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I've seen and heard some scary evil stuff

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 05:12 AM

I have been on and off this site for a few months now. I have read some unsettling stories. I myself have answered to some of these people experiences. Let me tell you a little about myself so I can explain what I am about. To hide my identity I won't use full names. I am a a 34 year old male from from NorthWestern Ontario Canada I am half native and I do believe in my ancestors. I am next in line as being a empathy , healer and protector. When I was born I was the last one to get a native name meaning baby owl. Usually a elder or someone will be the one to give you a name. But when I was born my great uncle that had the same abilities felt that I needed to be brought in to the council of our elders. As I was brought in they realized that I was the first in 15 generations to have the power to sense and heal with out being in the proximity of the person that needs the help. So after this visit I guess my great uncle was to stay with me and train me to use my so called gift. For many years they tried to pressure my mother ( which has some of the gifts) to take me and have me basically turned into a shawman she refused. As I grew oldr I noticed some things that I could sense people feel there pain and sickness. I have always been a sensitive person to all that is sick or Ill no matter what there sickness is if it was alcoholism or drugs abuse or old age or decease. I feel that when I come in contact with people that are sick that I can kind of surpress it or make it go away all together. With out me getting the training that I was suppose to I am not at my full ability. But I can cure minute illness from afar. When I was 16 was my first serious test of what I was capable of my mom never asked me of anything but at this time she came to me and pleaded me to try to help her to help my little cousin. When my cousin turned ten he was diagnosed with leukemia and he was given six months. I wanted to help him so bad but didn't know what I can do. My mother said I am going to do something to you she said she was goin to give me the ability to use my abilities. I was confused what she ment. So I said what you mean. She say that she had put a protection field on when i was born so I didn't feel the sadness and pain that this world offers. So she said she need me to feel and listen and see what inwas ment to she took this field off of me. I can honestly say I felt like I grew ten feet tall and became so much powerful then I have ever felt. She then said now do what you were ment to do I told her with tears in my eyes I don't know how. I could feel my baby cousins pain and sickness I can see a red hue kind of floating around his little body. I looked at my mother crying I said I don't know what to do she said you will baby owl. When she said that to me I felt like it was my mother and my deceased grandmother that told me this. When this was going on I was in the country where I grew up and my little cousin lived with his parents the land that my family owned for many generations. And where my ancestor practiced there gifts. I told my mom if I can I will help az much as I can. That night I was sleeping in the bedroom that I grew up in my grandmothers house I was asleep with eyes wide open. What I mean I am a sleep but I am awake walking a journey threw the land of my forefathers I can see my great uncles and my grandparents. And my ancestors this is the first that this has ever happened. I can feel a power joining me with them. My great uncle told me that night in my dream it's time for me to do what I was ment to do. The following day I walked across the field to my cousins house where my little cousin lay sick. It was sunrise about 5:30 am when I arrived my mom was there and my other cousins and my younger cousin open his eyes for the first time in like two days he said he's coming he could feel me feeling him I was walking into the house. His mom and dad met me at the door. Crying I felt like I was myself but old and wise . My mom said she prepared him for me. The next thing I knew what I had to do as if I did this for like ever. To make a long story short I helped my little cousin I was able to give him another six years. I had to continue doing this ceremony four times and everytime it took more and more of him. He finally told me at the age of sixteen that he was done that he didnt want to do it any more he saw that it was taking it's toll on me. That I was wasting my gift on just him. He pushed me away He said thank you and when he hugged me I felt my body absorb all that I gave him. 4 days later he passed his cancer hooked around behind his good cell only one doctor in Japan has seen this. It just about destroyed me loosing him but I knew why he had to go. But since then I have learned and had a lot of extreme experiences it took him for me to get what I was suppose to do. Since then I have been dealing with entities and abit of demonic. I know people are going to read this and think I'm full of BAD_WORD but I don't care what people think. I know and the people that I help know what I can do. I have learnt a lot and I want to let people know what I know. There are cases on here I feel that really are genuine and that people here do need help. Don't think that people on here that are asking for help are all crazy. Give them the benefit of the doubt hear there stories and help if u can. I will be writing some of my experiences on this sight in the future my friend believe that I should write a book. They like what I say and done so I will see if there are others out there that think the same. Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions I will be seeing if anyone has replied to this.

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 10:14 PM

Welcome to GV, Jynx! Thank you for posting your story. Looking forward to reading more of your contributions.
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