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Anything Haunted in Walt Disney World?

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#31 Wayne Ronan

Wayne Ronan


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Posted 21 May 2009 - 11:52 PM

I don't recall any stories of anyone seeing George, just of feeling him and the things he fixes wile the ride is closed. Or of him shutting the ride down. The castmembers have told me he stays in his tower. If he shuts the ride down the door on the right behind the dog with the keys is open. They call it "Georges Door" thats all I have ever heard it referred as.

#32 feistypants88



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Posted 23 January 2010 - 09:49 PM

hey guys. i know this is a little late to reply to this but i just registered for this site a couple minutes ago. i dont know if anyone will believe me but i have seen the little girl and boy in front of spaceship earth. at the time i saw them (probaby about 4 to 5 years ago) it surprised me but i didnt think much of it because i hadnt heard of this haunting before. i just asked my sister if she saw it and dismissed it since she didnt see it. one day i was searching deaths at disney or something and stumbled upon the story about people seeing what i had seen. i flipped out...i knew i wasnt crazy! anyways, the point of my posting this is to see if anyone else has seen these two little ghosts or if anyone knows who these kids are or when the sightings originated.

thanks- ashley c.

#33 Jr.Hunter



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Posted 22 May 2010 - 08:27 AM

Just started ghost hunting. I love Disney, so when I read about George, I had a spaz attack.
I need to ask people about that!!!!!!!!!


#34 al_97



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Posted 29 June 2010 - 02:53 PM

ghost lady, :wow: :)

i have been to disney world many times. '

pirates of the carribean- while building the ride, an employee George fell off of something in the burning city area. when you ride past there, right when you go in, yell george three times.supposingly something is suppose to happen.the employees of the ride have to say good morning and good night to him if they want the ride to function correctly.

tan figure walking down mainstreet.

spaceship earth- little blonde girl driving a tiny car around it.a boy is also sometimes lingering near the girl.

tower of terror- there is a man that wanders around the building after closing time.

haunted mansion- a tomb when you are waiting in line.. it is of leona and her eyes will blink about once every minute.

hope i helped.

#35 ghunter_101



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Posted 11 July 2010 - 02:35 PM

Don't know how often this is checked...but I've been trying to do extensive research on George the welder. It's kinda hard though when there isn't a full name involved in any of the online search sites or anything. Anyone know George's full name, or at least where I can get information for that name? Next step is to actually investigate it. I'm sure they have had many people do so, therefore I will be looking into getting my group to follow up with the stories of George..... :wow:

#36 SteamboatWillie



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Posted 30 December 2010 - 01:09 AM

What we need to get is people who have worked at DL and WDW and see if they've seen anything. Being a huge Disney fan and visiting both places numerous times (my next happens to be next weekend) I have yet to see and document anything strange and God knows I've tried. Probably the only way you can experience any ghostly goings on is to be there after hours when everything is shut down. I bet that is truly creepy.

My friend works the monorail, so he told me this story

"It was 10:00, activity was going down, we were told to bring Monorail Red offline. I decided to do it, so I settled down in the nosecone, requesting dispatch to begin, they went ahead and said "yes" I brought the throttle up. Getting tired, I began to relax.

Then it hit me, a stonecold face, peering head on at me, I slammed on the brakes, and radioed dispatch, "We have a guy on the track, what should I do" when replied "Hold on I am sending someone" Thats when dispatch shut every train down, and they sent their own firefighters, plus security. But he noticed, the man was gone, and the sound of crying could be heard. Fire fighters got there, and noticed that no one was up their, but cameras that day, could only see a blur. Dispatch wasnt mad, they knew too, what had happened to that man on Grad Nite, being struck by Monorail Red.

To this day, almost everyday when monorail red, and only monorail red, you can see the man staring head-on, but my friend only ignores it and runs into it slowly, not trying to madden him.

Dont ever ask the monorail cast members, they may kick you out of the park, because of attention seeking and worried guests.

I too, have encountered this, while in the nosecone alone with the pilot, but he deserved for sneaking over a high fence. He is also seen roaming the track and even in the shop (Not much in the shop, only when monorail red is uncommisioned.

Also I have seen Walt himself, above the firehouse, and when an executive stays there, they can only say they have encountered him as well. Walt is like the guardian of the park, upon breaking down on tower of terror, I could see him in the ghost mirror before we fell, sitting next to me in the empty seat.

Hope this helps!

#37 SteamboatWillie



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Posted 30 December 2010 - 02:54 PM

Other ghosts I know of:

-Frank Wells, resides in the matterhorn, many report to see him climbing at night and looking down, disappearing

-People swimming in the rivers of america, only to disappear when alerting a cm

-A man appearing as the "engineer" on the thunder mountain, but only on one certain train. His name is Marcelo Torres and he died on the thunder mountain.

-(One of the scariest) A little girl, seen by DCA's entrance, looking for her uncle (Believed to be Jeniffer Reid)

-A young boy riding Pirates, on a boat, on the cameras, but only nothing is there.

-Many report to see Walt himself! (I think I have seen him!) It would be such an honor to actually talk to him though, at least I can say I have sort of "met" him

-People report, hair being pulled, being touched, and footsteps in the attic of haunted mansion

-Some report ghosts trying to snap lines on the Columbia, believed to be the couple that died of brain damage on the columbia!

-Near the now non-existent skyway, many report to see a man (Possibly Yorba) trying to seek revenge by stabbing, and guests leave feeling sharp pains but no physical marks, they say they wear off right after they leave tomorrowland.

New updates will come in soon, remember to be careful about telling cast members! They may kick you out for worrying guests!

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