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Spiritual Connectedness

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#16 secretsign


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 04:47 AM

I beleive in predestination and election. The Bible says it very clearly in Ephesians 1:4-5.

There are people that are in your life for a reason. I use to believe in the law of attractions but I know things are already in place for a reason.

I work 2nd shift, that is always my regular shift. I haven't had to work a 3 shift in about 6 years.This week I have to do 3 nights on 3rd shifts.
My best friend's dad pasted away Thursday at 2am.
Saturday is he's visitation from 6 till 9 pm. When I normally would be working and wouldn't be able to go to his service, but I'm working 3rd shift and will be able to be there for my friend.
I think that is supernatural.
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#17 AnnieV


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Posted 14 July 2008 - 09:41 PM

Whoa...it's like 8:30 out here in Pennsylvania, and I kid you not, seeing the depth of thought in this topic really woke me up. I, though I am young and inexpirienced in many ways of the world, personally believe that, yes, all human beings--and even perhaps all life--are connected, through spirit.

Hey Alley...glad I could help you wake up and get the gears turning ;) Don't worry about your age, girl...I'm not all that ancient myself, at the ripe old age of 27, but I think I've come to accept that the search for spiritual answers is a lifelong journey. As long as you're already asking those questions, you're probably far ahead of most people in your age range.

I personally got a late start...I always vaguely wondered about things like this, but I wasn't raised with a specific set of beliefs (which I am thankful for in many ways, since it allowed me to seek out my own answers and search for what I believed in, rather than having others' beliefs imposed on me from a young age). I only began deeply questioning things of the spiritual variety when I was about 18 years old, and sometimes I can't believe how much knowledge I've gained over the last 9 or so years of active researching. So keep asking the questions! :angry:

Back on topic here...secretsign...I'm pretty familiar with the Bible and I recall that passage. In my own personal interpretation however, it is speaking specifically of salvation vs. damnation. I know it's a fairly controversial passage, bringing all kinds of other aspects of doctrine into it (i.e. If some of us are fated into that salvation, then why would God bother creating those who will not be saved? And then the questions of hell come about...would a God who is supposed to be loving and merciful, such as the God of the Bible, really create such a place and then, in essence, create people with full intentions to send them there? There's a big doctrinal issue with those two concepts, but that's for another thread I suppose).

Anyhow, do you think predestination applies to the rest of our lives as well? And then what of so-called free will? If all events (at least the major ones) in our lives are predestined, then what's the point of working at/toward anything if it's going to happen no matter what? Just curious of your opinions on this. Anybody else with opinons of their own, feel free to chime in ;)
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