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Conspiracies - Our Topic of the Month!

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#31 Gosman


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Posted 16 November 2008 - 08:40 PM

1. I was talking about people who dont believe in aliens in general it was not aimed at you in particular.

Considering you were quoting a post that I made and then made a comment with the phrase "you must..." I think it was a fair call to make that you were directing the reply towards me. Otherwise why bother quoting me in the first place?

2. You said I was making judgements about you without the facts, you know nothing about me and my 'view of the world' so the same goes to you.

Unnnn..... did you notice the little wink I used? This means what I worte was tongue in cheek.

3. And no, I expect my TV to grow legs and start running around eating people anytime soon... :Wall:

Although joking there was a serious point behind my point here. Paranoia about government intentions without good evidence can lead to some silly ideas.

You need to be more polite on these boards and not start slamming people because of their views and trying to preach and force upon people your own views.

I don't know where I have tried to force anybody to accept any of my views. I may have challenged people to explain what they actually mean or pointed out how they might be incorrect but if your beliefs can't stand up to that sort of scrutiny then perhaps you shouldn't share them in such a public forum as this.

But thankyou for your oppinions, I certainly enjoyed reading them :)

Well thank you and I will continue to provide you enjoyment so long as I am not banned here. :P

#32 leonie


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Posted 20 November 2008 - 06:01 AM

I dont think you will be Gosman... no one seems to have taken much notice to us two.

And I really wasn't directing it at you, although I quoted your post. And I dont really have one select belief, thats why Im here, I am only posting ideas, rather than beliefs, just to open peoples minds, because as you said, some people become so wrapped up on conspiracies, but on the other hand people can be so close minded (not aimed at you).
Its like I was watching a programme the other day called "Conspiracies" Ive watched the series a couple of times before, and its all abit tongue in cheek but at the same time quite factual. This episode they were focussing on the Illuminati. For those of you that dont know, this is meant to be a small group of people intent on ruling the world they are apparently the controlling body behind every one and everythinge in the goverment. And one of the main people speaking about the truth of the existance of the Illuminati said something along the lines of. "They monitor everything that goes onto your television screens, thats why theres never any programmes or they are never reported about on the tv."
But what got me and made me laugh slightly was the fact I was sat here on my couch watching a programme about the Illuminati on my TV screen...

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