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The Restoration Continues at Dr Smiths old House.

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Posted 31 January 2006 - 03:56 AM

Well, several months ago my mom bought an old house/manor in a small town that rides the border of the Carolina's. I've posted the details and an intersting pic in the Spiritgraphy section a little over a month ago. While both my mother and I are sensitive, this house gives us no impressions. Though anyone has yet to spend a complete day there.

Built in the 1920's by a prominent doctor in the area, it has been kept in there family until it was purchased by my family. While well maintained and taken very good care of, paint, wall paper, and wood floors need some work after 80 plus years of use.

Every fixture in the house is orignal. Lights, Lamps, Sconts, knobs, doors, Hell even the Wall Paper in 80 percent of the house was put on the plaster walls in 1928. The important matters have been updated...Most of the wiring, plumbing, and the oil fired steam boiler all pretty new.

These last few weeks we've been cleaning, taking down wall paper, redoing the kitchen (the only room that needed Real attention)

Saturday, The family (consisting of my 3 sisters, mom and dad, brother in law, and my girlfriend) did our usual weekend activities. Though this time my dad brought his Shelty (Miniature Collie) for my little sister to play with.

Everyone was busy, the dog was enjoying the room to run around in the west wing (where all of us were working at that time)

Well, the afternoon went on and my brother in law and I finished up painting one of the servants hallways and went into the back sitting room (which was in the central part of the house, butting up against the east wing).

With three diffrent entries into the back sitting room from other rooms and a big window, its a light and airy space. We broke out our paint trays, rollers ladders, took a few swigs from our beers (a requirement to paint) and started putting paint over the primer we had put on two weeks prior.

After about an hour, we heard my little sisters feet pounding the wood floors followed by Scooter (My dads dog). They were heading our way. Abbie, my little sister came running in from the Living room, through the sitting room and out the door leading to the Entry Hall. There was Scooter, about 20 Feet Behind her...tongue hanging out as he galloped through the Living Room. About 10 feet from the door leading to us, he stuck his front feet foward, lifter his head and tried screetching to a stop..Falling over just short of the door to the sitting room, he collected himself and croutched down snarling and growling with all his teeth exposed.

I have never seen this dog like this. He turned a shade of fierce that I didnt know a Shelty could.

He Started barking like hell was loose...looking up. I thought he was barking at something that was out the window, so I turned and looked...Nothing. For about 2 mintues he just growled, and barked crazily.

Then his gaze went up further and he started retreating back...still facing the door of the room we were in. He went back about 10 feet, never turning around..walking backwards. Then he broke and ran like the dickens out the family room, down the hall and to one of the other doors that led into the sitting room..doing the same thing...Growling and barking as fierce as he could..this time though he was looking at the door he had just ran from...not the window.

At that point Andy and I got a little nervous...We realized it wasnt anything outside he was barking at.. Once again, it seemed like what ever he was barking at was approaching him because his gaze got higher and he started walking backwards..never taking his eyes of what ever it was.

By this time my girlfriend, and mom got there to see what was going on.

Finally he broke and ran away.

Next Day, he would not go in that room either. Just would walk up..huff, wimper, walk backwards away from the door for several feet before turning his back to it. Did that several times.

What gave me and Andy goose bumps though was....knowing the fact that the room we were in used to be Dr Smiths "Home Office" were he did "Emergency" and "Late night" calls. Thats according to the neighbors..who are 90 and knew him, and his Son-In-Law (Who sold us the house). They said off his hours, he would take patients or cases at his home, and that was the room he did them in.

We found in the attic several framed dipolomas that were his, dating from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. An old medical cabinet, a few old medical tools of trade, and two baby coffins turned into chests...along with tons of other stuff.

Back to the Dog..The only reason I can think Scooter flipped out was because..someone was there that scarred him, and it wasnt either of us painters.

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Posted 31 January 2006 - 04:10 AM

An intresting encounter, Mercury. At times I wish humans had more sensitive senses!

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Posted 31 January 2006 - 10:18 AM

Interesting account Mercury. Shame theres not a Dog to English translation device out on the market to let you know what he was trying to say except that "Someones here and I don't like him/her!"
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Posted 08 February 2006 - 03:23 PM

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Merc. It always adds credibility to paranormal experience when you know a little history of the place. Hope to hear more! Thanks for the pics you posted, too . . . :whoohoo:
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