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Can ghosts make you ill?

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Posted 04 May 2006 - 01:27 AM

Is it possible for a ghost to make you feel ill ? ( almost flu like symptoms ) While investigating a house that was haunted by the ghost of a woman I had a very uneasy feeling the entire time we were there. I felt something behind me at all times. This was my second visit here, the first time there I felt nothing. After leaving I felt awful for about 90 minutes. I rarely ever get sick especially for just that short amount of time.

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Posted 04 May 2006 - 06:40 AM

I have heard of entities being so overwelming that they make a person sick.
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Posted 04 May 2006 - 10:51 AM

Yes they can. My daughter has gone though that many times, she is a medium. Sometimes to the point of almost passing out. She knows when to say she has to get out. It is common, and it always will leave once you have left. It has something to do with their energy, like magnets when they oppose each other wrong, they push away. It can be so strong sometimes, it just makes you ill.
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Posted 04 May 2006 - 06:13 PM

Yes, they can make you feel ill. It has happened to me twice. The last and most horrible time was at the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River Ma. I felt a strong presence as soon as I entered the home. During the tour and into the second room, the dining room, I started to feel sick all of a sudden. Then it was if energy just hit my body and it zoomed to my head, I felt like I was going to pass out. All I could think of was just getting out of there and getting outside. Since this happened to me once before, I just stuck it out, and after we left that room I was fine. The only thing that has kept me revisiting the Lizzie Borden house is that "sick feeling", I don't want to feel that ever again.

I also remember when I was a teenager and my friend and I played around with the ouija board, we would always feel weak for days afterward. It could have been nerves, but I just remember feeling like I had no energy and I always looked so pale. My friend went through the same thing too and was upset by it because she was never sick, she actually never missed a day of school from first grade to her senior year. One day, her teacher sent her to the nurse because she was just so pale looking.
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Posted 04 May 2006 - 07:28 PM

I believe it is possible. Especially if you are sesitive by nature. Some people are empaths and just pick up on the physical or emotional symptoms that others are or have experienced. The best thing to do is get out of that room or area and get some fresh air. Once removed from where you are feeling sick you should feel fine in minutes. A sickness shouldn't linger more than maybe a couple of hours at most and generally clears up once away from the area.

Often on the show Ghost Hunter and Most Haunted some of the crew start feeling sick.
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Posted 05 May 2006 - 09:05 AM

It takes a spirit a great deal of energy to manifest. Sometimes, if you don't protect yourself well enough, it will take some of your energy. Sometimes it happens unintentionally on the part of the spirit - they simply use what they can, and if you are there when they manifest, your energy could be drained. The protection I talk about isn't going to stop the energy drain, because I find that they usually need it to make contact. What it will do is stop a harmful drain. If it takes too much of your energies, then you are left in a weakened state, and that is what makes you feel ill. Those television shows that were mentioned have people on it who aren't centering themselves, or whatever. If you notice on Most Haunted, the resident psychic is never one who feels ill - just the crew and hosts. The psychic (and I'm still not sure he's 100%) looks tired after, but not ill.

After I do a reading, I always am tired and very hungry. I head for stuff I shouldn't too - sweets, etc., so I have to make sure I have fruit or frozen veggies I can microwave for a healthy way to 're-charge'. I always take short naps then walk a mile or so, or do some physical activity after that. This is why you see a lot of mediums who are quite overweight. They are so drained that they can't do much physically, and eat the wrong things to 're-charge'. Sometimes we forget to help ourselves because we are doing too much to help others.
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Posted 07 May 2006 - 07:57 PM

I guess the paranormal can affect you physically in a lot of ways. I think they do it on purpose sometimes. I never had flu-like symptoms from a ghost but a spirit jabbed me in the heart and grabbed it twice last night in a haunted cemetary. My chest hurt and my breathing was labored until earlier this afternoon.

#8 Vivienne_DuBois


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Posted 07 May 2006 - 09:46 PM

I've never been made to feel flu-like ill from spirits, but my body does react physically when spirits are present, usually in the form of my heart beating very fast or palpitating, as was mentioned here already, when I'm in an active area.

I have also had panic-attacks when spirits have tried to communicate something terrible that happened to them to me. Once, I was investigating in a cemetery and happened behind an old shed at the back of the cemetery. Behind the shed, I kept getting gruesome images of a woman being raped right there. This caused a full-on panic attack for me. Another time, my fiance and I were being stalked by a very angry spirit and I kept getting visions of a very gruesome murder. I don't know if the spirit was trying to convey to me the way it died or the way it wished my fiance and I to die by his/her hands. Very creepy. I believe that "stalking" spirit was an Indian and it may have been conveying to me how he died in a fight or such. Or, it may have been very angry at me for some reason. Anyhow, the spirit followed us home and I was just an emotional wreck for weeks until I did a cleansing.

I think the very emotions that spirits are exhibiting can cause all manner of physical and psychological symptoms in people who are sensitive. It is quite normal. If it happens, I find it's best to remove yourself as best you can from the situation and sit down somewhere else to relax the hurts away. If you are physically ill and with other people, let them know and they can help you get out of the area and watch out for you until you feel better.

Hope this helps. :blush:


#9 Central Valley Investigator

Central Valley Investigator

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Posted 09 May 2006 - 11:01 PM

Yes this can happen and it happened to me :ghost: read this article http://www.mindreade...es/Fate1000.doc Loyd refers to himself and Fred Speer (me) who was immediatly sick to their stomach

#10 feusurlaneige


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Posted 09 May 2006 - 11:43 PM

Our spirit does it quite often. He does it deliberately I think. Last investigation he did it to 4 people. I asked him if it was him that made him sick and he said yes.(we talk to him using a tap code) We then each asked him if he was going to do it to us and he said no. He sorts people out. He sorted out the psychic who is in our team because she said she didnt want to see any of his communicative visions that night and said to stop it and he said no and then next thing she was sick. He has told us he doesnt like psychics.

He made another male member sick because he was being a bit sarcastic about spirit in general and next thing he was sick. You should always watch what you say in case you insult.

The other male and female were outsiders who had a massive energy drain unsuspectingly.
All the people were overwhelmed and felt nauseous and dizzy and had to go outside. One member went home sick. The girl who was an outsider also complained of her forehead feeling like there was heat on it.

I have had lynch spirit do this to me before. I thought it was another spirit but now know it was him. I was at the time calling another spirit that lynch does not like that is in the same place and while I was calling this spirits name everyones camera flashed stopped working and my camera wouldnt turn off lol. Next thing I got this sudden rush of quite hot air circulating around the top of my head and face. It was like someone was holding a radiator and moving it to and fro across my face. It was at one point quite hot that it almost felt uncomfortable and I felt nervous. It then stopped.
I think lynch was reprimanding me for calling the spirit. He has made it quite clear that we are not to talk to him and I was trying to do exactly that.
I feel that he actually draw energy off all the camera flashes or the camera batteries and then used it against me.
Has anyone heard of this happening to anyone. I know they draw off electrical stuff like this but I didnt expect it to be used in a backlash like it did.

Our psychic team member does do protection before the investigation as most of us do but she was still made to feel ill. I find that when we communicate with lynch with the board my crown chakra feels active the whole time and then when I drive home I have a headache. I dont really understand why this happens.

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