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Child related, possible experience

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Posted 16 January 2018 - 04:16 PM

My family has lived in our current house for 11 years and this is an old house, built in 1919. My husband and I have always joked that it is haunted because we have heard noises, smelled scents that weren't there (like perfume), or just felt like we were being watched. A few times we have misplaced things only to have them be right where we thought they were. It is all very easy to brush off and for the most part we have. 


Our older son (11) started telling us he feels like someone is watching him when he goes to sleep at night about 2 years ago. This is a feeling I think is normal for that age, I remember feeling that way as a kid. But we have let him pick out stones to put on his desk and he does feel better doing that. 


But the actual thing that drove me to look to this forum, happened today. I feel crazy even posting this. I was washing dishes and my youngest son who is 3 was watching cartoons. He had been up and down getting snacks and playing, so not sitting still. Anyway he ran into the kitchen and said Mom, look at this. He showed me his hand and it had a red mark on it. It looked like when you fall asleep on your arm and then you have an ear print but it was 2 fingers, imprinted. I thought it was weird but initially just blew it off thinking he had laid on his hand. 


But then he said, I think my friend did it. (cue spooked mom) I asked What friend? and he said She's gone now. I looked down at his hand and the redness was gone, it had faded so quickly I almost felt like I imagined it. I snapped a picture but it is so hard 

to see, because it is not red anymore, but you can clearly see the tops of 2 fingers. So I am a bit freaked out. He is only 3 and has never mentioned this friend before and it is just such an odd way to hold ones own wrist. Which I did try to do and I could not replicate it. I could not figure out how to attach a photo to the post so I put it on flickr and I still can not get it to load. I keep getting an error that says I can not use that extension. So maybe this link will work if it is copy and pasted. Sorry, I'm not so good at this https://flic.kr/p/23wS5ND 


So do I just wait and see, maybe this was a total fluke or misunderstanding. Any advice? Its just so weird and I feel like a little nuts, like I'm blowing it out of proportion when its probably nothing. 


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