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Florida Skunk Ape

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#1 Guest_FloridaLizardQueen_*

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Posted 04 December 2004 - 02:29 PM

I was reading some information online about this creature, and I wanted to share an experience I had while driving back from visiting my parents. I had left later than I wanted to--about 6:30 PM. Well, I'm driving up Interstate 75 when I realize I need to stop and get gas, so I get off an exit somewhere in Punta Gorda and pull into the Shell Station. Only, when I try to get back on the Interstate, I miss the turn and I end up on US Highway 41--also known as Tamiami Trail. Well I'm trying to find my way back to the interstate and by this time, it's already about 10:15 PM. Yes, I got lost for a LONG time and I drove around trying to find my way. Well getting to the part about the skunk ape . . . I'm driving down a small stretch of darkness on US 41, when a little ways ahead of me, I see something that resembles a man crossing the road. It looked like someone who had been drinking the way it stumbled around. As I passed the spot where this "man" was, I look at where he went, and I saw that it was not a man, but something that looked like an animal. I couldn't really tell because it was dark, I was tired, and frustrated about being lost. So I blew it off until I saw this picture on this website: http://studentsofthe...a_skunk_ape.htm

It's called the skunk ape because most people who see it report that it smells like it lives in sewer, though I didn't smell anything.

#2 Chaotic Fiend

Chaotic Fiend


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Posted 04 December 2004 - 03:16 PM

It could be skunk ape, but its probably a bear. Bears usually walk on four feet and when they try to walk on 2 feet it looks like there gonna fall any second. But you never know. :S
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#3 Staypuft


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Posted 05 December 2004 - 06:46 PM

It could be skunk ape, but its probably a bear. Bears usually walk on four feet and when they try to walk on 2 feet it looks like there gonna fall any second. But you never know. :S

I think the Skunk Ape is a black bear.

#4 Whyte


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Posted 13 December 2004 - 04:25 PM

As a Florida native who has lived here my entire life, I can say not only have I heard the legends, I've also spoken to first hand witnesses that have encountered the Skunk Ape while camping and hunting in the Everglades, and then again in the eastern areas of LaBelle and Clewiston, I myself have smelled its aroma in remote wooded areas in the middle of the night while passing by. It smells horrible and you expect to see roadkill somewhere nearby, but I've yet to see that "dead skunk in the middle of the road".

What Florida Lizard Queen saw could've been a Black Bear, sure. But something tells me she saw the real deal. Of course, we have no way of substantiating it.

I live within a reasonably close proximity to Punta Gorda and am very familiar with the stretch of highway she's referring to. If I am correct in my thinking, it is extremely dark and remote, with patchy pine and oak trees off the side of the road and beyond that lots of open grass savannahs. Some of it is used for pasture, but mostly it's just miles of nothing but Florida scrub and the occasional pond.

I once had the misfortune of having a flat tire in the 1980's off Highway 31, which is even more remote than some areas of Tamiami Trail, but also ends up in Arcadia/Punta Gorda. People don't realize just how dark it gets out there sometimes, between towns. There are literally miles of nothing but cow pastures and what I described above. I'm sitting there, trying to figure out what to do. Of course, the warnings of "never get out of your car" went through my head, but just like the silly twit everyone always screams at on the movie screen, I got out anyway to see how bad it was. I used my Bic lighter to see by. It was enough for me to see that driving on it was impossible without shredding the rim. I had a jack but no spare.

That's when the smell hit me. It reminded me of an open septic tank with an underlying muskiness, that's about as close as I can come. Yet there were no houses or people for as far as I could see and I had not smelled it when I first pulled over. After a moment I heard a rustling in the brush by the road and a kind of grunt. Now, my first thought was gator, because they can sound like a bovine snorting right before they charge, so I went ahead and scooted on back into the truck and got one of those high-powered flashlights out and started shining it around, trying to find the source of the noise. If it was a mamma gator on her way back to her babies I didn't want to be on ground level and if it was an escaped side of beef, I didn't want it pinning me to my truck.

Just as I was starting to get good and spooked (because everything had gotten real quiet, even the crickets had stopped chirping), headlights appeared from behind me. I was able to get a ride with a nice older couple in a Cadillac heading in the same direction as I.

I looked out the back window as we were driving away and I thought I saw a shadow move near the flat tire, but I can't be sure.

What I can be sure of is the large smear of tracks that was next to the tire when I returned the next day. They were human looking, but it looked like someone drug their feet and just left scuffles in the sand. Oh, and they would've had to have been barefooted.

Am I glad I went back in the daylight? lol What do YOU think?

So, I'm not so ready to dismiss her account out of hand. There could be something to it.
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Posted 15 December 2004 - 12:49 PM

If you would like to report your sighting or get more info go to bigfoot societyIf this dont link you can link off my personal site. mine is far from complete but have many links in my webs of interest page.it lists sitings from all over the country. it takes us to report the sitings to keep the site up to date as possible.There was a previous siting listed in nov I believe..the link will work off here to make it easy to get too.
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#6 Whyte


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Posted 03 January 2005 - 04:50 PM

This is some additional information I found. My mother's family is from Lakeland and I used to spend many summers in the woods around there. I always thought Grandma was just trying to scare us! :blink: -Whyte

Published Wednesday, December 29, 2004

`Ape' Sighting Draws Interest

By Gary White
The Ledger

If the Green Swamp ape actually does exist, its ears must be burning.

Lakeland resident Jennifer Ward went public in November, sharing her description and drawings of a hairy, human-shaped creature she claimed to have seen on the edge of the Green Swamp in August. Ward's tale has reverberated through cyberspace, with links to the original Ledger story and a subsequent Orlando Sentinel article showing up on such sites as Paranormal News, Dr. Mysterian and American Monsters.

Ward has drawn attention from groups that probe the existence of unconfirmed creatures, and she has appeared on three radio shows to discuss what she saw.

"I'm not real surprised people are interested in it," Ward says.

Ward, 30, has discussed her experience with radio hosts at stations in West Palm Beach, Iowa and Jacksonville. She was joined by Scott Marlowe, an instructor with the Winter Haven-based Pangea Institute, which offers classes in archaeology and other areas. The mother of two says disc jockeys at one station treated her story as comedy, and one at the Iowa station questioned her sanity.

"I'd probably think it was real funny, too, if I just heard about it," Ward says. "I just said I can't help what I saw and I can't help what other people think, either."

Marlowe says the disc jockeys seemed prepared to ridicule Ward but seemed impressed by the obvious sincerity in her voice.

"When Jennifer begins to talk, you can tell she's not fabricating this," Marlowe says.

Ward was driving along Tom Moore Road north of Lakeland a few days after Hurricane Charley in August when she saw something in a ditch beside the road. She describes a two-legged creature about eight feet tall and covered in dark fur with light rings around its eyes. She says it seemed to be foraging.

Ward, who had her two daughters in her car, says she watched the creature for 30 seconds or so before driving on. She examined the scene later but found no conclusive evidence of any beast's presence.

Since Ward's story appeared, several neighbors have told her they have seen or heard something strange in the Green Swamp, and she has learned people living along Rock Ridge Road talk about a "gray ape." But none were willing to speak publicly about their experiences.

Several readers also contacted The Ledger with descriptions of unfamiliar creatures, though only one agreed to be identified.

Carol Gill of Davenport says reading about Ward's experience evoked memories of a night nearly two decades ago when she and her ex-husband were fishing and rabbit hunting at night in northeast Polk County. Driving in their truck, they came across what Gill recalls as a fleshtoned animal about 5 feet long that raced before them at great speed.

Gill, 48, says she first thought it was a hog but noticed it loped more like a kangaroo.

"I just freaked out, telling my husband, `Let's leave,' " Gill recalls. "He was just trying to maneuver the truck and get a good spotlight n it. . . . It wasn't my imagination or anything."

Gill says she hasn't told many people about the experience, and her ex-husband now lives out of state. She drew comfort from hearing about Ward's sighting.

"There's somebody else that's seen something too out there," Gill says.

Ward's claimed sighting has boosted interest in an online cryptozoology class Marlowe is scheduled to teach next semester for Florida Keys Community College. Marlowe says he has received inquiries from as far away as New Jersey and Australia for the course, which will explore rumored or unconfirmed species.

Not everyone, though, is encouraging Marlowe's pursuit of what he considers scientific truth. Marlowe says he has received "hate mail" both from creationists and evolutionists who question the existence of an unconfirmed species of hominid.

The story also has drawn attention from the nation's foremost cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. The Maine-based author of such books as "Cryptozoology A to Z" has discussed the matter with Marlowe and says he hopes to explore the area and interview Ward during a visit next spring.

Coleman says creatures identified as skunk apes or swamp apes have been spotted in Florida at least since 1960. He estimates there are 20 legitimate sightings a year, though he says most remain unreported because the witnesses fear ridicule.

"It certainly sounds like it goes within the context of other stories from Florida," Coleman says of Ward's claim. "I find this a credible story. It needs more investigating. I'm hoping the article will bring forth people who are seeing these things because they fail to report them."

Marlowe prepared a map of swamp ape sightings in Florida since 1982 that shows Polk County among seven counties with three or more observations. He says the map suggests Polk could be the final stop in a southward winter migration for the creature.

While Marlowe hopes to conduct an academic survey of the southern Green Swamp some time next year, he says others have been searching the area in a less rigorous way.

"I've noticed the number of people cruising up and down Moore Road seems to be higher," Marlowe says.

Could the rumor of a swamp ape some day draw people to Polk County just as the legendary Loch Ness monster provides a tourism draw for northern Scotland? Jackie Johnson of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce says she hasn't received any calls about the creature and doesn't anticipate a marketing campaign.

"I don't know that anybody is seriously considering it from a Lakeland standpoint," Johnson says. "The idea of Lakeland being associated with swamps -I'm not sure how we could use it."

Gary White can be reached at gary.white@theledger.com or at 863-802-7518.
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