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Is a spirit stealing my property? Please, help.

disappering object vanishing object ghost stealing

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Posted 21 December 2015 - 07:34 PM

Hi! I am new to this board, so please..dont beat me up or give me a hard time about how I did not post this in the right area or whatever sad.png  But I have been looking for someone or some people to share in a few paranormal experiences Ive had over the past few years. I used to be a skeptic but not any longer.


Disappearing objects. All the time. I have read tons of these stories online, and I hate to say seems like 70% of them are cases of absent mindnedness..Or, for example, a lot of people talk abot dropping a small item like an earing and not being able to find it again..nothing that is happening to me is in that category.


Let me start with the weirdest one. I was at  my moms house across town (about 7-10 miles away) and she gave me this Lancome eyeliner pencil because she didnt like the color. When I left her house and got in my car, I decided to use my sun visor mirror to put some of the eye liner on before I pulled out. I accidently dropped it in one of the crevasses of the car. Its hard to retrieve things from inbetween the cracks when you drop them in that car. When I got back home I looked for it again thoroughly, pulled the seats back and all that. It was just gone, but I didnt really care so much and I forgot about it. About a few months later..maybe at least 3 or 4 months..I opened a closet in my downstairs hallway that I NEVER use because I was looking for a place to put some of my infant daughters junk and what was there? The freakin eye liner pencil. Now how did it make it from the crevasses of the car, intially in my moms driveway, into that dark little closet? My brother was living with me on/off at the time (he is a merchant marine and goes otu to sea for up to 6 months at a time) and it would just not be in his charactar to mess with me. It just isnt. I mean, how would HE even get it? He was never in my car. And why would he place it in that random closet shelf instead of giving it to me? I do not lie when I say I never use that closet. Its virtually empty. I think it had 2 or 3 things in it but thats it.


The TV remotes in my bedroom..Twice they have vanished and reappeared but in strange ways. I had the cable remote vanish 15 seconds after using it..It re-appeared, dead center of the TV stand, after I came back from a weekend trip out of town.Weirdest was when I had BOTH remotes vanish, and looked very hard for them. I had no reason to remove them from the room. My daughter was probably 5 months old when this occured. They were gone for probably 4-5 months. I coudlnt even change the channel. Everday I would at least spend 2-3 minutes looking for them in spots I had already gone over 10 times. I got a brand new queen bed to replace my old one. When the furniture deliverey men came to break my old bed down and install my new one, I even vaccumed that area because dust kind of built up on the carpet. Well, even much longer after that..i was bending over for some reason and what do I see under the bed in the dead center? BOTH remotes! Under the bed that was not even in the home when the remotes were lost. They were sitting perfectly side by side eachother. I mean, it was so bizzare I couldnt wrap my head around it! Nobody was in the home when this occured. And like I said, the entire area under my bed had been cleaned and cleared out when my new bed was delivered.


I brought my laptop upstairs one night, but did not end up using it. When I woke up the next morning, the power cord was gone. I knew for 100% fact that I brought it up. It was NOWHERE IN THE HOUSE. This was particuarly distressing because I need to use my laptop for work and school! It appeared, about a week later, wrapped up and nearly hiding on the side of a couch that is almost up against a wall. I dont even know how many eyes caught that area, but there it was...I had not left it there and I certainly did not wrap it up (I never do that) It had been hidden fro me, it seems. Nobody was in the home at the time.


When my daughter was about 6 months old my favorite pair of shoes for her also vanished. At this point I felt like something/someone was messing with me. I asked, politely out loud for my daughters shoes to be returned..And they did, about 5 minutes alter. IN MY PURSE.


the thing is, I do not think this house is not haunted in the traditional sense..I know its not, because I grew up in it. My parents bought the home in 1995 when I was probably 10, it was built in 1989 or 1990..Had one previous owner, whose kids I grew up with. Its not haunted, its not creepy, and its not really old. This is all newer development sub dividsion, and before it was built this was a thick forrested area. When we fisrt moved in here when I was a kid, my mom had the house blessed by a good preist friend of ours. I have NEVER, in nearly 20 years, experienced any other spiritual phenomenom in this house, I have never seen anything or heard anything weird in here-EVER! So this is really perplexing to me. I currently rent the house from my parents. The crucifix that my mom hung up in the skylight foyer is still hanging there with a palm from palm sunday about 20 years ago! I feel that this "phenomenom" is attached to me? Maybe to mess with me in a joking way? I just dont know...I cant believe I am at the point of believing in this stuff but I do not lie.


I can go on about probably 5 other events in which this happened.


What is the explanation for this? am I being haunted by a spirit? Are thing falling into another dimension? When I asked for the shoes to be returned, they were. I am terrified, yet do not feel a presence or anything of that sort.


One last note and then Ill stop! If you got this far, you rock...I miscarried a child about 4 months before getting pregnant with my daughter. The miscarriage did not effect me much..I sorta just moved on with my life because it was very early in the pregnancy. After I had my daughter, for teh first 2 weeks or so post partum, I began to have this reoccuring dream that I had TWO daughters. I kept waking up totally confused, because I did not know where the other kid came from other than it was somehow also mine. It was like a 3 or 4 year old, and an infant..I assumed the infant was my alive daugthter but could never dissern who the other child was. Then one day it jsut hit me, and I felt tremendous guilt for not realizing it was maybe the child I miscarried letting me know to not forget about her...I felt like she was saying "Hey, youre a new mom but Im also your daughter, and you have two kids." After I realized that the dreams stopped.


Is it her doing this to me? I feel like it cuold be..I say "her" because of the dreams..Like I said, I do not feel an evil or angry presence when these things vanish..Just is odd. They typically do reappear..The baby shoe thing freaked me out the most. What is going ON!?


Thank you in advance for your advice and shared knwoledge of this topic! Thank you!

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