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My Brother and Cat

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Posted 14 August 2008 - 11:20 AM

More than once, I will be dreaming or just upon awakening. I keep having these recurring dreams that one of our black cats (we have two) is shape-shifting from my younger brother. It is strange, I don't believe it to be any omen or bad sign. Does anyone know a symbolic reason, or have an interpretation?
The strange thing was, you know when you're awake and sometimes you have your eyes open or are aware that you are where you are, and see your surroundings as they are. Well I saw my cat walking into my room as my brother, then with a little glitter and a flash like an animorph jumped onto my bed as a cat. It has happened in dreams as well. I just happened again recently I dont remember in full detail.

My old dream was strange. I am on the porch teaching my brother that he is dreaming and so he can levitate. We levitate together, but our father is angry and has a robotic dog that is programmed to keep watch over us. So I tell him to escape, I see him coughing in a truck.I wake up the next day and he starts coughing like in the dream, and he hadn't had this cough before.
So maybe a sign I am misguiding him somehow?

So I send our cat, Jade, to rescue my bring back my brother. I tell Jade in this dream, then i wake up and the cat enters my room and manifests as my little brother. As if the cat knew and somehow the dream was real. Because I woke up and in a flash saw my brother shift into the cat. But I hadn't asked Jade to be my brother, nor do I think I had actually asked him to rescue my brother. But he rescued him anyways.

Perhaps, in a shamanistic perspective this represents lost parts of us during dream-time...and animals can heal those aspects. What I don't understand is how it keeps happening again, and even without the dream. I see Jade shape shift upon waking from my little brother....does this mean that he has a connection to my brother somehow? Honestly, neither of us spend that much time with the cats, as they are outdoor cats. I don't see my brother with Jade very often.

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