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Bedroom Growls

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Posted 25 September 2012 - 03:42 PM

This had happened 2 years ago.

I was getting ready for bed, it wasn't too late at night. It would be considered early for a summer night. Once I got into bed, my cat had joined me like usual. The lights were off and I was just getting under the covers. Then there was this loud growl from the bottom of my bed. I can't describe it. It didn't sound like any animal I have ever heard before. It didn't sound human, it didn't sound like something that was alive. This growl had startled my cat. She had got up and went to peer over the bed. When she did, she hissed a bit but quickly ran back towards me. My bedroom is right next to the laundry room, and I had forgot to turn the light off in there. So the light coming from the laundry room that was on my bedroom wall. It wasn't much but I kept my eyes on the light on the wall. Then this black mist about yard/3 feet long. There were two of them. They were near the ceiling but still on the wall where the light shines on. It went by fast. It wasn't coming towards me it was going away from me.

That was my scariest experience, especially how I was 11 at the time made it a bit worse.

Anyway know what it could have been?

After that my dad had blessed my bedroom and put crosses everywhere in my bedroom.. I'm not a religious person so I didn't feel as comfortable about him doing that. Anyway that's just me rambling
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