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Posted 16 April 2013 - 12:50 PM

Hi all. The other Friday (Good Friday) I left for work. My fiance was back getting ready for work about 15 minutes later, and the dog was barking. He came out to see what the dog was barking at, and the dog was barking at a chair in the dining room. Fiance looks above chair, and from the chandelier I have a hand made blown glass ball hanging from about 9 inches of twine. The ball is spinning wildly counter-clockwise. Sweetie feels his hands all around to see if there is a draft or something (even though a draft would never spin the ball like that). After a minute or so, he grabbed his phone and videotaped it. It was spinning so hard and so fast, that the twine wrapped tight, and it eventually spun in the other direction. Minutes later, he left for work, and the ball was still going. The ball was spinning really centered, and was barely moving the rest of the chandelier. It is very hard to re-create how the ball was sppinning, because it usually spins off center pretty much.

I spoke to him twice during the day, and even that evening we were talking to friends about weird things that happened in the house, and up in Salem when we visited. Not one mention of this spinning ball. So we get home from our visit, and are getting ready for bed, and he says "Oh man ! I forgot to show you this !" And showed me the video on his phone. He is questioning how and why he would be able to forget about something so weird. I am questioning the meaning.

I bought the ball at a fundraiser last year for my daughter's friend who died from cancer a few months later. The anniversary of his crossing is April 19th. I feel that if it were him, he would have done something so that I would see it, not my fiance, whom he never really knew. Any feedback on who or what this is would be greatly appreciated.

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