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Who am I and What is going on?(long but please read!)

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Posted 10 October 2012 - 03:41 PM

I need some input. I'm 26 and I feel as if I have some sort of connection to the other side that I myself cannot seem to explain or understand. I feel very sensitive to many things- people,animals,nature,etc. You get the idea. I can sometimes feel pain or discomfort for another being.
I feel like everywhere I am cold. I have been tested 2x for anemia and things of that nature. I never feel alone. I feel like if I wanted to...I could easily communicate with spirits.

I didn't find myself "practicing" or "interested" in any of this until after my 20's. It became stronger as I matured.

The past 3 years I have lived in the old rent house and they recently started renovating it for me. I've come to find out that a woman owned the home years ago passed away and was a very peculiar person according to the neighbors. I've heard terrible things about her from honest and kind neighbors. Her initials are in the sidewalk outside of my home. Sometimes the llights will come on. Sometimes I get cold chills. I usually just ignore it and accept the fact that I am possibly sharing a space with someone I cannot see. As long as I am not harmed I am OK.

Then I realized... what if..this person or being had something to express or say and couldn't. What if they were trying to get my attention bc they can sense I would listen? How rude am I to just ignore it...?

A dear friend and I decided to do something "scary" for Halloween this year and we made our own Ouija board. I understand it is not a game and we planned to do it together and away from anyone who would take it as a joke. I have only participated once before and I am still unsure whether or not we made contact years ago.

ANYWAY! Sorry. So we sat down for a practice run with our new board...feeling positive.. just asking if anyone was around and wanted to communicate. Things seemed to go well. I video taped this occurance. I feel as if she and I were BOTH moving the planchette together....to where the spirit directed us. What I mean is the planchette could not move without using us as a tool .

The next morning I decided to sit down and watch the video expecting to see nothing but 2 girls and a Ouija board with not much success. What I found was surprising. There are neon green dancing dots on our planchette. They go from 1-2...to 7-8.. sometimes more.

Since that video I have recorded 3 more in the same location with the same candle lighting and table.

Last night the bf and I made a silly video of us just goofing around (without the Ouija board...just music). We were just recording ourselves being goofy and prank calling the neighbor. There was no intention to contact any spirits at this time..We played the video together afterwards...and surprise the neon green dots are back. Only this time they are on his right shoulder and there are several more. They move when his body moves...
It is hard to explain I will have to upload the video after work. They do not look like orbs. It almost looks like a pixelation problem... but the location of these dots makes me think otherwise.

I feel as if I have made a connection.I feel as if it is positive. I want to know who is there and who is trying to reach out. I'd like to help them if they need it. I'm excited to post the videos when I can.

#2 Jynx


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 08:21 PM

I kinda know what you are talking about being sensitive to people's feelings and pain. You may have a spirit in ur house and you maybe sensing this spirit. If they want to contact you or get ur attention they usually can some way or the other. I tell everyone that I have talked to that want to contact or find not to use certain techniques. And one is the Ouiji boards. People think that Ouiji boards are just a game that you can buy and they are safe. I don't like them because You can open doors and allow more then the spirit that you want in. What I'm saying is you can find more then what you are looking for like black entities or demonic. As for the green orbs spirits run on electrical and magnetic forces that the human eye can see but Movie Cameras and normal camera can pick up. So maybe you had contact that you didn't even realize. Cameras work like light vision like a mirror so when it captures a photo or image of a spirit it work like a mirror and reflect the image and the human eye doesn't see that so unless the spirit has the strength to manefest in front of you a movie camera could be a good way to see spirits. But in my opinion unless you know what to do and handle spirits and other entities it may not be in your best plan to go looking just let it happen if they want to contact they will. I will say it one more time if you go looking you may find more then what you are looking for. Hopefully some of this might help you. I like your experience I can't stop you for try to contact spirits but I can try to give you info on what could happen when you do.

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