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my daughter sees "monsters" I need advice!

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Posted 11 February 2010 - 12:45 PM

Hi I agree that a child should feel safe in their home. I have seen children like your daughter before. Some could legitimately see spirits. Most children grow out of it, you’re daughter might as well. I understand the psychic that you were seeing said that she wouldn’t, but they are sometimes wrong. You are doing the right thing being supportive.
I understand wanting to believe what she is telling you is true. But, I have also see children that are emotional or mentally troubled that believe that they are seeing spirits. No parent wants to admit this but the ones that go the help they needed have been able to function normally. It could be fine now but as she inters school and is away from you keep a close eye on how well she is able to interact with other and in school. If she has several problems you may want to consider counseling.
You might want to consider setting up cameras and recorders. This will just give you tangible proof of what your daughter is seeing. It could also help your daughter later if she begins to feel like an outcast or that she is losing her mind. I know it’s a little creepy to film someone while they sleep. But I could bring peace of mind later.
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Posted 11 February 2010 - 08:16 PM

My daughter is gifted as well and saw her first spirit of a cat at Nana's house. It scared her so much she came running and screaming. Nana was her babysitter and her cat had just been hit by a car. She described the cat but it was a cat with many different colors.

Children like all of ours see many things that they don't know is different from our sight. I started dating a man and the first time I met his son I knew he was "gifted". I asked him what colors he sees around me. He answered "Blue". He then started talking about the colors around everyone and how he chose his friends by what colors they were. The mean kids had dark colors. I explained that not everyone sees these colors/the aura. His remark was "oh, I thought everyone could see it". So you see, there are many things that our children can see and do and we don't know until something comes up to tell us different. We as the parents have the responsibility of learning about the Indigo and Crystal Children and understanding them. It's not just school, friendships and peer pressure anymore, it's dealing with the Spiritual/Metaphysical. I do agree with Kira reading will help. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is understanding.

Support, love and understanding is what we can give our children when they are going through their experiences.
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