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New here and skeptical

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Posted 30 July 2003 - 09:28 AM

I find the topic of the supernatural interesting, but have a hard time believing some of the things mentioned on this site.  As I look at this site and others I've been amazed to find I haved lived in some supposedly "haunted" locations.  I've yet to see anything to support the claims of people oon most of these sites.

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Posted 30 July 2003 - 10:26 AM

Id like to welcome you to Ghost Village  JJB.

Skeptical points of view are welcome here . We are dealing with believing not science.

Paranormal phenomenon is pseudoscience at best to this point.

Its a matter of perception to some degree.

Ive been investigating hauntings and such for 11/12 years and have found 97% of what Ive encountered explainable through proper research and investigation . On the other hand, there is that 3%. In those years Ive seen too much of the 3% to be able to easily discount it .

I seek the truth about the 3% .  

I have seen skeptics so closed minded that they wont even acknowlege the 3%. Its simply a case of not being able to please all the people all the time.  ;D

I hope you decide to stay around and offer some input . I learn alot from skeptics . They help me to look where Ive yet to realize I even need to take a peek.

One thing is for sure . This entire thing is a process and like science , information constantly changes.

Many of the truths that we cling to depend greatly upon our point of view.Posted Image

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Posted 30 July 2003 - 01:50 PM


Why don't you register and stick around for awhile?   Your thoughts and viewpoint are welcome here. In fact, even a believer should have a skeptical eye when reviewing "paranormal" experiences.  Eliminate the mundane, then look at what's left. ;)

btw  I'm a Believer and I don't believe everything on this site either  *LOL* ;D
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Posted 30 July 2003 - 07:11 PM

Hi JJB, and welcome to gv.I really hope you will take a moment and register with the site and post with as many questions as possible. Some can be answered and some cant but who knows unless we ask.

If you are looking here for proof then you are barking up the wrong tree. You are the only one that can prove or disprove what you believe or disbelieve. You will see things here that seem to be very far fetched and some that are just down right unbelievable. You are the one to make that determination for yourself. Please join us and we can learn from each other. You stated that you are interested and that is the way to get started. Hope you come back and hang around.
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Posted 30 July 2003 - 11:13 PM

you re welcome JJB. You will need to post your opinions here so that we also can share the knowledge! See a around

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