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Newbie; Seeking help!

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Posted 15 November 2017 - 05:55 AM

Good morning all!


I am new here, drawn into the internet for answers. As the pages I've been looking at didnt offer me any solid help I thought I'd take to the forums.


Myself and partner moved into our own place, August 2015 and since then nothing has gone right. Over the past 2 years we have had no end of bad luck, illness, encounters.. I will continue on and list a few below.


During the first few months, We had gone to a house clearance for a lady who passed on, we aquired a full set of new wardrobes and chest of draws. This is where I believe the negativity started. During the 6 months of owning these my partner had seen a black entity crawling across the wardrobes, near enough every night,his final encounter was this said entity watching him from the corner of the room right next to these wardrobes with extremely long nails. Shortly after this visual experience he threw them out. I also clearly remember him telling me one night that he knew this entity couldnt leave the wardrobes, I oftern wonder how he knew or why he said that.


My personal experiences however, have continued. I have gone from a very healthy 24 year old, to now being 26 with multiple ailements. Underactive thyroid, Vitamin D & B12 deficiency and now the doctors are picking up on inflammation in the nerves in my left hand not to mention the chonic fatigue I feel each day. Every letter of importance seems to go missing here and I've lost count of the times my keys go missing or move overnight. During the first few months of being here, I handed my notice in to a job I'd had for 2 years and since then have not been able to hold nay one job down for longer then 3 months, even when the deterioration of my health didnt get in the way it was like something inside my mind was convincing me of things I knew not to be true.

The main issue I face here currently, seems to be around a christmas time.. I dont notice anything in myself and I dont feel any different but my partner has noticed a change in my attitude. He says im short and very hot headed.


I myself, have seen orbs, the odd shadow and tend to feel a heavy atmosphere, because I'm pretty much at home all the time, I only tend to notice how heavy it feels here after being at a friends house for a few hours, when I come back to the empty place its like I can almost see how heavy it is.


I do really just need you guys to tell me, i'm not infact crazy and how to deal with this.

Moving out isnt an option for us, just yet as this is social housing and I have untill next july untill I can apply for a transfer.


- Kirsty x

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Posted 15 November 2017 - 10:02 AM

Are you a member of a church? Perhaps you can ask the preacher/priest to come do a blessing on the house?


You could also research spirit release light workers in your area. They shouldn't charge anything for energy clearing, other than costs of transportation to and from your home. 


A person who dowses for ley lines and energy beings could help identify specific areas that are not good, and then some good feng shui advice could help.


If it's social housing, then there must be a lot of residual energy that is disruptive for you. If someone died there, they may still be around, for lack of any better place to go, and may still have the issues that plagued them when they were alive. That's why inviting positive, spiritual people to visit your home would be so beneficial. 


I'm sorry for your difficult situation; you're a bit of the innocent bystander. Your spirit guide is there with you too, and hopefully together you can sort things out.


~ Carlotta

Who owns the land? Only the land knows. We mortals are passersby, and our lives are but a brief moment in the great span of time and space. We are born, we live out our lives, and most of us do the best we can with it, but the wind is forever, and the rivers flow forever to the sea, and all the seasons of the weathers will come and go after we are gone. But the Earth endures, the Earth is eternal" - Earl Hamner

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