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An odd dream

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Posted 11 June 2013 - 01:05 PM

High strangeness - The French connection

One night whilst asleep in bed with my wife I was awoken by her as she suddenly burst into conversation. I became immediately aware of a French accent in her voice but then realized that her words were (or appeared to be) actual French words. I knew she didn't speak a word of French and also that she was not prone to pranks in any way. As my French was equally non existent I memorized the sounds with a view to unraveling the mystery later. The sounds most clear in my head were- "Se la gehr". This was followed by a complicated and lengthy sentence that I did not pick up. I recall only that this second sentence included the sound "Perverse". Later that day at work I offered my rendition of "Se la Gehr" as it sounded, to a fluent French speaking colleague who immediately translated the phrase into - "It is war". Reflecting back on the sounds and intent in my wife's dream I conclude that she was talking about a war that was most perverse. The most striking thing of all was to hear my wife bursting into Fluent French whilst asleep. The second shock came when the sounds she made were instantly recognizable to a French speaking person. Was my wife re-living a past event. Was she passing a future event back in time to the present day. Or was the interlaced collective consciousness MATRIX exposed for what it is for that moment ?

The Wolf Dream

I was asleep one night in bed when suddenly I was jolted awake by a loud SLAP. I nudged my wife into consciousness and said "What was that slapping sound". She said that she'd been having a dream mumbling something about a crowd. At this point we let it go and went back to sleep. Later in the day I enquired as to the content of her dream the night before. My wife said that in the dream she was being confronted by a mob in a clearing of a wood or forest somewhere. The crowd were accusing her of being in league with a wolf (her familiar ?) normally resident in the wood. The ring leader (a man) tries to force my wife deeper into the wood at which point she lashes out with her hand and slaps him sharply across the face. At this moment the dream ended with my digging her in the back demanding to know what the SLAPPING sound was. Other details of the dream are:-
1)The time of day was dusk (not dawn)
2)The mob consisted of approximately 20 mixed sex individuals
3)After the slap the assailant recoils but does not let go.
4)The arrival & presence of the wolf behind my wife was revealed by the changed expression on the assailants face.
5)The wolf leapt at the assailant causing him to let go of my wife.
6)My wife is awakened by my digging her in the back

This is a very strange affair indeed I feel . To hear a sound from another person's dream is a most curious event.

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 06:51 PM

Both dreams sound past-life related. She should try getting regressed and see what happens. As for you hearing the slap, that is a curious event.
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