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Would this make me a sensative?

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Posted 08 November 2009 - 02:44 PM

Ever since I was little, I've always had this eerie feeling when I walked into certain places.. it could be a house, or someones land, or a part of the woods out behind my grandpas house. I don't actually see the spirits. I've only seen maybe 3 in my whole life, but I get this terrified feeling, and panic feeling.. I get so scared I always run out of the house or I used to run back to my grandpas house, to hide. I would never stay. I went to this old house in Ohio once, it was a old bed and breakfast. As soon as I would walk in, I got an eerie feeling, and a terrified feeling.. almost like when you are watching a really scary movie by yourself in the dark... and I ran out of the house, and my parents just told me it was just closterphobia, since it was kind of small spaced hallways. Also about 15 years ago, my dad was renting this house out in the country.. This was when I saw my first spirit. I was sleeping in my bed, and I woke up and turned to the wall, where I saw a shadow, that was just watching me and my sister sleep. I thought it was my step-mom, who occasionly would come check on us before she would go to bed.. So I called her name, and there was no answer.. then I got a terrified feeling, and ran out of my room to find my step mom on the couch knitting..She asked me what was wrong, but I would never tell them, cause I never thought that they would believe me, but my dad says it kinda runs in the family.. Since he was always having different experiements when he was young. I still get those feelings every now and then, and always try to brush them off, or I will leave the house. I usually would get these feelings at my moms house. Her house had these big windows in every room... and for some reason it would always scare me to have these windows open. I would always close the curtains towards the backyard.. and I could never go into the backyard or my driveway by myself, I used to always take my dog if I ever had to go get anything out of my car.. and run back towards the house.. any ideas?

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Posted 08 November 2009 - 03:57 PM

Could be... could be other, rational explanations as well.

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