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A presence in my local cemetery

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#1 soulrunner


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 05:51 AM

Hi all I thought you might like to hear about a recent "event" I had in my local cemetery.
Half way down the road where I live there is an old cemetery there are graves ranging from 1805 right up to 2008 when it was finally filled. My own great grandmother is buried there and though I never knew her I do sometimes visit her grave and put spare flowers on it from my allotment. There are a number of war graves in the cemetery and on occasion I will visit them and if they need it I tidy them up. (on a side note the council are very good at maintaining the war graves) About two months ago I was in the cemetery and noted there were a few weeds on one of the war graves I cleared them away and as I did so I chatted to the grave, the man was a sergeant in the second world war (I will not put his name up here as I do not want to offend anybody who might be related to him) suddenly I felt the presence of someone standing behind me. I turned and there was no one there, well no one I could see anyway I just said out loud that I was just tidying up and went back to taking out the weeds. All the time I could feel someone watching me it was not malicious but it felt more like curious as though the "person" wondered who I was. I finished my task got up and walked out of the cemetery. As I walked I felt this presence follow me out of the cemetery and down the road. I stopped turned and calmly said I was going home now and would come again another day. I never saw anything but I felt the presence move away. I have been back since and had a chat to the grave but up to yet I have not felt anything since, if I do though I will let you all know.

I do have to say that as experiences go it was a very pleasant one.

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Posted 06 September 2013 - 06:06 PM

Great story Soulrunner. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep us posted, I am very interested in hearing about any other encounters.

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 08:31 AM

That is awesomely kind of you to tend to the graves, soulrunner. And who knows, it could have been the sergeant observing and admiring your work, but then again it could have been any number of souls who connect to the cemetery for whatever reason and were also admiring your handy-work. I would like to think it was the sergeant, though.
I know that some don't believe spirits occupy cemeteries and ask why would a spirit hang out at a cemetery where their body in just lying in a box in the ground. Well, no one knows why spirits do what they do, they just do it. There may be some afterlife connection to their former earthly existence. If spirits sill retain a possessiveness within their being, then it seems logical that they would show some concern for their former vessel. That's all guesswork, obviously.
Keep us posted, soulrunner.

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