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Re: Amityville Horror

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#1 Caesar


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Posted 21 June 2004 - 05:00 PM

they didn't make the movie there

#2 Guest_Ghostbuter20_*

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Posted 22 June 2004 - 04:29 PM

So? The Poltergeist movies were't real, but stuff happened.

#3 Caesar


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 04:30 PM

they didn't make the movie in amityville. i'm not sure abot the poltergiest movie

#4 cryptkeeper


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Posted 30 June 2004 - 12:52 PM

Hey all,

The poltergeist movie was a work of fiction.  But there is a supposed curse that is said to haunt the cast of the poltergeist movie.

First there was Dana the older sister.  She was choked into unconsciousness by her boyfriend.  He left her in her drive way and she was transported to the hospital.  Where she died never waking up from unconsciouness.

Then was little Heather.  She was a perfectly healthy little girl.  I can not remember at the moment what the disease name was she had.  But it had to do with being blocked where you could not release your feces.  She started to run a fever and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery where she died while under the knive.

Amityville, whew what a bunch of losers.  George and Kathy Lutz bought the home when they knew they could not afford it.  They moved in and all of a sudden the hellish nightmare began.  Mr. and Mrs. Lutz realized they could not pay for it so why not conspire with Jay Anson to write a book about their encounters and get rich which they did.  The Lawyer for Ronald Defao sued the Lutzes and won.  As he showed in court that he had talked the Lutzes about a book he was working on about such events.  He stated they stole his idea and a judge and jury agreed.

If you are to visit Amityville today you would not recognize the house as the address has been changed and the house has been moved into a different direction than it used to be.  See The Lutzes claimed that the land the house sat on was used as a place by the indians to place their mentally ill to die.  This is untrue as historical records showed there were no indians around this area at all.

The Priest has even admitted that some of the things the Lutzes had said about him in their book was untrue.  He sued for defamation of character and won.

Ed and Lorraine Warren received alot of flack for believing and backing the Lutzes in their account.  Kathy and George are not longer married.  They are separated and Kathy has come forward and admitted the truth.  So have the children not to mention all of the court cases they have lost due to the fact of their lieing.


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