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Do I have a long term attachment?

spirit attatched attatchment longterm unwanted help

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 01:15 AM

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what is going on. I can go back to when I was a child (I am now 18) I had an imaginary friend when I was younger up until age 8, her name was casey and I remember the last time I intentionally played with her until I shut her out, I had lived in Germany at the time and while living there a lady in my apartmet building was murdered by her husband. I'm not too sure if I ever had any encounters before then, this is as far back as I can recollect. As I grew older I wasn't reaĺly sure of anything else occuring. About 1 to 2 years later when I moved back to the US we moved into a house that had been built in the 70's, no one had passed away inside or anything it was just old. My room was across the hall from my parents bedroom. I always felt a negative energy from that room like I should never go inside, I was always being watched by whatever was possesing that room it was unwelcoming and uninviting it was a very negative sense I did not enjoy. During the winter time the same year we had moved into that house, after doing carpet renovations (the new fresh carpet was extremely thick and the doors in that house were very heavy real wood doors.) My mother told me to shut her bedroom door to keep the heat in that room, I did not want to because of the unwelcoming feeling I had but I did as I was told. I had to tug on the door and finally I heard it click shut, the door swung back open like I had never touched it. I ran back to my mom where I told her what happened but of course she did not believe me. After I had turned 12 I was seeing black shadows even in school while I would be in class. I always blamed this on lack of sleep just to get my mind off of what the figures possibly were. The unwelcoming feeling finally went away after a while and I could freely walk around my house. As of 2012 I have moved into a new house built in 2007 or 2010 one of these recent years so obviously no deaths have occured in this house either. Recently; Friday September 12, 2014 I came home after hanging out with a friend. I was home alone making a bagel I let the dogs out to do their buisness and came back inside to finish making my food. My dogs (who only bark at people they do not know) were staring down into the basement growling. I walked over to see what they could possibly be mad at and there was nothing there. Both cats were in lounge chairs in the living room so I knew they couldnt be growling at the cats either. I calmed down the dogs and called my mom, while this was all occuring I was unsure if someone had broken into my house or not. The cats both got up and starting to stare at seemingly nothing around the house. Just now 4 days later after that occurnace I decided to work out in the basement since recently my mothers boyfriend moved more workout equipment down there. While I was using our eliptical I felt a pressence watching me from just outside our basement doors almost as if I could see who it was but I figured it was just a fake idea from my paranoia. After spending a solid hour downstairs, a cat was with me during this and she was acting odd looking up the stairs as if someone would be coming down to the basement and doing things she normally only does with human interaction. After this hour of working out I went upstairs to the kitchen to cool off and finish my water. After about 5 minutes of being upstairs I heard this knocking noise that I thought was coming from the window of our kitchen (this window isn't in a spot where someone can reach and the noise become more rapid/strong sounding.) I went up to my room to look out the window to see if anyone would walk away from our house/if it had been a person knocking on the window. I felt like someone was watching me while I did this. I closed my door and decided to relax, it finally clicked the noise was my eliptical not someone knocking on the window because when you use the eliptical the right "leg' makes this weird click type noise when it rotates. I am pretty terrifyed and I want to know if this is the same 'spirit' haunting me, if it is attactched to me, how do I get it to leave me alone. I would like to live my own life without a disterbance.

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 12:40 PM

In some cases its just as simple as closing your eye and telling the ghost to go away. Stall your ground and let them know that its your home not theirs. I would start with that.

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Posted 11 January 2016 - 12:12 PM

It doesn't seem like the same spirit. It doesn't sound like you've had the same unwelcome feeling. As you said, your dogs bark at anyone they don't know, so even if they could see something you can't, it might just be that something or someone they don't know is now in their house, or territory. Your cats seemed surprised but also "acted like they do in normal human interactions", telling me that whatever was there didn't scare them.


It is possible you have a long term attachment. Spirits can attach themselves to objects or people because they need energy to manifest themselves. What you've said doesn't sound like something that wants to harm you, but there are also cases of spirits starting out just normally kind of "annoying" for lack of a better word before becoming more violent. Remember that its thought that spirits feed off fear and energy.


Stand your ground and don't let them scare you. Tell them that this is your home and you won't let them scare you out of it or make your life miserable. You can also try removing objects from the house, because they can be attached to objects as well. Any "new" items you've gotten that could have possibly been attached to someone else at one point or another, take those out of your house for a week then bring them back in. See if the activity dies down between now and then. If it does you can probably assume the spirit is attached to that object. You can then have it blessed to see if that helps, or just get rid of it all together. If the spirit is attached to it, it'll leave with it.


The important thing to remember is that this is your life, and you shouldn't feel that you don't have control over it. Don't let the spirits control you with fear and stand your ground. Don't try to provoke the spirit in any way, but let them know that you won't let them push you out. That's about all I know about it though.

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