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I don't know.

unknown sensing seeing ghosts demons scared

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 07:29 AM

Hello. I honestly have no idea where to begin. I don't even know why I'm posting here, for I think I don't have an exact reason. Sometimes when I think or somehow tell people things that happen to me, the things start happenening worse. But I need to know what's wrong with me. Let's begin from the beginning.
I was born on July 7th, and I'm hiding the year for personal reasons. I grew up having a pretty normal life, never in trouble, great grades etc. But there was this time when I was around 4, and I remember my childhood greatly, there was this closet in my room. You know those wood sliding doors? The ones that have those swirls on them? Well, when I started seeing things happened in that room. I started seeing faces when I wake up, moving in the swirls. I know it wasn't a dream, and I know that I saw at least SOMETHING. Just to say, right now, there is a same kind of closet next to me, but it doesn't bother me.
See, I will state some things that also happened to me, other than that closet incident. For some reason, I have always been terrified of my room. I NEVER liked sleeping in my rooms, for some reason I always felt trapped. I have also lived in a few houses in my life. One house I always slept in the living room, and watched this sheet (we used it as a door) and see it move back and forth during the middle of the night. Note, there was no windows in that room. And I slightly remembering hearing SOMETHING from that room, I just don't know what. Mainly, I will just list things now, because I don't want people to skip this because it's a long story. I want people to help me understand what's wrong with me. Or maybe I'm just normal. Or crazy.
Things that has happened:
-Sensed something near me, dangerous. This happened from when I was little to now. As I have said, when I speak of these things, it happens.
-I see people in the mirror. At one time, I even saw my own reflection smirk at me. I ran out of that room.
-I have contacted spirits before, in front of one of my good friends who witnessed me talking to it. I was telling it not to let me turn on this piano keyboard that was plugged in, and it didn't turn on, then I toold it to let me and it did.
-I see people in graveyards, but just black flashes of them.
-I once saw, and sometimes see, this big black figure. It has claws. And it caused me to, again, stay out of my bedroom due to scratches happening on my legs. I do NOT like this one. I screamed at it many times.
-I can sometimes know what people are thinking.
-I know what moods people have.
-I sometimes can tell whats happening in the future. Things that happen a week from now, or 5 minutes from now.
-I see black shadows in my dream. They terrify me.
-I have NEVER used a ouija board, nor will I ever.
I honestly don't know what else to put. I just feel that I'm in danger ALL THE TIME. I feel BAD things 80% of my time. The other 20% is just normal feelings or good feelings. This puts so much stress on me that I just give in, and it makes me think bad things, things that I don't want to think. And lately, I'm terrified of mirrors. Not because of me, but because I tend to see other things. My dad has also had experience of seeing the shadow people that I now see a LOT. These things have caused me to be terrfied of the dark. If anyone can relate, or at least TRY to tell me whats wrong with me, please do. Could it all be in my imagination?....

I also hear things randomly, out of no where most of the time.

I also hope that this is in the right thread.

#2 PA Paranormal Association

PA Paranormal Association

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Posted 19 July 2012 - 05:32 PM

You're obviously sensitive and need guidance controlling and understanding it. I suggest confiding in someone that you trust will believe you and will keep it confidential. If you don't know of anyone, perhaps try to find a spiritual group in your area or if nothing else works, perhaps find a paranormal team in your area, they may know of a medium or someone else that can guide you. This is a great website to find a paranormal team in your area. Search by state. www.paranormalsocieties.com

I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Pray and meditate in the meantime.

PA Paranormal Association
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Posted 12 November 2012 - 01:09 AM

I just read your story, and was compelled to write a response. I to can sense people's feelings. If people are open to letting me sense them I can feel there fears or happiness or even pain. It all depends on how much they trust me and how far they will let me go. But as I was reading ur story I found that it was playing with you. I don't know if you know how bad spirits work or demonic. Not saying you have any of these. But they work the same. But if you fear or stress or provoke these spirits you are giving them energy that's what they want. Basically what I am saying is they will appear in ur closet to make you scared or play tricks in ur mirrors to scare you. Obviously this has been going in for a while and what ever is doing it is feeding off of you. Because you say it's getting worse. The first thing I would do us start telling it to stop to go away. Don't look for it because you will find it. Try to stop any thing that stresses you out also if there is negative energy in ur house parties anger so on so on it's another thing to help what ever it is get stronger. If this spirit is abusing you or anyone in ur house hold I think you should start looking for someone to come in and help you. If it is physically harming you it's there and it's not good. But tell it go away to stop. It helps

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 04:34 AM

Lucky, you, you should carefully nurture your gifts.

Take my hand and we'll go riding through the sunshine from above

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