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#31 MoonChild


    The One Within!

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Posted 16 August 2004 - 05:40 AM

Boy! I thought 6ft was tall! Posted Image

Take my hand and we'll go riding through the sunshine from above

#32 Alsie R.

Alsie R.

    Professional fist eater

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  • Interests:typical teenager...crazy, lazy, sarcastic chick with a lightning fast wit and temper. i am ALSIE GIRL! defender of truth, justice, and replacing the toliet paper roll!<br /><br /> seriously though. i like reading, writing, sleeping, rocking out, trying to find someone to sell my little sister to, and speech team.

Posted 16 August 2004 - 09:10 AM

Hi Guys,

Some interesting stuff coming through here.
I laughed loudly re the fist in mouth incident Alsie, could i ask why you put your fist in your mouth in the first place. LOL
No worries Daewen, we are all friends here. :)

you really don't want to know.
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#33 babybear



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Posted 16 August 2004 - 10:24 AM

1.  I'm a capricorn
2.  I love learning new things.
3.  I believe that confidence is the most attractive quality in a person (of course there is such a thing as being too confident).
4.  I am a huge animal lover, and my two cats are my children.
5.  I really don't understand racism...I mean aren't we all built the same!!!
6.  I am a business professional.
7.  I am madly in love with my boyfriend and we have been together for 6 years.
8.  This website is really fun and interesting.  Everyone seems really friendly!
9. I am the godmother to two amazing little kids...Cody and Alysa!!!(I love you guys)
10.Believing in the afterlife makes the thought of death more bearable.

#34 the_dude


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Posted 16 August 2004 - 02:11 PM

Bad think about being tall is those darn hanging lights and ceiling fans!! Don't watch where you are going and you will have an out of bady experience!! :)

#35 earth_spirit


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Posted 16 August 2004 - 02:36 PM

1.  I'm a typical Virgo
2.  I joined the Air Force when I was 17 and spent 20 years on active duty.
3.  I was married to my ex-wife for twenty seven years.  
4.  I lived in Germany for three years.
5.  I've traveled all over North America, South American, Asia, Africa and Europe.
6.  I'm related to Calvin Coolidge (whoopee!)
7.  I once came within a thousand feet of being in outer space.
8.  My first paranormal experience occurred in my great-grandmother's house after she died.
9.  I have three cats:  Mikey (he'll eat anything), Tommy (as in Tomcat) and Lacy (named after Lacy J. Dalton).
10. I wish my 8th grade science teacher, Mrs. Lingo, had been as cool as modelcitizen.
The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit -- Nelson Henderson

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#36 Mykiedave


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Posted 16 August 2004 - 05:57 PM

Bad think about being tall is those darn hanging lights and ceiling fans!! Don't watch where you are going and you will have an out of bady experience!! :)

On of my best friends is a side show performer who was featured in the movie "Big Fish" He was the giant who exploded out of the bax and then breated fire. His stage name is George the Giant. I love watching people when he stands up or walks by. He's SEVEN FOOT FOUR INCHES TALL and wishes he had size 16 feet  ;D
Posted Image

This is George with my Daughter-in-law
Growing old is mandatory... growing UP is optional.I didn't say it was YOUR fault, I SAID I was going to BLAME you.The nice thing about being Senile is, I can hide my own Easter Eggs.Posted Image

#37 AllyLoveLove


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 01:36 PM

Bump. These are fun to read. ;)

#38 Lilacgirl


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 02:30 PM

These are fun to read!!!!! Let me see........

1. I'm a Capricorn, born on Christmas Eve
2. I don't ever remember not being into the "paranormal"
(I really don't care for that term personally), because
all my life I've had inexplicable circumstances occur!!!!
3. I LOVE to travel!
4. My favorite place to visit is Great Britain
5. I love vintage cars
6. I love flowers and gardening, esp. Lilacs!
7. I'm a singer, I used to be a ballerina
8. I'm single, because my "soul mate" (don't really
like that term either...it's over used) passed away.
9. I've been lucky enough to meet and work with the
person I've had a "crush" on since I was a little girl
10.I love to learn about history, esp. anything to do with
ancient Egypt, Native American, and my favorite, Great
11. Sorry, I have to add one more, because it's a big part
of my personality.....I'm a hopeless romantic, and it
shows up in everything I do, from the clothes I wear to
the songs I sing, to the books I read (2 favs Great Gatsby,
The Scarlet Letter) etc.

#39 MrGrey


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  • Interests:Guitar, mountain biking and general fitness, and ofcourse anything supernaturel, and now also Red vs Blue.

Posted 21 September 2004 - 02:41 PM

Im a sagitarian
Im an Ex- rugby player (due to me smashing my knee up when i got tackled a few years ago, but still play for fun)
I like to go mountain biking and general fitness
I love all animals - dog lover
I play the guitar
i live in a small village surrounded by mountains, the nearest city is 30 miles away ( to imagine what it looks like just think of Hobbiton :D )
I love my gadgets
Im interested in photography
When i was younger i wanted to be an animator and someday work for Pixar (But that didnt excactly work out :P Im still young enough to work on that ;) )
At the moment im having women troubles with someone in my work place :lol: ............ :(
I've written a screenplay about a year ago but havent had the guts to show it to anyone :D

thats about it i think ;)
You're sorta stuck where you areBut, in your dreams you can buy expensive cars,or live on mars and have it your wayAnd you hate your boss at your jobwell in your dreams you can blow his head offin your dreams show no mercy]Posted Image

#40 Lilacgirl


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 05:23 PM

Mr Grey,
You should get your screenplay out there. Always follow your dreams!
I live by that, and I've had many of my dreams come true! :lol:
I bet your screenplay is wonderful :D

#41 Guest_Crone_*

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Posted 21 September 2004 - 10:53 PM

1. I'm a Leo

2. I consider chocolate a food group :)

3. I'm single (Lost my husband to cancer 8 years ago)

4. I have no children of my own, but am Aunt to about 15 kids (some related, some not....one weekend I had 11 of them at my house from Friday through Sunday! :blink: )

5. I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower

6. I'm a hopeless romantic

7. I love crafts, especially crochet

8. I used to sing in a women's barbershop chorus

9. I have grey roots

10. I belong to a group called the Blue Dragons. We do local Renaissance Faires, and we fight with broad swords :)

Bonus 11. I'm an active member in our local paranormal research group.

#42 kats_god


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Posted 22 September 2004 - 12:10 AM

1.i am a virgo

2.i live in michigan, usa

3.i am an artist

4.i am male

5.i love scary movies

6.i think the crow is the greatest movie ever made

7.i just turned 31 :)

8.i love good ghost stories

9.i seem to be haunted :unsure:

10.i have 2 tatoos
Check out my artwork at: http://www.jimdemick.com/
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"There are some things money can't buy...A good imagination is one of them

#43 Redhead


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 02:59 PM

Here, Moon, I'll go next:

1. I am Gemini, born on a Friday the 13th.
2. I am my husband's 4th wife, married 14 years
3. I love needlework, especially counted cross stitch.
4. I knit for charity.
5. I love to read, and am in a book club.
6. I have three dogs, one cat, and several gold fish.
7. I grew up in a haunted house.
8. I enjoy cooking and collect recipes from everyone I can (hint!!)
9. Lots of people call me mom because they feel comfortable coming to me with all their problems and woes.
10. I love watching movies and television.
"Never wrestle with a pig. All you get is dirty and the pig has all the fun." ~ Anon.

#44 Angels_from_Heaven



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Posted 26 October 2004 - 10:41 AM

I'm a Pisces
I'm 34
I have two kids
I love comedy movies
I am a very talkive person
great sense of humor

I like to read
I live in Kentucky USA
I am not a hillbilly...lol
I have 3 tatoos!!!
Posted Image

#45 MidGaParanormal


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Posted 26 October 2004 - 09:25 PM

1) I'm a Sagittarius

2) I'm a Certified Paranormal Investigator

3) I founded my own Paranormal Research group

4) I served just over 4 years in the Army.

5) Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom

6) I'm currently a Lineman with Pike Electric Inc.

7) six feet tall

8) 185 pounds

9) short brown hair, blue eyes

10) Very Unhappily married.

Anything else?
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