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Why Are Demons a Primarily Christian Phenomena

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 06:56 PM

Crys, thanks for the folklore tip:) My main exposure to the Jinn is from Arabian Nights where the elemental would twist wording of wishes to cause harm to its master, but this may be the exception rather than the rule
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Posted 21 November 2010 - 10:24 PM

I don't believe demons are primarily Christian. Like someone brought up the Djinn, others are the Kappa of feudal Japan, loki had demons in norse religion all nationalities and religions have demons or something under a different name but they are all the same. Just like the devil has many different names depending on religion, just like god has several names depending on religion. But that does not mean one is right and the others are wrong. And as for the pagans like old norse had loki, oden, Thor, and all the rest. Greeks had Zeus, posiden, hades, appolo. And so on so forth what's to say the one god didn't personify himself as other gods? And who says Christianity is the right or true religion? Usually I don't talk about religion mainly cause I'm spiritual or I don't believe in worshiping god in a man made structure that's not gods house or church, gods house is nature overtime you step foot in nature you step into gods house its what he made. So in my beliefs one religion isn't wrong compared to another in all actuality they are all very similar whether you worship god, the holy trinity, yaway jehova, Muhammad or whatever its all the same being. (Sorry for some of the spelling) but anyway all religions have some form of demons in it. Sorry for rambling off topic a little bit. Lol
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Posted 23 January 2011 - 06:42 PM

Please forgive my writing and punctuation... I am by no means as eloquent as others...

Maybe just a little off topic.....

Could it possibly be that we equate the word "demon" with something horrific...pure evil manifested...ugly, foul and monstrous because Lucifer, Son of the Morning... was no doubt one of the most beautiful creatures of God's design. Lucifer obviously thought so well of himself that he decided he was above God... that he should be most high. He should be worshiped, awed and feared. That all should bow down to him and him alone. Therefore, once cast out of Heaven with his followers, he demanded that no one look anything like him. That those that followed him must manifest a putrid and horrid appearance so as not to seem ambitious in replacing him. He would place himself most high amongst those that followed him. And like any true dictator, would accept not even the slightest rebuke at his command.

I, for one, think Lucifer would probably be, should he show himself to us in his true form, one of the most enticing creatures ever beheld. And where it not for God keeping His reign pulled tight on him, Lucifer would rule the world completely.

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 10:19 AM

I'm a Christian (Christian druid, actually, brought up as a Methodist with two Methodist preachers in my immediate family and an Anglican father).

I don't believe in demons or in evil as a force or as a side in some cosmic battle. For the record, I also don't think anyone is damned and I don't think anyone needs to repress their human nature.

I do believe there are a lot of spirits about and that humans tend to assume that anything they don't understand is a threat. I have been in places allegedly suffering malevolent hauntings and have approached any spirits with respect and compassion and I am fine. People who provoke tend to meet with unpleasantness, but I'd be unpleasant to someone who provoked me too.

Sadly, the word "demon" seems to be mostly used by charlatans out to frighten people. I don't think it is especilly a Christian thing at all. In England, especially, there are hardly any Christians who believe in demons.

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Posted 17 June 2011 - 10:51 PM

This is definitely an interesting subject and where Hollywood is mentioned, most movies that do portray demons, possession and the like, usually mention Catholicism specifically in the stories versus Christianity, which would also include Protestantism (for example, "The Amityville Horror" and "The Exorcist.") From what I recall in my comparative religious studies, during the early days of the Roman Catholic Church most Europeans still kept to the Old Religion. Deities like Pan became a physical model of the demons or devils (the word devil comes from Greek "diabolo" which comes from Old Persian "daeva"). Pagan deities that could not be integrated via sainthood such as Brigid were classified as the opposition.

Notwithstanding the one time practice of exorcism in the Roman Catholic church, I lean towards the belief that what may appear to be possession is really some form of negative thoughts that have manifested in the person's life and winds up controlling the person (versus the person being in control of his/her mind). There's a tremendous amount of psychology involved with religious belief and the power of suggestion is in fact quite powerful. With that considered, to borrow an old cliche, "if you tell yourself over and over again a certain thing, that thing becomes real." So instead of believing in external demons and the like, internal thought forms are more likely the real culprit. Add a liberal dose of Roman Catholic doctrine, and everything else is easily explained.

With the human mind being resilient as it is, I do believe one has the ability to rid oneself of such negative thought forms. Making the right choice (we are born with free will) will help benefit one. And I want to emphasize that in no way do I believe that the manifestation of negative thought forms is associated with mental illness.

As a final note - I was raised a Roman Catholic and went through that exercise before. It can cause tension and stress to dwell on so much negativity, sin, demons and the like. I saw it take its toll on my birth family which resulted in ugly, premature deaths (namely, my dear parents).

I attribute my survival through changing my religious beliefs for something much healthier, positive, productive in the world.

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