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Egyptian Book of the Dead

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#16 bennubaby


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Posted 05 December 2003 - 05:08 PM

lol arabic is very hard to learn. i tried to teach myself out of the book of the dead. but that language is completely dead so i resorted to arabic too. i have counting, the months, days, and alphabet down but thats about it. i actually got decently far with the book of the dead. i studied sentence forms, plural and masculine or feminine words, and got several important vocab words down. i guess it helps being a shemsu at kemet.org and everyone learning at the same time. thank you for welcoming me here!

#17 whispers_of_fire


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Posted 09 December 2003 - 12:12 PM

Hullo, Sehedjet Senuwi!
'Welcome, my friend, always good to see to see new members posting.

Arabic's complex and the country variations are sometimes baffling if you're not aware that they've been fighting and
feuding since history began over land or religious beliefs or whatever...I learned Lebanese Arabic and while there are some similarities, they're mostly in command or cursing.

I'm impressed you were able to get that much from the Book of the Dead...if I can ask, are you of Middle Eastern descent?
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#18 lindigo



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Posted 09 March 2004 - 06:30 PM

Acacia wrote:
"...My "patron" deity is Anubis, as he is one of the only deities I know of that has given up his godly time just to help out humans and our souls.  He makes sure our souls don't fall prey to evil on the way to judgement, oversees the judgement scales to make sure our souls (hearts) are weighed properly (judged fairly), and helps us find the path to "heaven".  Not to mention, he guards our graves and the like.  He cares so much for people and our eternal well-being..."

Can you tell me where I can find more information on what you posted here?  When I've searched for information on Egyptian deities, it usually turns up academic literature.
I'm more interested in a general understanding of specific deities that I might be able to apply to my beliefs.


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Posted 09 March 2004 - 09:06 PM


check these links buddy

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