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Paranormal activity????

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#1 patm



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Posted 03 January 2010 - 09:39 PM

My friend built her house 2 1/2 years ago. Starting several months ago her 16 year old daughter reported hearing noises and seeing people in her bedroom at night. These "people" would even tell her to do certain things. The Mom didn't think much about her daughter's comments. Several days ago her neighbor called her to see if she had any strange experiences lately. The neighbor explained that she has had strange happenings since she moved there seven years ago, but in the last week or 2 they have been occuring more frequently. She has had doors close, felt things, and even saw a women with long gray hair. The woman was also seen by a friend who was visiting her at the time.
There is a graveyard with gravestones dated in the 1800's, with a metal fence around it less that 100 feet from my friend's front door. Last fall, when doing yardwork, we noted several large plain rocks the shapes of gravestones, but unmarked beside the cemetary. Some were standing upright. We searched around the area and found a total of about 16 stones , spaced in perfect rows. We uncovered the stones that were lying down and stood them up.
My questions are:
Who would these primitive type grave markers be for? servants? slaves?
Did we disturb "anyone" by standing up these markers?
How can we determine if there is any type of paranormal activity going on?
Would appreciate any suggestions

#2 Jacob_JABP


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Posted 22 August 2010 - 11:32 AM

Very intersting... I do think that the stones are linked to the hauntings.

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 11:25 AM

Without any details about the area, it's hard to say who the stones were for. People used whatever for stones and if you go into any old cemetery you will see small stones with the carvings worn away by a hundred or more years of weathering. Grave stones can also fall down from erosion or tree roots, etc., and sometimes it's vandalism. I have seen stones as new as the 1920's too worn to read properly. Your best bet is to contact the county and see if there is a plat map of your area and then you might be able to tell if there was an actual cemetery there. But remember, in the days before state regulations about things like burial and cemeteries, people in rural areas did bury family members on their own land - personal cemeteries as it were. If you have a full deed, one that shows ownership back to original owners, you will have a time frame to work with. Your local historical society should also be of help for you to check out the burial area.

If you are serious about finding if there is indeed paranormal activity going on, you should find an investigative group in your area. They might be able to determine if there is paranormal activity and possibley where it is originating. You doing the preliminary leg work about the history of the house and grounds will be of help to them too.
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