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A few questions about ghost?

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#1 bbabin5


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Posted 28 November 2009 - 08:53 PM

I understand that a theory out there is that Ghost or ghosts is caused by a tragic death? So the place of the tragic death could have a ghost right? So why do most ghost hunters (big and small groups) look in cemeterys for ghost ?considering people don't actually die in there? Why would ghost be there? Of course if tragic death occured in the cemetery I would understand but I don't think there are too many actual deaths that occur in the cemetery? Is it the whole object of attraction theory? Also when somebody says they caught something in a cemetery like a picture of an orb, mist, etc is this a spirit? An evp would be a spirit right? I think ghost are mostly residual? Other than being built over a previous home or place? WHy would a residual ghost be in a cemetery? I think it would be more intelligent right? If there are spirits in the cemetery then spirits must have the ability to travel right? I have read different views on this subject. I wanted to know what the village thought? thanks

#2 Zack Lemons

Zack Lemons

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Posted 29 November 2009 - 05:26 AM

First I never heard the "theory" of a tragic death creating ghosts. My church teaches that when we die, we move on to a higher plane of existence but remain on Earth. I know this for a fact, because I have seen spirits all of my life. We don't teach as other Christian churches that when you die you automatically are sent to Heaven or Hell.

So spirits are basically Earthbound on the astral plane. Many spirits tend to hang out in graveyards (I think waiting for visiting relatives). Some of them called shadow people, shades or specters seem be very distant, I get the idea they want to be seen but are protecting the graveyard or church from people who would harm it.

My group recently went to two houses that the men are accused of being serial killers. I found it no different than a grave yard. In fact, we have pictures of both orbs and shades hanging out as they do in graveyards. (you can see this in my signature link)

A good friend of mine picked up an EVP a few years ago in his kitchen. You can get spirits to talk inside your house if they are willing. Just turn off all electrical devices and put a MP3 recorder on the table set to record. Invite the spirit to talk to you. Ask questions and when you are done listen to the background. We amplify it using a PC.

We have gone to cemeteries but we also visit homes, factories, and I have a lighthouse scheduled for next month. The spirits that reside in my home don't bug me (for the most part) but they seem to be aware of my presence and I am certainly aware of theirs. A lot of dead inhabit this world they are everywhere.


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