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Evil Spirit in the House

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Posted 08 August 2003 - 08:32 PM

This is not my own encounter but a friends so I will call
him John.John had just mooved into a rental house in a country town to be closer to his new job. The first week he was there he said nothing happened but said that the place had a very uneasy feeling about it particularly in the back part of the house which had been built first and then the rest was added onto in later years.Second week John woke one night to the sight of two lights hovering at the end of his bed but he put this down to being half asleep and imagination. I dont know how long after that this next event took place but all up he was in the house three weeks so it was probably a couple of nights later that he was suddenly woken by the feel of a pair of hands around his throat strangling him and holding him down on the bed he described it as being that strong that he could hardly break free but he did and jumped up out of bed to see that there was no body there that was visible.This was enough for him and he left the house in the middle of the night and spent the night in his car. the experience shook him up that much that in the next few weeks he started to look like an old tramp unshaven and scruffy. He contacted someone who was experinced in this sort of encounter and she told him that at certain times in the cycle of the moon these things are more active than others and he had encountered a really bad spirit. I always think to myself thank god it was him and not me I would probably still be lying there in sheer terror.

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