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footsteps, mirrors, and auras (lengthy, sorry)

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Posted 02 March 2009 - 09:29 PM

today i got dismissed early from class because i had a minor allergic reaction to borax, which we were using for a chemistry lab. by the time i had arrived at my house i was feeling better, but decided i was having a bad day and that i'd just take the rest of the day off.

my dad went off to work, so i made myself some breakfast and curled up on the couch in my living room with a cup of coffee to watch the price is right (the cure to all illnesses, of course!)

about fifteen minutes into it, i kept hearing a somewhat loud thud noise coming from my attic (we live in a ranch) directly above where i was sitting. i muted the tv, and continued to hear it moving about. i called my mom and told her i thought a raccoon had made it's way up there, perhaps...and then it stopped.

i dismissed the thought, hung up the phone and turned the tv back on. and then it started again. a real distinct sound. i turned the tv off and listened. giving it a couple more minutes of thought, i realized it wasn't the sound of any type of animal. there's quite a difference in the sound of an animal with claws scurrying about on a hardwood floor and a human walking on one. and it definitely sounded like the latter.

it was slow moving, but definitely moving. and i followed the sound i heard from above - from the center of my living room, into my kitchen, into the hallway, and then back into the far right corner of the living room. it would continue on for a couple of minutes, stop, and then continue again. went on like this for about twenty minutes, me just wandering around my house following closely what i heard.

i've lived in this house for thirteen years now, and have never heard the typical "house settling in," "pipes cracking," etc. that some people like to reason sounds such as what i heard. and even if i had, the noise of a house settling in doesn't move about.

now to get to my attic, you have to pull down a set of stairs to get up there, and i don't have the upper body strength nor height to do so, but like i said...the sound of an animal walking around and the sound of a human are distinctly different. i decided to go splash some water on my face and decide how exactly i was going to deal with this, and for one reason or another after doing that something made me pause. i stared into the mirror for a couple minutes, and there was this strange lightness about. not quite around me, but off to the left (or right, in the mirror) of me. it was a very diluted aqua color (very close to this color).

and then - nothing. i decided to give it a rest and sit down, expecting to hear it at least a couple more times. but it just didn't happen again.

what do you guys make from this? sound out of the ordinary, or just like i should probably be getting a couple more hours of rest every night? (hah)

strange things have happened in my house before, whether they are paranormal or not is beyond me, and most of them are secondhand stories i've heard from my mom from when i was younger. i've had a couple of "odd" moments myself though, and my grandmother has also had an experience in my house...all of which i won't get into unless any of you think it would be helpful in determining what happened today, because this post is already mighty lengthy.

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Posted 03 March 2009 - 06:41 PM

Hi and welcome!

Yes, it is very important to tell us the other things that have happened in the house. I was about to say that you should look up the effects of a borax allergic reaction until you wrote that others have had experiences in the house. It still could be from your reaction to the borax and just being alone in the house, but since others have had things happen....

I personally like long posts (as long as they are not jibberish and fake). I'm sure others would find it very helpful if you shared too.

Again, Welcome to the village!

Kira :wow:

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Posted 07 March 2009 - 11:09 AM

I think you might be developing abilities...very weird experiences developing them on your own. :clap:
Uhm I also think you should check the house's history? any recent deaths in the family or in the homes history?I have a lot more to say but send me a message with any more experiences or anything really and I'll be glad to tell you what i think. Good luck!

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 12:04 AM

:ghost: I also live in a ranch house with that type of pull down stairs to the attic and I know what raccoons, squirrels and mice sound like roaming around the attic so if you say this is not any of those I believe you but as an empath and a cautious one at that I still think that unless or until you hear something again I would not worry about it or think anything of it because you can convince yourself it is something it is not. If it happens when another person is there find away to look in the attic. DO NOT do anything alone. Its just to be safe not because I think you'll be attacked. 2 sets of eyes and ears are better then one. Don't use a Ouija Board. Not because they will open a doorway for evil spirits but they are inaccurate and are influenced by your subconscious. Never do EVP work alone. Just to be safe.

Now all that said. I read this as a non paranormal experience. I think you were home alone and an unfamiliar sound gave you an uneasy feeling. That is understandable. Let us know if anything further happens or there is more info for us to work with.


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