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Poltergeist - Snow and Writings on the Wall

Ghosts Poltergeists demons haunted house upside down man

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Posted 03 January 2016 - 09:29 PM

Two things was interesting and memorable about Thanksgiving Day 2014. It had snowed the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Snow was still on the ground the day of. That’s  Memory  #1.  Memory #2 was my girlfriends son coming to pick up some Thanksgiving plates for himself and friends.  Nothing unusual there right?  After hugs to me and his mom  he departs.  He's grown - never has lived with us.  Minutes later there's a knock on our door and its him again.  In a chuckled voice he asks me "Dude what's this writing on your lawn?"    And that’s where this story will begin.



I walk outside our house its after 9pm Thanksgiving Day and say "what do you mean writing on the lawn?"  He ushers me further outside and on the front lawn there  written in the snow are words that look like "D&%ck".  Snow had been on the ground and was beginning to melt but its nightfall and the temp drops so the melted snow is frozen. The letters themselves has begun to melt but it looks like there are two lines. Line 1 carved into the snow says what looks like "D--ck"  the second word on line two underneath is unreadable.  We both look at the word and my GF son chuckles and says it looks like someone wrote on your lawn the word "D*&ck"   The second word beings with a K and the rest of the lawn underneath is snowless. The snow has melted on that patch area.


We look at it for about 3 minutes. Its cold outside.  He laughs, young kid, his friends are honking the car for him to come on as we're departing we both agree this must be some weird prank because it looks like what's carved in the snow is the word "D*&ck" and something else.  I assume most of you know how writing looks carved in the snow after its been there awhile. By awhile I mean a day or two.  The letter size gets wider and less readable due to the fluctuation of the temperature. Yes we had snow on the ground days prior to Thanksgiving. But by day time the temperature was low 40's. In the shade mid 30's.  The writing looked like it has been there for awhile. A  day or two.  Our thought at that time was there must have been some teenagers in the neighborhood who while walking by decided to write in the snow.  That’s the conclusion I left with.   Keep in mind inside the house from 2012 to at that time Thanksgiving 2014 crazy stuff had been happening inside the house.  Even with the unlimited amount of activity for the past 2 years - I walked away from my GF's son pointing out to us we had writings on our lawn thinking this was some neighborhood prank. Bigger fish to fry inside the house than worry about some group of kids getting kicks out writing "d&^ck" and etc in the snow outside my door.  I would monitor it mentally but that’s about it. NOTE  TO SELF.


That’s November. Few days after Thanksgiving the snow melts.  Writings gone.


Two weeks after Thanksgiving comes my bday. I have a Bday party at my house. 12 of my closest friends come over.   Yes we did have activity. Tina's notebook which we didn’t even know was missing materializes in the middle of the floor between 3 of my friends while THEY WERE doing Karaoke. Various alcoholic beverages, one being Pacifico beer. The guys and I go through  3 cases. Good Times. The day after the bday is cleanup day - the story of the bottle hitting the wall and noise arriving first and the bottle appearing minutes later was during that time frame.  The Monday after my bday party I wake up and discover the wallet I keep in my safe for fear of it going missing is in fact missing. Safe sits in my office. Combo safe. Only I know the combo. GF leaves for work before me that day. I get up, shower and dress and go to my office to grab my car keys(my remaining set) and grab my wallet. Car keys are in the safe. My wallet is gone.  Once again after about 100+ missing items you don’t really go around looking for stuff esp. when you know you purposely put something in the safe to prevent it from going missing in the first place.  My wallet is done. I have a business trip to  in a few days and I now have no ID, no credit cards.  I call my job and tell them I wont be in today - I'm working from home.  After that I call and tell my GF what's going on. After that I grab my birth certificate and head to the Drivers License office to get a new drivers license. 


An hour later I return home with my temporary drivers license. I do a quick look over the house and head back out. Now its time to go to the bank and get more bank cards, cancel the existing, etc.  I even run to the Mall to grab a new wallet. Blah Blah Blah right.  Are you  seeing better yet feeling the inconvenience all of this is doing?  For those who know Poltergeists, Demons and Malevolent entity's.   The entity behind all of this is watching EVERYTHING.  That’s why IT did it.


I return home about an hour and half later from mall and bank and this video below is what I find in my office.




I could've been gone for no more than 2 hours. Maybe even less than that.  The writing here or the material used to produce it is different. Its more runny. More oily.  Patches of it are still wet. I attribute that to me just being gone for less than 2 hrs.  As well as it being Winter vs. Summer. We own nothing even close to this inside our house.  Three things you need to know when watching the above video.  The cross hanging on the wall above the TV.  That cross hangs in the living room kitchen area. Was in the living room before I left.  Its nailed unto the wall with the all too familiar Upside Down Man(Native American symbol) which means "a man has died" based on Google searched.  Directly across from cross is a pair of scissors - stuck into the wall.  That’s been done before remember this video? See where the scissors is placed?  Dead center of the "Upside Down Man's" head.  The 3rd thing I want you to notice is the bar stool. That's the kitchen bar stool. Like the cross on the wall above the TV it too has been in the office before. But study the direction of the bar stool.   If you look at all the videos of when a chair was moved be it down stairs or upstairs. Once again check the videos and compare. You will see minus of how many chairs are re-located. One chair is always purposely turned to face towards a TV: office living room TV. 


Now I can't explain that. I'm clueless as to why is that. But it means something. We might not ever know. But the chair facing the TV, or facing one of the "Upside Down Man" markings is not a coincidental.  I pray to God and his Christ Jesus that someday, one day someone seeing this will be able to put two and two together. There are other things in this room out of order or in order "Order in Chaos" I should say.  But lets move the story forward because it goes south from here.


The Upside down man and cross stuff are not new.  What's new here are my initials KL with the word "Die" in front of it. A milestone in my house  is a new event, often a similar event with something new added.  This house, this office has had similar events like this before. What's new are the words "Die KL". That's a mile-stone i.e.  call-out. Does not take a rocket scientist to look at this and realize this alone speaks volumes.   People can debate what constitutes a "Residual Haunting" and what constitutes an "Intelligent Haunting" all day.  This mile-stone as it exist right now has for me based on what I read about both "residual" and "intelligent" constitutes an Intelligent Haunting.  This is another feather in the cap of what ever living in this house being a Poltergeist.  Don’t get me wrong Demons have the power if not more to the very same thing.  But in doing the Paranormal community a favor I'm going to lean towards Poltergeist. I'm in agreement with you. This is a Poltergeist. This true account alone should be a Parapsychologists wet-dream.  But I digress. Back to the story like I said it goes down hill from here.  Now every mile-stone in this house always signifies the activity is about to raise things up a notch or two. That’s been the pattern with the missing Bibles, burnt posters, objects being thrown, objects disappearing, and etc.   Other house attacks, aka Poltergeist vandalisms have happened when GF and I were at work. House is secure. No forced entry. ADT is armed.  Locks changed 2-3 times since living here. Police and crime reports show no other related activity within the 2-3 counties next to us.  All attacks have been in day light hours. This happened in less than 2 hours.  The entity knows I'm returning home and  soon. No one's coming in doing this?  No one outside person or group of people can predict Keith lost his wallet today. Keith's not going into the office today. Keith's going to leave and be back at a certain time. He's gone lets break in, paint and all and go to work on the furthest room in the house, a room upstairs mind you. Vandalize it and take nothing else in the process. Leave no paint residue anywhere in the room. No spilt paint on office furniture, carpet, wall etc. everywhere the paint is are the words "Die KL" "Upside Down Man" " Paw prints" 3, "Cross" and etc. No blobs or etc. anywhere that would indicate who ever did this was rushing to get it done or more or less was amateur.  I welcome that debate with anyone.


This was a few days after my bday.   Two weeks after Thanksgiving.  Please re-read paragraph 1 & 2.  You have a luxury even I at the time did not have.  Now lets talk about Christmas.


Christmas afternoon. We return home from a celebration with friends.  About two hours later I'm in my office.  Its late in the day.  Nothing usual. I stepped out of my office and this video is what I find.




Pic 1



Pic. 2





I'm not going to go deep into the events of the video above accept to say. This is a Christian prayer card and Native American necklace my co-worker bought me when he went on vacation to Arizona. Like I said before friends, family, paranormal teams and co-workers know of our ordeal and they all believe us. My co-worker bought two necklaces when he ventured into a Indian Reservation shop as a mean of protection. A necklace for me and one for my GF. This necklace now broken was mine.  The card where you see the familiar "Die KL" remember the  "Die Kl" from the video above? Now its "Die KL" on a Christian prayer card. I got this card a few weeks ago. I was in a Christian store buying new wooden crosses you see them upside down in the previous video-(all are now missing BTW).  I went to this store to buy more crosses and Christian symbols.  As I'm standing in the check-out line the lady behind me pokes me and hands me this card. She says something to the effect "Sir you should have this. You need this." She's about 80+ yrs. old. I smile and read the card and knowing 200% that I probably do need this kindly accept. Now this card being a gift was kept in my office on my computer desk under my monitor.  I will admit I forgot what it said because after the "Die KL" was written on it my GF being in tears upon reading it threw it away. 


Now if you look at the video and pic you can see the words "Die KL"   those are my initials. The web substance does resemble the web substance on the 1st video. Its very sticky, but not adhesive. Its wetter than wet if that makes since.   This is Christmas Day. I'm still not connecting the dots.  Until


Few days later a new snow comes in. It snows for a day or two and the first night of the night I leave my house to retrieve something on in my car. My car is parked curb side. I have to pass a majority of my lawn to get to the car. Since its icy outside I avoid walking on the pavement and instead choose to walk on the grass.  That’s where I see the new writing.  There which much better snow. New snow. 1st night of snow are the words "Die KL" Once again its two lines. Just like the office and hallway (card pic) "Die KL"


Now we can return back to Thanksgiving 2014 where all of this really began. It began with my girlfriends(GF) son knocking on our door after 1st leaving with plates of food for himself and his friends.  He knocks on the door to tell us on our lawn is the some writing we both at the time thought was the word "D*&k"  It was not the word "D&^ck". It was "Die KL".  It was just un-readable due to the snow melting.  Just like the "Die KL on the card which if you look carefully is almost un-readable to. 


Now I'm sorry, truly sorry I didn’t get a picture of that.  In my defense I didn’t have my cell phone with me.  But that’s a weak excuse I could've easily grabbed it. But me going back inside to retrieve my camera or cell phone would have caught the attention of my girlfriend.  Seeing "Die KL" in both office and hallway is one thing. That plus the other events and I'm leaving a lot out trust me.  Between each "Die KL" are days/nights of flying candles. Flying vases. Lights going off and on and worse.  I see the "Die KL" on my front lawn and thinking some neighbor walking their dog is going to see this because at this stage every other house knows our house is haunted.  That secret got revealed the day the 1st paranormal team came and with them came their logo and paranormal van with the name "No Bull Paranormal" on the side of van.  People know. In the snow are the words "Die KL". I take my foot and remove it.  It never snowed the winter of 2014 after that night. But the "Die KL" would appear one more time.  The last time being inside my car.


Like most boyfriends if your GF asked you to go to the store for a cooking ingredient you opt to go. This weekend would be no different.  My GF asks me to go the store for OJ. I grab my keys, and throw on some sweats. I'm out the door in minutes. Using my key-fob I unlock the car as I'm heading to it.  When I get in my car. My Hyundai silver blue Sonata - 2008. I sit in the drivers seat and the words "Die KL" is written on both floor of the car. Driver and Passenger. Written on the seats are "Upside Down Man" and "Upside Down Cross" On the ceiling is "Die KL".  Same oily, gluey,, non adhesive substance. But its still wet and that’s mostly due to the temperature and humidity outside.  Once again same oily substance as what was in the house. And what was in the hallway.  No excuse for not taking a picture. But once again my biggest fear and level of panic attack was neighbors walking by and seeing the words "Die KL" or better yet see me cleaning the words "Die KL" off the inside of my car upholstery.  Instead of pic taking I pop open the garage door and back the car inside and immediately grab what ever cleaning ingredient is inside the garage (not much). Couldn’t go into the house seeking cleaning stuff. Once again GF would be like why are u looking for cleaning stuff and its 9am or so in the morning, when you're suppose to be going to the store.  Grabbing cleaning gear from inside would just beg the question.  I find a towel and use the outside water faucet and some Windex I found in the garage and remove the markings.   It’s the scene from "Pulp Fiction" all over again where Jackson and Travolta are forced to scrub brain matter off the innards of their car before Quintin Tarintinos character wife returns home.



This was an emotional story to recount. Number one just reliving it, and recounting it in one's own brain is hard to do. These events happened over a year ago.  That’s not easy to do ladies and gentlemen. Dates, and times therein get blurred and the more distance between then and now stuff gets forgotten. When stuff gets forgotten that’s where certain individuals leap in and try to poke holes in hopes of calling out inconsistencies.  Its also emotional because up until  now most of the activity in the home centered around the home. Meaning GF and I shared in a majority of the events that took place.  We saw it together.   After the "Die KL" episodes events begin to happen more with just me in the house.   All vases being thrown are on my side of the bed. GF leaves for work and its just me there. Objects get thrown at me while in the shower. Lights go off with just me in the house. Objects get thrown at me while I'm on sitting on the toilet.  I'm in the bathroom and GF is gone. Something walks by turns off the light manually and slams the door shut.  GF is at work. We live alone. Wallet gets taken again in January.  Candles get thrown outside my office.  Im sleeping and something is poking my rib cage. Poking from inside the pillow while I sleep. I wake up and look at my Gf she's sound asleep. As I mentioned before each NEW event is a mile-stone.   Weeks prior to the 1st "Die K:" which was Thanksgiving Day 2014, there might have been more. We just don't know. There are questionable stuff that happened weeks and months before that were weird that I ignored that we ignored that might be in fact Poltergeist related activity. I've gone into grocery stores and come back out and all my car doors are wide - open.  Your in the middle of Safeway parking lot and you walk outside, patrons and employees are standing next to your car scratching their heads, trying to alert you(me) that all your car doors are open.   My neighbors have rung our door bell 4am, 5am on a weekday to inform me that all my car-doors are open. That’s happened 3 times. Nothings ever taking. Nothings missing. Nothings sabotaged. Or is it? Your going 60 mph on the Hwy. Is the entity with you?  Is it going to jerk the steering wheel while you're driving? What does "Die KL" mean?  Is it Omen. These question rule your mind.  You become isolated mentally from your own partner because now you're witnessing and experiencing events she's not privy to. And when you try to fill her in or when there's spillage to where she does see some of it. She erupts into tears of her own. And guess who's sitting on a wall like spider-man benefiting? 


When the "Die KL" started appearing that's when I started putting 2 and 2 together.  Once we discovered the "Die KL" in the office and room more activity began to happen towards me vs. towards the house vs. towards my GF.  To this day my GF still doesn't know about the "Die KL" inside the car.  I think I finally clued her in on the "Die KL" on the lawn. Only because every now and then her son brings it up.  That cross you saw stabled on the wall?  Its missing. Its gone. Those religious objects you saw underneath the HD TV. There gone. That Big Black cross?  That’s the same cross my cousin gave me. The same cross that went missing for a week and returned in the washing machine while it was running- the weekend Capt. America came out.



Now I want to be clear about something before I close this story out. This true story out.  The entity be it a Poltergeist or Demon. I think we all can agree its malevolent.  And I believe it’s a Poltergeist. A Poltergeist that’s tied to the land or building.  The reason why this malevolent entity does these things is to raise anxiety within the house. More importantly to raise anxiety between the house occupants.  Be it fear or anxiety both when raised provide fuel for the entity.  I'm not sharing the fact that this entity wrote "Die KL", or drew an "Upside Down Man" symbol, or took every cross in our house and put them upside down in key spots to make you think this all too Hollywoodesque to be true.  The entity goes through great lengths to make it too fantastic to create skeptics and doubters.  I smirk when people say something this active should be able to be captured on Video.  Videos can be faked just as easily as a video can be doctored. $99 worth of software can do the trick. A extreme level of intelligence, consciousness, and mischief making is at play here. Calculative on steroids is at play here.  It is true. All of it and more did happen. Its not happening now. Lets be clear. Its not happening now. But for about 8 months it happened everyday.  EVERYDAY. I'm not trying to  paint you an Apocalyptic picture. The picture I'm trying to paint is these things live and prey off fear and ignorance.  If I had less wits than I have now I'd be peeing my paints and loosing it. Doesn't make me special. Doesn't make my girlfriend special. It just makes us grounded.  They live off fear and ignorance.   The ignorance portion I want to talk about 1st because the more ignorance you have about these things the more level of fear you will develop. The entity knows this. Matter of fact its counting on it.


To most people an upside cross, burnt Bible, burnt cross is terrifying. And that’s understandable. It to a degree it is. It's terrifying to us.  You try taking a shower and all of a sudden all the house alarms go off. You run to figure out whats going and something BIG, with mass, with density and gravity attached it runs right pass you - as it to suggest how little consequence you are to it.  Its invisible. You see a silhouette and outline or nothing but then again you feel the wind zip past you based on how fast its running by you.   Are you grasping the picture I'm trying to paint for you? But as equal as its terrifying the thing you have to do immediately when this happens is immediately put it in perspective.  Ask yourself why is it terrifying?  Its terrifying because Hollywood, Books, TV and movies therein and to some degree organized religion sells it as  terrifying.   More people are fearful of the water due the movie Jaws, more afraid of Sharks due a blockbuster summer movie that came out in the 70's. The shark that appeared 20 minutes at the end of the movie is ingrained in our psyche some 40+ years later.  The entity knows this. And by IT knowing this, our weakness we developed ever since man left the cave and began walking on two legs vs. all fours.  The fear of the unknown governs us.  The unknown or the fear of is at the root of most decisions being made. Usually the incorrect ones.  I've made mistakes living in this house. My GF has to. To error is human. But lets be honest if this thing wanted to kill us it could've killed us in our sleep.  It can't kill you.  It can make you fearful enough to make you kill yourself or your partner next to you.  It can make you suicidal. But its not creating those things. Those failures already exist for the entity to exploit.  If failings exists it will exploit and it will try to use it to raise the level of fear.  We're not special people (GF and I).  This has been scary, haunting and terrifying at times.  But the ignorance or the decisions, and loss of sleep we make due to ignorance is the realm of where these things thrive.  Seeing "Die Kl" or an Upside Down Man which means "a man has died, or means death" or better yet a burnt Bible or burnt cross while troubling, more so compelling than troubling  does not make me roll up into the fetal position.  If you're not rooted in truth but more so rooted in folk lore then yeah these  events will get the best of you.  That’s my reason for sharing this story.



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