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How Does it All Work.

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 07:51 PM

I preface this with my usual statement. These answers are a result of my study, theorizing, and experience over the past 6 or so years I've been an occultist. They are nothing other than my opinion, and you are more than welcome to disagree.

- Fr. A.

I am very serious about these questions and I thank everyone who sincerely answers them.
First please allow me to say as with many if not most people I have my own beliefs but I am setting them aside because I want to hear any an all perspectives without bias or preconceived notions.

In many ghost stories there are suicides is that a punishment for the act of suicide to be forced to stay I guess maybe I can say between realms?

I don't believe suicide would be punished, I have a rather complex view of the afterlife, and while I don't think you would necessarily be 'punished' for suicide, you would not be where you could/should be in comparison to if you had lived a full life.

And as to good and evil is there a hell or a place like that or is that the punishment for being bad or evil to stay between realms ?

Good and evil are terms I tend to stay away from. The concept of morality is a touchy subject, and I honestly believe it to be a human construct (though, I do agree that we definitely need it). From my experience, spirits tend to either not have such a black and white (good/evil) view of morality, or they have something completely separate to replace morality. They have duties, interests, and responsibilities that outweigh any such concepts.

Is there any punishment of any kind at all involved , I mean it hardly seems fair that someone real bad like Hitler gets a joy ride into the next world or reincarnated into a good life on this planet or any planet in any universe or dimension does it now?

I do not believe in a heaven/hell view of the afterlife, and as such I don't believe there is a distinct plane of torment for "evil" people. However, I do think that reincarnation is possible (not a definite thing everyone experiences, but possible.) and perhaps those who have committed horrible acts are reincarnated to make up for it. Other than that, I have really no say on this matter. It's a concept I haven't given much thought or study to.

Are there demons and evil spirits? Human? Alien ? What are the penalties for wrong doing if any .

"Evil" spirits, no. As I said above, I dislike the terms good/evil. Demons exist but not in the way most people view them. They are not evil, and the word demon has strayed far from it's original meaning, therefore I prefer to use the term "infernal spirits" when speaking of demons, infernal being a derivative of the Latin infernus "lower, lying beneath," from infra "below". They are creatures of the lower planes. They have their own agendas, unlike "angels" who have a purposeful existence and a duty to a certain sphere of influence. They may be seen as "evil" because they can be opportunistic, and have no (for lack of a better word) 'allegiance' to humanity

What rewards if any for being a good decent moral person ?

Aside from living a great physical life? I'm not entirely sure, again reincarnation is a possibility, and good karma can only help. As I stated above, I have a complex view of the afterlife, and to answer this question I would have to thoroughly examine every aspect of my belief. And that would be quite a long post. I've never really contemplated the good/bad reward/punishment system. I've been raised to be a good person, regardless of what may come of it.

No difference ? difference?

Answered above.

How does it all work.

I am not going to disagree I want to hear what people think , as I said I am putting my beliefs aside on this for an unbiased analyses the only reason I responded to Caverat as I did is we are both of similar belief..
You have the floor. :)

Thanks :)

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