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Sleep paralysis or a demon spirit?

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#16 shankpin


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Posted 14 March 2009 - 06:44 PM

Any time there's a sensation of being held down, pushed, paralyzed, smothered suffocated chances are it's SP. Some people experience those sensations alone, but do not visually/audio experience anything. People who suffer from SP regularly also tend to have the same concurrent audio hallucinations as well as the visuals. Like with my sister, she'll hear a baby crying in the onset of an episode. That's how she's became to familiarize herself with the onset of her SP.
Sleep paralysis is more common than what many may realize.
There's apparently certain triggers for SP such as high stress (being the main culprit) among few others. Changing sleep position helps if the SP episodes keep occurring. Chances are, a person who experiences such a thing is sleeping on their back, or on their side (but not nearly as bad as on the back.) Sleeping on the stomach relieves the occurrences for most people.
just throwing my 2 cents in there. :}
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  • Interests:I love studying and learning, especially the paranormal. I would love to travel all over my state and visit some famous haunted dwellings to see if I could pick up the energies. <br />I love all kinds of music mainly rock/alternative. I still love the eighties hairbands since I grew up in that era. I have a twenty year old daughter who has the gift of seeing apparations and I can feel them but have never seen them.

Posted 15 March 2009 - 05:08 PM

Maggiemae, what I meant by the comment was that it is considered one of the common symptoms of sleep-paralysis (at least whooshing WITHIN the ears, if you could locate it as coming from somewhere away from you, then that is different.)

The chemicals released into your body to paralyze it during sleep also mute your ears, so it would sound sort of like when you put your hands over your ears (or put a seashell to your ear.) Perhaps I misunderstood your description if that seemed like an odd explanation for it.

Actually a more common symptom is supposedly like an explosion or gunshots, but I have personally never experienced that. I have heard static and the swooshing sound, but the swooshing sound always sounded like it originated within.

Has anyone ever felt like something crawled over them (like something heavy like a mouse or a rat (which I do not have with my cats around.) I have awakened to that sensation several times before in different places that I have lived. Always freaks me out. It always feels like either little feet running over my back, legs, or sides, or like someone kneading you quickly with their fingers and taking off. My apologies if that question seems off-topic, maggiemae, just curious since many people on this thread have experienced similar things.

Hi Retro,
I have never felt as if anything crawled over me or felt anything touch me. Just the weighted feeling or heavy feeling of not being able to move. I think I have realized what the swooshing sound is. When I am waking up sometimes it's like a snore and I probably heard myself. Thanks for all the feedback. I am convinced it's SP.

#18 Tuesday PsyMed

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Posted 18 March 2009 - 11:19 AM

When we sleep our spirits leave our bodies so that the body can rejuvenate, most the time we just hoover above our bodies, but some have learned how to astral travel while we sleep. When the body sometimes wakes up faster than our spirit returning back to the body our body will freeze as if it feels like someone or something is holding us down, we can hear whats around us, but we are still in that state of sleep mode. It can be very scary, because you are aware of this, the mind & body fight to move, and can't .. it usually doesn't last long, and the spirit pops back into the body the body wakes up and you can move again. This has been documented over decades with doctors, now on the paranormal flip side there is a thing called old hag syndrome, where the same sensation is felt, but the chest feels like something or someone is sitting on top of you holding you down, there has been reports of feeling some form of suffocation> There is a msall percentage of cases where an entity has been reported and documented that indeed its holding you down. You just woke up to fast was all..
Hope this helped
Tuesday Miles

I joined this site a couple days back and am really getting into reading all the different postings. I came across one from last month and it was a question if anyone has ever had a demonic experience. I have wondered about if I have or it was my imagination from waking up. Here is my story and any input would be appreciated. It was in October of 2004 around 3:30 in the morning. I was slowly waking and was in the state where I could here the tv but wasn't quite awake. I remeber having this eerie, scared feeling and in my sleep starting singing Jesus loves me, the old childhood Sunday school song. Anyways, I remember feeling a presense on my legs real heavy and I felt something was watching me. I snapped awake and moved and the "thing made a swooshing noise and my cat even looked up in the air where this went over my head and out the door. I was on the couch and the front door was behingd me. Funny because we lived directly across from a new church and I would always watch the construction of the church adding on out the big window and door. Not that maybe matters? But my cat was acting funny even before this and at times I would come home and feel a nervous scared feeling like something was in the house. Any suggestions. My brother thinks it was sleep paralysis but the swooshing noise?
maggimae in WI

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