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Real Scary Stories

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Posted 15 August 2003 - 01:23 PM

Has anyone seen the show Real Scary Stories?  It's been on the Family Channel around Halloween time.  Well, there was this one particular episode in which three high school kids went to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery at night and filmed what they saw.  The two girls went by the pond and the boy sat by some grave stone.  Well, if you've seen this show, then you know that they are not the only ones in the cemetery....Watching the show, you can tell that there is obviously a cameraman or even several ones that go with them.  Well there was this one little snippet when the cameraman's camera was on the guy.  The cameraman was standing behind some tree and filming through the leaves.  And if you have been to Bachelor's Grove, you know that it's not that big a place, just an acre.  So towards the end of the episode the three gather together and the girls say that they saw the guy and that he waved at them.  The guy said that he didn't see them at all.  They kinda freaked out after they found out that the guy was sitting somewhere where they wouldn't even be able to see him from where the two girls were standing.  So they quickly assumed that a ghost, that was standing by a tree, waved at them.

I'm not at all skeptical about the existance of ghosts....but I'm thinking that they were mistaking the cameraman for a ghost.  Anyone can see that there are extra cameramen (or at least one) everywhere these kids on this show go.  And anyone can clearly see that the "ghost" that waved at them could have been the cameraman that was filming the guy.  I'm not saying that the waving "ghost" was definitely the cameraman, I'm just saying that It's the most possible explanation.  If you've seen this episode, you can clearly see that right?  

Whatta you think?
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Posted 01 September 2003 - 09:37 AM

I liked the show, but yeah, they used camera men alot. I don't know if they were recreating scenes or along the whole time. The only thing I would have changed was Zelda Rubensteins voice overs. Sometimes she was trying to be so "CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY" that she was hard to understand.

  I think they did mistake the camera man for a spirit, however, BG is such a hotspot you just never know. The woods around it have had sightings as well. Word is that was a favorite dumping ground of a lot of the old time mobs.
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