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Premonitions or Dreams about people you dont know

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Posted 29 August 2005 - 09:46 PM

I was looking for the right thread to place this on; I'm sure there is one, but since I couldn't locate one that seemed to fit just-right, I thought I'd just start this...

Every so often I've had a period or brief-moment of something I can only describe as a "premonitory glimpse" into this or that, sometimes in my sleep, sometimes wide awake; it's always startling when it happens... especially when it seems to serve no obvious purpose, or I have no acquaintance or involvement with the person or event its about.

Of course, I know I'm not alone in such experiences. But I was just thinking today of one odd little one that happened about 3 years ago, so I thought I'd submit it:

I woke up late one morning in early 2002 after having had a fairly vivid dream about and nice, overweight guy who, it was understood from my dream, was either a cannibal or a relative of a cannibal, who had died of a heart attack because of his consumption habits, and his birthday was 10/26/1964... And that it was somehow important that I know this was implicit in the dream.

When I got up, being somewhat "into" astrology, I immediately looked up the date and saw that that made him a Scorpio with a Moon in Cancer. (Yes, I actually check birthdays of fictional characters about whom I dream.) :angry:

Anyway, I then logged-on to the computer, checked out my various regular sites, and then went to a popular movie/show-biz site and was reading thru their daily gossip/news page when I ran across a short paragraph stating that, overnight, the nephew (cousin?) of director Jonathan Demme, Ted, had died of a heart attack.

Ordinarily, I would have simply scrolled-down, as I had no idea who Ted Demme was; I'd never heard of him... I'd certainly heard of Jonathan Demme, though, the director of "Silence of the Lambs", a cannibal movie and the film he's most known for--- and it was only that association which, momentarily, caused me to pause on the snippet, suddenly remembering my dream from that morning: "a cannibal or a relative of a cannibal dies of a heart attack"

Although, it didn't seem "weird" or "ominous" at this point, it is the SOLE thing that motivated me to click on the name-link to "Ted Demme" to pull up his bio page, instead of just continuing to scroll-down for the rest of the day's news stories.

And my blood ran cold.

His birthday was 10/26/1964.

He was overweight, and it would be revealed later that he'd had cocaine in his system (and had not eaten a person)...

But he'd died while I was asleep, and I dont sleep with a radio or TV on (nor was there the possibility of it being discussed by others in my presence as I slept, God knows).

A few months later, I checked his bio page again, and they'd changed his birth year to 1963; I dont know which is actually correct, but I'd made a hard copy of the original page that read 10/26/1964, so I'd either dreamnt the actual birthdate or the erroneous public bio birhtdate.

In any event, things like this are very strange, as I didn't even know who Ted Demme was, knew nothing about him, and one always wonders: why am I dreaming or having what appears to be a premonitory or empathic moment about THIS person or situation of all people or things...? (But, then, the dream did seem to be trying to convey that I specifically needed to know about this--- and a lot of times, these 'psychic-lint-collecting' things aren't so pointedly cautionary).

I will say this, since I've never been a coke-fan (and I cut WAY back on my cannabilism in, like, the '70s! :wow: ), I'm not sure what the caution or message was about.
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Posted 30 August 2005 - 02:14 AM

I've told many people in chat about Leandro, but I don't recall if I've posted the story in the actual forums.

I'm LdS and such was expected to serve a religious two-year mission. We fill out papers stating what languages we know, where our ancestors are from, any physical challenges, etc, then mail them to the prophet. A few weeks later, an envelope arrives with our "call" telling where we will serve, the language we will use, and a list of necessities.

This particular premonition occurred after I had sent in my papers but hadn't yet received the call. One night, I saw this huge city, then my mind zoomed on a particular neighboorhood, and finally on a certain street. There was a bronzed lad wearing a red and black shirt and some shorts. He was in front of a very humble house. The kid spoke to me in a language I didn't recognize nor understand. When I woke up, I wrote down how I thought those words were spelled. The first few sentences were "encontre-me. ajude-me. salve-me."

When my mission call arrived, it said I'd be preaching in Portuguese in Brazil. I had two months before reporting for my mission. I spent that time trying to translate the message: "find me. help me. save me."

A little over a year after I arrived in Brazil, I found myself walking down that street in that neighborhood of that city. True to the dream, the young man was playing soccer (even wearing a Corinthians jersey). He saw my companion and I then started running towards us. At this time I do a double-take but say nothing of the dream.

After teaching him a couple weeks Leandro decided to be baptized. At first he asked a local member to do the honors (I hid my disappointment from my face, but somehow Leandro picks up on it). The member Leandro asked developed an unexplainable lesion on his leg; therefore he was unable to enter the water. When told the news, Leandro asked me to baptize him.

I didn't lose my mind - I have it backed up on a disk ... somewhere

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