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Posted 14 November 2017 - 02:02 PM

Hi guys! I'm new to this site but not do new to supernatural things. I live just a few steps from a very old graveyard. I've. Been here 7 years. All but one grave has been disturbed by tree growth and vandalism. It's kinda sad to me that no one took care of the place and let it get like this. There's been times I go out at night with my son's dog and I feel fine, other times I feel like something is right behind me or very close, you know the feeling, chill bumps, hair feels like it's standing up on your neck, sometimes I shiver like I got hit with cold air. It's scary but I remain brave. I don't feel that they are out to do harm but want attention they deserved years ago. What I mean by that is there spot where they were laid to rest was neglected. So far I know of 13 souls over there. I don't know if the Cemetary ends there or is the house I rent on top of more graves. Just in the past year or two, I've got very sick, I've had night terrors my doctor says but idk. Its like something is holding me down and I can't move I can't breathe, I struggle to get my husband's attention. The last time it happened. He woke me up. I was terrified. I felt like something had been in that room. My palms were sore from whatever it was holding me down. My husband went back to sleep. But I sat up and demanded it leave and never come back. I don't think it would be anyone buried near me. Idk if it came from something I may have brought into my house. I'm sure it wasn't a dream. But I would like to know more about this graveyard and all I know is it was once called Howe Cemetary off Howe Springs Rd. If anyone can help or has been in my position I'd like to know and this is true not made up do please don't make fun of what I've said. I did have pics of what a friend if mine said was orbs, but it was so creepy I didn't want to keep them. I smudge and cleanse my home often just in case. I do want to remain safe. I know I respect every soul over there. But what if someone came that didn't and maybe I'm being held responsible. Who knows??? Ok. Blessed Be to you all . I'll check back to see if you guys think I've lost my mind. Oh and I'm still sick more than twice a month. No one else in the house is, only me

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