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New, confused, nervous and unknowing.

new spirits darkness sensitive energy

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#1 kai



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Posted 15 November 2017 - 11:39 PM

Hello all, I am new here, I actually just found this website today looking for guidance as it has been a rough week for me. I have always been sensitive to.. I don't even really know how to refer to it, but.. spirits or presences. I have dabbled with trying to communicate when I feel a strong presence (usually my grandfather) but stay away from those I don't know or understand. I am extremely susceptible to what I perceive as darker "beings" if you will and to be honest it scares the crap out of me sometimes. I am here looking for guidance on how to maybe shut them out at times or to learn how to embrace and help them and my self. 

I live with my boyfriend and his mother where I have felt a presence in the hallway out side of out bathroom and both of our bedrooms. It had never been malicious before this weekend when my boyfriends mother left to go out of town. My boyfriend and I were jolted from bed at 3:30 am to the dvd player (which hasn't worked in 6+months) screaming some sort of movie through the speakers with the tv OFF. My boyfriend proceded to unplug everything from the back of the tv and it continued to play until it randomly shut off on its own. Overall just extremely weird. That same morning we woke up to go fishing while it was still dark, we got down to the dock where by bf was getting the boat ready (still dark). I grabbed some ti leaves and said a quick prayer asking for safety and fish to share with our family and friends. I turned around to go back to my truck to grab our bags and there at my door was a huge looming dark figure. I could not see features just a shadow but I knew It was a man with a skewed face. I was paralyzed and couldn't breathe. My brain stopped working. I forced my self to think of gods pure white light completely enveloping me and was able to move. I got back in my truck and locked the doors ( idk why). Afterwards I felt so emotionally drained and almost abused. The next day I was doing our laundry going back and forth from my room to my bfs passing by the bathroom and through the little hallway that I mentioned earlier. As i was putting away the last of my clothes I saw the figure out of the corner of my eye clear as day pass through the hallway in to the living room. The feeling I got this time was dark and suffocating. I couldn't get my self to walk in to that area of the house until it was time for bed. Im pretty sure these are two different people as the one at the dock was large feeling, wider and shorter than th one in my house ( tall, thin, and "lighter" in color? aura? Im not sure. These were just a couple of experiences I've had this week. 

Anyway, my boyfriends mother comes home today and I hope these experiences lighten up. If anyone has any experiences or advice they would like to share please please please do so. I hate feeling so nervous and scared all the time!


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Posted 04 December 2017 - 10:55 PM

Sounds to me that you are gifted and the spirits know this. They're probably trying to get through to you without scaring the crap out of you. Sometimes a little fear comes with it cause it's a life changing experience finding out there are dead people Everywhere and I mean Everywhere. I am a psychic medium and the spirits practically held my hand and taught me how it all works. My experience has been both terrifying, amazing, awesome.... I see the dead and I talk with them and they talk to me. I went deaf a few years ago and it took losing my hearing in order to hear the dead. It just gets better everyday I wish everyone would know what I know. It's all about believing in the unbelievable. Try it

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