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Can a ghost affect physical health?

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#16 feusurlaneige


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Posted 29 September 2007 - 04:08 AM

If the spirit is strong willed it will p off the spirit bad and it will come back and you will cop it worse.


[edit] do you mean that it will make the spirit more angry and prone to inflict more damage than it did before the smudging? [/edit]


Depends who you are up against.Saging will make the spirit go away, some will go away for good, some will come back. Just depends on the temperment of the spirit. If you are up against a very active & angry spirit, there is the possibility that they will come back with a vengence.

Most earthbounds arent like this but some are.

You cant burn sage continually in your home.

#17 kats_god


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Posted 30 September 2007 - 06:42 AM

I have heard of people getting sick and throwing up from being around some paranormal activity. I have also hear of people not being able to even get out of bed because they feel too ill due to the activity. So I'd say yes ghosts can affect heath sometimes.
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Posted 01 October 2007 - 08:43 PM

Hi, fellow Villagers:

I have to tell you, folks, I have enjoyed reading the posts on this topic, because I have experienced the negative energy that Maelinde described. Many times I have said I feel better when I'm not
in the apartment, that I too get irritable.

The advice about smudging is something I would like to explore. I've posted a few times about
being touched, my Mom experiencing that as well. Also, I used to hear my name being called during times of turmoil.

I agree, though, that at first you should rule out anything in the medical realm. However, it seems that we are experiencing the same things, so it can't all be Rx!

Spirit attachment seems to be very plausible, and it certainly makes a lot of sense to me.

Thanks, :Spaz:


#19 Maelinde



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Posted 11 April 2008 - 03:21 PM

Update on the spirit...

It did eventually leave, but I think it may be back... Or another one may have come in.

It is in the guest bathroom and hallway right at the front door.

This one will travel on the walls, floor, and ceiling. It has no face - just a wall of black where the face should be.

When I experience this spirit, I become totally drained of energy. It will communicate with me via telepathy, often calling out my name.

Lately, it's started to try and venture into the living room where I do most of my work. So far, it hasn't been able.

When I leave, the feelings of dread and exhaustion are gone. It's getting out that is the problem. I often get so tired before leaving, that I'll end up not going to do errands unless I absolutely HAVE to go somewhere on appointment, etc. I'll just get so tired I fall fast asleep on the couch and have odd dreams that leave me quite uneasy.

I've run out of sage, and most likely need to get another smudge stick to run through the apartment.

My husband just got over being very ill from a major upper respiratory infection - we call it crud here. Once he got sick, the entity came in on it and we didn't have the sage to smudge right after illness.

This is becoming a theme here in our home... I guess we need to smudge both during and immediately after an illness to prevent a negative shadow spirit from taking up residence here in our home...

Any thoughts on this?
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#20 Joslyn



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Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:41 AM


I felt so much sympathy reading your post. My family and I suffured the ragings of a very angry entity for a year. I will not go into the details of that experience, I have posted it many places and since have met some very wonderful and knowledgeable people.

What I do know is this..absolutely the presence affects both physical and mental health of every individual. This particular entity was very strong and capable of levitation. It actually moved our car and all of our furniture. We tried everything possible to "make" it leave. I did much research and we actually had an investigative team come to our home 5 times. They experienced dead batteries, failing equipment, disappearing and reappearing items.

But the point is, that every one of us suffered in some way. My daughter who is naturally a thin build, became the sickest. When we finally moved, she was frail, pale, and weak. My husband was constantly angry and ready for any one to fight with. I myself, sleepless and tired all the time. This particular entity would actually set up situations to cause reactions. We used to walk a couple blocks down the street and sit just to relieve our backaches, headaches and constant ringing in our ears.
We would do this also just so we could talk privately without it overhearing. It constantly reacted to our conversations. The investigating team would park their cars at least 3 blocks away, as a couple of their cars mysteriously just quit when approaching our home.

In the end, they could not help us get rid of it, and because of the damage it did to us and our home, we had to move. Please be aware that sometimes, no matter what you do, sometimes they cannot be removed.

#21 J-Me


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Posted 17 May 2008 - 07:15 PM

I've just learnt from my mum of a family who are stuck in a situation where their physical health is being pounded by a spirit. My brother-in-laws Sister is in her early 40s and lives with her husband and children in an old lockgate keepers cottage (all part of his job!)

Since living there the husband has gone from being fit and healthy to in an out of hospital for various operations. She has just been diagnosed with cancer and the kids are constantly ill, falling from one illness into the next with no rest in between.

The entity they have is extremely aggressive and unfriendly. I have been told that just a couple of weeks ago their son (about 12 I think mum said) started screaming like crazy just after he'd gone to bed. The screaming caused them to get up and run to his room to find out what was wrong. By the time they'd got there nothing was to be seen except the boy who was extremely distraught and terrified and could only describe it as "Very nasty - really really nasty" Apparently this being had grabbed him as he lay in bed and started shaking him violently and continued to do so despite his screams before disappearing as the parents entered the room. It is this event that has got them looking at getting a priest called in because thats now the worst thats happened. if I hear anymore I'll update!


#22 Maelinde



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Posted 23 May 2008 - 07:37 PM

I've been finally able to recognize one of the Shadow Spirits in my home... It's my dad, Joe Jr. This is NOT a good thing. I have a bad history with him - in fact I had written him out of my life for quite some time.

We sort of reconciled in early 2007, but then he went right back to the bottle. In October of 2007, he literally drank himself to death.

He was living with my brother, helping with the rent, and all. Then all of a sudden, he just changed back to his old ways. My brother found him dead, on the floor, and in a fetal position. I get the feeling that this was a suicide, and he's coming back to try to communicate with my brother, Joey.

Joey's been having some runs of bad luck lately - his car went kaput, it's hard for him to get to work, his health has been really bad. Joey's only 38. He shouldn't be having these problems. They started a couple of months ago - essentially when the shadow spirit of my dad showed up.

I really think my dad is trying to communicate, but I really don't want to talk to him. Some people (my dad's brother) said that it was me that caused all of my dad's problems, but that's kind of messed up.

How do I get rid of this shadow of my dad? I don't want to talk or communicate with him, so asking him to cross over is out. I just want him gone.

Please don't think I'm a monster or anything... My dad and I have had a painfully bad history, and I really don't need this in my life - or my brother's. He's trying so hard to make a life for himself, and my dad is just ruining it for him by not letting go.

Will sage help with this? And can I get him out of my brother's home as well?

Thanks for understanding. I appreciate any advice and assistance sent my way.
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