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Residual or Active?

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 09:24 PM

My grandmother died several years ago in her Elgin, Illinois home. Often when my mother and I visit the house, my mother takes videos of my infant cousin, and there always seems to be orb activity surrounding the child. (Name withheld for privacy purposes.) And to test the theory of paranormal activity, my mother has taken several videos at other locations with and without the boy. Without the boy, at any location, there is no activity, with the boy at any location that my grandmother had ever been, there is orb activity. Is this something that I should take seriously or should I perhaps investigate more before I make conclusions?
Also, I have a personal, non-media evidenced encounter. One day at the house, my family was watching the baby play in my grandmother's old bedroom, and I was out in the hallway, walking around. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a dark shape huddled against the hall closet door. I turned towards it and clearly saw the shape of my grandmother huddled, in a very clear and defined shadow. It remained for several seconds, I blinked and it still remained. It did not leave my sight until I rose my phone to perhaps catch an image or video of it. To this day I have not encountered it again, but I get the feeling it was something significant.
Does anybody think that both of these occurences would be residual? Or perhaps the spirit of my grandmother is making an active attempt to interact with us? (Also note that the occurences did NOT begin until my cousin was born and moved in to the home.)

Thank you for reading and considering an answer.

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 08:46 AM

My opinion at this point would not even be to consider it paranormal. Consider first the only time you get the orbs is when the boy is present. To me that means the boy or something related is in some way responsible. Is the boy active or otherwise moving around at the time? If so that would be a strong source of dust or particulate matter becoming airborne. And if the orbs are only seen in pictures / video the source is very likely that.

Anything seen out of the "corner of your eye" is highly suspect. The way the eye is made the rods which cover the retina are very susceptible to any changes in light level or perceived motion. This is peripheral vision. Thus often something is seen and when you turn to focus in using the center of the eye it vanishes. Central vision is much more acute and can see in greater detail

In your case though you say it remained until you raised the phone to take a picture. Something else comes into play. When you averted your view likely you also glanced toward the phone or at another area in your field of view. The eye had to momentarily refocus. In doing so the lens of the eye changed. Often small fragments of material exist behind the eye. These are known as vitreous floaters and are pieces of material in the eye itself. When anything disturbs them they may reposion. Thus the refocusing action could cause it to either move into or out of the field of view. Thus the "ghost" may disappear.(or appear in other cases)

Thus a couple very natural explanations for your sighting. And since it occurred in your grandmother's old room the connection to her was made. Quite a natural progression.

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