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a spirit in my appartment/need guidance

spirit help communication

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 08:24 PM

hello. I start this post with my sincere apologies with regard of the lenght and bad grammar of this text. English is not my first language but i really want to write my story so that someone can help me. 


I've been living in this appartment for about 4 years now but , about 7-8 month ago, something started to feel strange. There was strange noises around my place that i had never heard before. I could hear my bed cracking like someone was layig on it, I heared footstep in my living room when no one was there and my freezer made this weird crushy sound once in a while.


At first, i thought i was maybe the neighbors making the footsteps noises or a change in temperature for the bed and the floors so I ingored it a the time, but a week or 2 later, I felt a really bizarre sensation. To get to my bathroom, I need to pass by a closet and everytime i would walk near the closet, i would feel a tingleling sensation on my shoulder and on the back on my neck, like someone or something was touching me. It was about at the same time that I started having problems sleeping. I would wake up 3 or 4 time a night with no apparent reason. I wasnt having bad dreams or anything, I just woke up and then got back to sleep. Also, my cat acted stangely. He's normaly a really calm and relax cat but he would run into my bedroom scared with his ears drop down like something was wrong.


It's then that I started to feel suspicious about a spirit that had invaded my home. I studied a bit of wicca and magic in my teenage years so I knew that there was clensing rituals I could perform to get rid to the spirit. I looked online and in my books for that. I clensed the place with sage and prayers and then, it stoped. No more noises, no more weird sensation near the closet and, thank all the gods, I could sleep again.


This is just speculation but, in the meantime, I had learned that one of the child of the neighbor that lives right under me died and that her grand mother lives right next door to me. She was 32 and passed away after fighting a infection to the lungs. I don't know how it feels when a person that is dear to you dies because it has never happen to me but I'm sure it can attract alot of negative energy around you and i know that negative energy can attract spirits. So maybe the spirit is that woman. But then again, I'm not sure of anything so far


But one thing i do belive is that the spirit is a woman. Why? Because i saw her, It had all started again 2 weeks ago. The noises, the tingleling feeling and the bad sleep. But one night, I was laying back in my bed. I was tired because of the lack of sleep and an hard day at work but since I had a hard time getting to sleeping, I just tried to fight it and watched some videos on youtube. But I saw her in the door way of my bedroom. Just for maybe 5 or 6 seconds, this shadowy dark purple-ish person is standing there. I could distinguish her. She was wearing a long skirt, she had long dark hair and she was looking at me.


This is where I said to myself that i needed help, that I didnt have the knowlegde to get rid of this myself. So this is when you guys come around. I found this site 5-6 days ago and i read everything that i though could help me. Something that really cought my interest was a couple of you guys said that i should try to talk with the ghost, try to communicate with her with direct speech. No need for meditation or ritual, just speak to her firmly. I tried it 3 days ago and really worked. 


Here is how the conversation when: ''I know you're here.'' Nothing happen. ''Can we speak?'' I heard a small sound coming from the floor, I considered it as a positive anwser. '' Do you need help?'' Nothing happen. ''Are you a woman?'' Nothing happen. '' Is there anything I can do for you?'' Small craking noise. And then the only question i could think of was: '' Do u want me to deliver a message for you?'' And then the freezer did that crushy noise. I took that as a yes. Then i said '' I can help you but only if you help me to. I need time and i need to sleep. Let me sleep at night and let me learn how to communicate with you and I'll help.'' No anwser. I didnt try to communicate with her ever since but i can still feel her presence around. And most importantly I have slept like a log for the two last night.


But now, what's the next step? I'm really a noob when i come to these things. Did i do wrong trying to communicate with her? Do i continue to talk to her? Should i just continue to clense my appartment every 6 month? It may have not sound like that so far but I'm scared. I'm scared of what next,scared of screwing things up and ending up with an hostile spirit in the home i love, but still i want to help her. She hasnt been hostile to me and i dont feel any negative 'vibe'.


So can anyone help me?


By the way, i dont take drugs. I do like to have a couple of beers here and there but nothing serious. I'm a healthy, both physicly and mentaly, man.




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Posted 30 January 2018 - 10:03 PM

She may need your help to give her grandmother a message that she alright they know you can sense them

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