experience as if he were physically there with you, knowing that he is visiting you out of love and even in a mischieviously playful manner (sounds like he may be having some fun with his new-found form).  "Boo yourself, dad..." would have been a playful comeback, but I understand being surprised and scared by the experience.  Hopefully he will visit you again, but until then, remember the experience with a smile.

#5 CaveRat2


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Posted 10 October 2014 - 11:03 AM

Before jumping to something paranormal you must consider a couple other things you mention.


First you said    "  I am 12, almost 13 years old and i'm sick, so i'm home from school."

This raises the question of what effects you might be suffering as a result of illness.  The brain may generate impressions based on previous memories, or may even use those as a basis for new thoughts.  And all sensory impressions are interpreted by teh brain.  Thus unless two people hear or see the same thing e cannot rule out halucinations or simply false impresions.  


This is further supported when you say " I heard my late Father's voice yell "BOO!" In my left ear".  Why only one ear?  Sound travels through air, and any audible sound would have ben heard from both ears.   But something impressed directly into the brain or otherwise non-audible could easily be heard in this manner based on exactly what portion of the brain is stimulated.


Next you say."that most definitely would be what he would yell, to scare the heck out of you and then he'd laugh as you freak out".   This  indicates the preconditioning was present; you would expect your father was a joking type, or one who would pull a prank given the opportunity.  Thus your mind is open to such an event and when any such stimulation occurs you were susceptible to it.  Thus your mind quite easily could be playing tricks as you state.


Cat's behavior is always erratic; no one can know what stimulates them or any animal to behave as they do.  But most cases involving animals and the unknown have them acting fearful, hiding, refusing to come out.   Being active is counter to that behavior, so I don't think there is any real meaning to the way it was acting.  Just a cat being a cat.


"I've always been a believer because quite frankly, there had been no solid scientific evidence, at least in my mind, to prove against it."  This is a case of inverted thinking.  Science requires proof of a positive, not a negative.  Therefore one should believe because they see something happens, not because nothing has been shown to the contrary.   This statement indicates a predisposition toward a particular outcome, i.e. haunting, without any solid evidence it is real.    Reread my above comments to see how this can affect an outcome.


A human is energy, and energy doesn't fade. Therefore, it has to go somewhereSecond Law of Thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but may be altered in form.  However who says a human is energy?  Rather I would equate what makes us human more as a computer program than actual energy.  The soul / spirit is the program, it does not exist as energy, rather as a medium that can affect energy.  Consider  CD ROM, the program is there yet the CD contains no energy.  It is only when energy is applied from the host computer that the program can be extracted.  Likewise with a soul / spirit.   It exists in the physical body while we live, It is us.  Upon death it is removed from the physical body and is placed in a spiritual body (The physical aspects of the spiritual body we don't know yet.)  But the soul lives on in this new body which supplies it with the energy it requires, just as the physical body did while alive on earth.   Thus it can be shown how we can pass from living to the afterlife, yet no energy remains behind.  My personal thoughts on spirits / ghosts look elsewhere, not to those that have died but rather to other entities / enrgy / dimensions.


So I would not consider what you saw as your father.  Rather I would look first to a mental impression or brain activity.  Nothing to worry about since it is only a one time occurrance and happeed when you were not in the best of health at the time.    Some may disagree, and that is fine.  I just ask they too provide an explanation supporting their arguments as I have done above.  Nothing to be frightened about.

#6 ali88baba


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Posted 11 October 2014 - 09:26 AM

I have heard relatives that have passed call my name on a couple of occasions.  The first time was after my great grandfather had passed.  I was running on a beach before a church service that was to be held there, playing with other children when I heard him call my name almost sternly as if he were reprimanding me.  I just stopped in my tracks and looked around.  No one else had heard him but me.  Another time I was at my grandfather's house with my mother and as I looked at a picture of my late grandmother on the nightstand in her room I heard her say my name.  It was not long after she had passed as we were there so we could help my grandfather pack up some of her things.  I think in both cases they were letting me know they were still watching over me. I once had a dream about my husband's deceased grandfather.  He died before we were married and started our family.  I had the dream after I had my two daughters and in the dream I was having a conversation with him, promising him that I would tell my girls about him.  I woke up physically sobbing.  I had never experienced anything like that before.  I feel he was visiting me to let me know he's aware of our children.  He always wanted to see us get married and have a family but sadly he passed away before we could make that happen.  



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