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Can spirits bring bad luck?

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#1 jimjax09



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Posted 18 January 2009 - 02:19 PM

Ill start from the beginning, since being little I have heard voices and seen things which other people dont, My family were not understanding, and i was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder and put on Lithium and Olanzapine from 13 years old, Im now nearly 29 and all medication has been stopped for over five years and ive been doing great, i never doubted my illness till I started reading things on the internet and watching things on tv, which made me question what I had seen. Four years ago I left my husband for another man who was caring and loving at first, soon after he changed and began beating me whenever he had a drink, I put up with this for almost six weeks, until one day I started hearing a man whispering at first i couldnt understand what he was saying and ignored it then one day whilst alone in the house the voice came through strong and unmistakable it said "hes going to kill you" I instantly packed my bags and left, I thought it was my sub conscience and thats not something im going to ignore. Life really picked up after that I got my own place and sorted myself out, occasionally I heard voices of different people, for instance two older ladies where talking in the pub where i worked about one of there friends and i could hear someone else joining in with them quiet clearly, i didnt feel scared in fact she was making me laugh I even picked up her name i dont know how i just did, I never told anybody in case everyone thought I was ill again, i didnt like being on tablets they made me into an empty emotionless shell, so i kept it to myself. Now i have a partner of three years and i have finally told him what i sometimes experience and he is really supportive, I think i may have gotten in over my head though, as the other night just before the new year i was feeling a little lonely and a little wierd as though someone wanted to talk, so i invited them to, however i may have worded it badly or something because ever since I have been having really bad luck, If i get angry electrical things in my house start to break, lights my washing machine my pc twice, both me and my partner have lost our jobs, him being made redundant me arguing with my mother, (unfortunatly if you work for family even a minor tiff can blow out of proportion) I find people losing there temper with me a lot even though i havnt changed i seem to be radiating bad feelings to those around me, and all voices have stopped, frankly im starting to get scared, The list of bad luck dosnt stop there either family members in mine and my partners family have been taken seriously ill and all this bad luck has started from that day Can anyone give me advise without thinking im crazy or a fraud Ive never tried passing messages on or anything I have barely told anyone but im kind of desperate now, i have children and im starting to worry for them. I dont feel threatened as such i just feel like something is looming. Is this year a significant year? Because i feel the whole world is starting to go wrong.

#2 CrystalEyz


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Posted 28 January 2009 - 09:06 PM

Hi Jim, Thanks for sharing your stories and events. It sounds like you have a guardian angel or spirit guide, which would be the one that told you to leave or you would be killed, and glad you listened. Normally human spirits dont change our moods, or behavior unless we are under attack by a nasty entity, so I want to ask, is anything else going on as far as paranormal, or is it just a run of bad luck? Also spirits gain their energy from us, and our emotions, so fighting, arguing seems to drain us, but energize them. It almost sounds like someone is trying to intervene by making something happen when there is a great deal of negativity going on and telling you to STOP! Considering you do have children, they are your first concern, so I would try working things out or talking to your partner when the kids are in school, or wherever, as kids dont miss a trick and blame themselves when Mommy is upset. Its possible this is a down time in your life, and something out there is trying to get your attention to turn things around, afterall you have the power, the spirit doesnt..CE

#3 Puti


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Posted 28 January 2009 - 11:42 PM

Welcome to Ghost Village jimjax09. Thank you for sharing your story. When I was 3-4 years old, I learned to keep it all to myself because my mother scolded me for "telling stories". No, I don't think you're crazy. Or else we all are. Probably we all put it aside for awhile while growing up. I know I did until I realised that this is a part of being a human. Some people call it "a gift" but I think it's hard-wired into us and it depends on us whether we want to strengthen this part of ourselves or not.
Your basic question....."Can spirits bring bad luck?" I would have to say, NO! We all go through hard times sometime in our life. It will all depend on how we handle the situation, with grace or fear. Do you meditate at all? Just to spend 20 minutes all to yourself in quiet. It could be that your emotions are reved up to high gear right now with all that's going on, so it would be good to just slow down and know that you are being cared for and protected. Afterall, you have experienced that.
"We grow neither better or worse as we get old, but more like ourselves."May L. BeckerCoffee.......the foundation of consciousness

#4 ejti



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Posted 18 March 2010 - 10:31 AM

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