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Creepiest Adventure

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#1 erna_butter


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 03:50 AM

I was just wondering...what with some of you going out looking for ghosts and the unknown, What was your creepiest adventure?

I myself haven`t had one that was creepy...maybe a little freaky but nothing compared to some of the things that I am sure go on..... :huh:

please indulge B)
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#2 Camille


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 11:13 AM

Two years ago, I went exploring at a small section of Ohio called "Hell Town." It is part of a park system that consists of closed roads and abandoned houses (the government acquired the property by eminent domain). People for years have passed around this legend involving "strange cults" occupying the abandoned land.

So, I went to check it out with my hubby. As we were driving down one of the abandoned roads, we came upon this person walking in the middle of the road. He was tall and wore this white hooded coat. Couldn't see his face, even though he turned to stare at us as we drove past.

Once we got to our destination, we started hiking along the road to an abandoned farm house. Before I knew it, this guy was walking behind us.

He followed us the whole way, but didn't make a noise or say anything. We walked down a trail to the house. He continued to follow us.

As we went up the path to the door of the house, he stopped and just stood there. As I was taking pictures and notes, he continued to stand there and just stare at us. After checking out a barn, I noticed that he turned around and continued to walk down the road we came from.

We then left, and walked down the road back to the car. However, when I turned around, he was there again!! He followed us back to the car and watched us as we left.

I know that this guy may have been just someone hiking along, or maybe he was a local checking to see what we were doing. I don't know. But it sure was creepy. :unsure:
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Posted 14 December 2004 - 11:34 AM

Well, this realy isn't a "ghost hunting adventure" it was more of a "just something to do adventure".
Myself and some friends decided to go up the mountain to the old train tunnels to see the view. I'd heard it was haunted but didn't think much of it, after all there are ghosts everywhere.
Anyway, the story go's that 100 men died for every mile of train track in this location. Also there was a cave in ( or a crash ) in the second tunnel.... Basically what I'm saying is a $%# load of people died on this track, especially in the second tunnel.
My friends and I made it up the mountain and through the first tunnel. We stopped to get out and look down on the city, get some fresh air and all that.
I found myself to be shaking and my eyes where watering, then I got a sick/ paranoid feeling like someone was sneeking up behind me. When I turned around to look into the first tunnel I saw shadows moving around in the darkness. So, I looked around to see where my friends were and all were acounted for with me. I asked one of them if they saw anything in the tunnel. He looked into it and pointed at the same thing I was looking at and called out to see if anyone else was there. No answer. At that point we decided it would be best to get in the truck and leave. The second he started the truck it began to lose power. It made it to the crossroads and died. And I mean DIED, not out of gas, not stalled, died. So we sat there for a while trying to figure out what to do, all the while strange shadows and lights moving around the truck when the truck starts to roll backwards to our horror. The driver frantically tried to start the truck one more time and it started.... With no power!! How? I don't know. There was no power steering, the radio didn't turn on, the heat didn't turn on but the engine ran and somehow got us back to town....
Well there you have it. That was my adventure. :ph34r:

#4 kats_god


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 01:34 PM


Check out my artwork at:http://www.jimdemick.com/
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Posted 14 December 2004 - 02:52 PM

We found something out that was rather distrubing a few years ago:

One of the first times we had visited Barclay Cemetery in the depths of the mountains, we passed an old ford truck coming from the dead end road to the cemetery. This is extremely unusual due to the fact that #1 it was 1 in the morning, and #2 you usually don't see anyone on the mountain at all.

Come to find out, a local murder had occurred in which a man was shot to death, and his body was dumped down a little trail at the edge of barclay cemetery....the same night we were there.

The suspect was later apprehended in an old ford truck two weeks later.

We not only passed the murderer, but investigated a cemetery with a dead body in it. Nick even tried to get us to go down that trail with him on that particular night, but we declined because it seemed to be nothing but an old four wheeler trail.
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#6 lulaboo


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 11:39 PM

My creepiest adventure involves a trip made in mid October of this year to Falls Creek Park in Pendleton, Indiana...

"STORY" has it that back in the forties a young couple had been chasing eachother on the bridge in the park which crosses the creek...
the girl somehow tripped on her skirt, fell over the side of the bridge hit her head on a rock and died almost immediately. the boy dove in to rescue her but "witnesses" say it appeared her lifeless body held him under the water and he drowned...

"SUPPOSEDLY" to this day some say they hear the tragedy and others claim to see it...needless to say i cant validate what some say or others see...
the reason for this is there areTWO bridges at the park
one is a long thin wooden bridge which crosses the deeper part of the creek..
(could be the possible spot i could imagine of the young lovers demise)
the other is a very large concrete multiple arched structure which--and at the time of my visit--crossed only a few inches of water
(which happened to be the focal point of the trip...the areas beneath the bridge are supposed to be notorious for practices of the worst magic, alongside the usual suicides etc... theres also rumor as the park is set in a wooded area with few flat foot paths cleared for walking that theres some creature or ape like being that roams around the wooded area)

MY EXPERIENCE: (as the other four had been there at least one time already)
my husband three friends of ours and myself had decided to pay a visit and see if we could catch any pics and evps. AS we were driving down the road which takes us to the parks parking lot...(still some distance away)...i had a strange chill, pointed over to my right and asked "its over there isnt it?" (inadvertently giving two of our friends THE FEAR because it was the first time i pointed out a "ghost" site with them in witness--my husband and other friend are used to it :rolleyes: )

once we got parked and made our way through the wooded area i was holding the only camera taken on the trip as well as the tape recorder i had an "unusual"feeling, i'll call it, i know it had more to do with the ambience of being in a relatively dark woods at night (but it did much to put me in my ZONE and when im there i honestly have no concept of time nor distance)
i simply decided to snap a few pictures as we made our way to the clearing and bridge... once i had gotten to the clearing i began to feel very disoriented and noticed much - well basicly everything in my field of vision had become vaguley distorted (almost as if i had stepped into an "unreality" disguising itself as the usual surroundings? if anyone can relate to that?)...
i figured i must have been seeing things so i turned around and walked back twoards the wooded area,took a few deep breaths, counted to ten, turned back around and slowly walked back to the clearing...after about ten paces i stopped...
i can only think that perhaps i was looking at the veil itself and seeing both sides of life (i can honestly tell you guys i had never before felt such an honor to see anything quite that beautiful)...it was far easier to get my bearings the second time i got into the clearing... i spent some time gazing around enjoying the literal beauty of the other(?) nature...it was after this that i noticed into the hill directly to my left one of the concrete supports of the bridge (large and trapezoidal in shape) and being rainy a for a few days...there was a large rectangular water stain that had still yet to dry...it was the blackest color of deep empty black i had ever seen and i felt more than saw that it was an opening...
i couldnt help but to stare because i knew there was far more to it than that and if i could just keep looking perhaps just a little harder... it was at that moment that i heard a very low short stern growl and something blacker still hadmade a step in advance to block my view ...i understood right then what he meant by that!
i was allowed to see somethings but not everything and he wasnt sure if he liked me seeing even that much because he didnt know if i was a threat.
it was simply the instinctive language from that growl that i understood...felt quite natural and i experienced no fear..i simply knew my curiousity got the better of me so i held my place but looked down until he felt comfortable with my being there...(and i say my being there because i asked all the rest once our trip was done if they experienced anything too unusual and they hadnt)
once i was given the "you can stay just remember your place little mortal ;)
o.k." i knew it would be asking a bit but i asked if it was allright to take only one photo of the place i did and wouldnt know for a few weeks if anything would show up
i suppose maybe ten minutes would pass before one of my friends asked for the camera (which seemed to vaguely snap me out of my ZONE) i handed him the camera and as he took some pictures I noticed that the veil was steadily being pulled back. took me a moment to get my bearings again but i began to have a very distressed uneasy feeling about that happening (and because i had remained pretty much in the left most area for all of that time...i realized it was the area off to my right that had me uneasy couldnt imagine why at the time so i took a few steps in that direction...
and not out of the corner of my eye... i was looking right at them...three black human torso shaped figures complete with heads (no faces no eyes no anything) pulling themselves along with thier arms and heading in my direction...
in all my thirty one years ive NEVER seen anything that caused me to jump back and gasp in repulsed horror (WAY BEYOND THE FEAR AT THAT POINT) but jump back and gasp i did. luckily they stopped at the third archway from me i seemed they werent allowed to come any closer. wasnt much longer before i could imagine a good reason to get outta there (my adrenaline rush was so intense that i was beginning to come to the ridiculous conclusion that i could take those things on and win! :) ) lotta laughs that would have been...
needless to say the visit ended and we got out of there took some pics of the woods on our way out...(and i decided i wasnt going back there unless it was broad daylight and i had myself a wooden stake :D)
UNFORTUNATELY...none of the woods shots came out my friend was taking pics of the grafiti on the inside of the arch ways they didnt turn out...the only one that did turn out was the one that i asked to take but its just of the closest arch to me at the time, theres nothing else on it ...evp's didnt come out i think i had the volume off...but i do have this cool and creepy as all get out experience to share with you all...plus a wooden stake cuz the guys want to go back... :blink:
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#7 erna_butter


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Posted 15 December 2004 - 02:23 AM

whoa, very interesting, when i said indulge me , you guys really did ...lol

thx for the stories, anyone else wanna take part in this?
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#8 MoonChild


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Posted 25 December 2004 - 01:55 PM

wow, they are creepy stories!

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#9 Axman


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Posted 25 December 2004 - 02:24 PM

I lived in an older cabin once that had some strange occurances. One night, lights turned on and off by themselves. The next morning while standing in the kitchen making breakfast and coffee, the kitchen window cranked closed by itself. We checked the window to see if there was anyway it could have been pushed by wind or something but found no possible way. The darned thing just closed while the crank turned. To close that window it had to be cranked!!! I felt uneasy after that and couldn't even use the bathroom after dark. To get to the bathroom one had to walk past the kitchen. I didn't stay there long, I moved out after 2 months.
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#10 MadwomanSpirit


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Posted 25 December 2004 - 06:36 PM

I had a very creepy one once in the basement of my b/f's dorm. I was doing his wash for him, and the whole basement was freezing, save a small area, where I was able to see my breath. I became extremely upset and sad and started to cry, and found out later that the house had once been a brothel during the late 1800's, and that a girl had her throat slit down there. It was my first and hopefully last case of emotional transference. :(

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Posted 26 December 2004 - 12:41 AM

my daughter went to a cemetery to take some pics for me on her way to work. When she arrived there she got out of her car shut the engine off but left the keys in the ignition. As she was walking up to a family burial plot she began to have cold chills and then the next thing she knew she heard the engine in her car start up and began reving itself . As she ran back towards the car the engine shutoff. She never has been able to explain why the car started up.
On Halloween night her and I went to a house that my husband had been to putting in new plumbing, the house was being renovated some people had bought the home and wanted everything redone, because the house had originally been built in 1852. My husband had come home and was telling us about this house that him and another guy he works with were the only 2 people at the house that day and they were working in the yard at the time puttin in a new waterline. But while they were working outside they could hear someone in the house moving around.
I didn't really believe him at first so my daughter and I drove out to this house which is way out in the country and we were walking around outside a snapping pics and my daughter kept asking me if I heard anything and I didn't until we moved around to the north side of the house and you could hear like some one was banging on something metal with a hammer, but no one was there except us. So we decided to go back on halloween and as we pulled up in the yard I became very apprehensive and when we got out of the car we could feel someone watching us but there was no one there. I told my daughter that it was time to get back to the car and get the h---- out of there. I hope to go back sometime and speak with the new owners to see if they have had any unusual things happen to them.

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 05:05 AM

and to update...
because we did go back to Falls Creek Park :ph34r: unfortunately it was over before it started! or maybe not you be the judge.

first off i had a bad feeling about going but withheld my opinion for some odd reason :rolleyes: ( i did honestly want to go back but under better conditions
during the day,with a group of twenty or so persons all of whom would be equipped with the latest advancements in automatic weaponry...maybe a nuclear powered flame thrower heck! id have settled for a simple sherman tank...)
needless to say the horror i experienced during the last part of my first visit was still fresh in my mind...which didnt help much to form a relatively positive attitude on the drive there. fact of the matter is just about everything i saw and experienced before we even actually got there furthered my ideas of IMPENDING DOOM!

1. decided to make the trip at night (hadnt i specified daytime?)

2. the small army was comprised of my husband our friend and myself (luckily somebody remembered to bring her wooden stake :) )

3. driving under a train bridge (not far from the parks parking lot) to get there i got chills and just wanted to scream.

4. once we got parked i did a check on the camera (which was working fine before we left and just to be sure we put in new batteries before the trip)
the crazy thing started acting like it was posessed and then zip went dead.

5. i had a really bad feeling something was staring right at us from behind in the park proper (even if we were still in the car) and because of that someone had the WONDERFUL idea to make a trip to a nearby gas station to get more batteries so we could come back to get pics!

returning from the gas station lovely that the newly purchased batteries worked...

6. under that bridge again and oooh boy! lookit the train scooting along(instantly my mind was filled with images of that bridge collapsing whilst we were under it--smooshing us like bugs in the process...) by the time we got back to the park i was inclined to suspect we were going to die

7.checked the camera again the stupid thing worked that time we were out of the car and on our way back to the site... i again had the feeling we were being watched and not only that but followed as we walked along one of the footpaths which were quite slikced and muddied up as it had been raining the day before...(made the walk somewhat difficult)

8.about a quarter of the way to our intended destination along the footpath we walked (which obviously was wide enough to drive a small truck through) my husband pointed out the fact of tire tracks which had cut deep grooves in the mud as well as dogs prints (for some odd reason he was under the impression that i could tell what breed of dog had left the prints if i had a closer inspection of them) i decided to humor him and got down to look and have a feel of the print to see how deep they were (on sight i could only guess it was a larger dog cus the prints were deep)...

soon as i had my finger in the print my mind was filled with images of some oversized fang faced and slobbering sharp clawed and shredding monster jumping out from the trees which lined the path yanking the driver and all his drunk buddies from the vehicle and doing god knows what to 'em and then eating that poor dog...what did it do with the car? i wasnt about to stay long enough to find out (and despite i understood then it was a case of overactive imagination...i had sooner figured it was better not to take chances :( )

i just stood back up and said "no were leaving NOW!" had to shout now cuz i was already turned around and heading back in the direction we came
the guys were pretty hasty to follow and i couldnt really explain anything to them till we got back to our friends house (and even putting the distance between us and that place wasnt enough to aleviate the very bad feeling i had) literally had to be sedated and it still took me a few days to shake that bad feeling it also took me a few weeks before i felt comfortable enough to even mention it again and im still getting chills just thinking about it

so why do i still want to go back as soon as the weather warms up? who knows! but ill let you all know how that visit turns out and hopefully next time ill have a bit more than a story to share. ;)
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Posted 28 December 2004 - 09:49 AM

Unfortunately, this turned out to be interesting, but not scary. My family (husband and child) and I took a slight detour on our annual Bristol, TN vacation to check out the Bell Witch Cave in Adams TN. I was very stoked for this adventure, Since I am a fan of the paranormal, but never had any experiences. First off, the town is very creepy, very Mayberry and old fashioned. The people are very nice. Chris Kirby is the owner of the Bell witch farm, and She is a very good tour guide.

We started with a tour of the "cabin" As we were sitting on a bench listening to her tell the story of the Bells, the winds picked up like crazy - The cabin is open so the wind is just howling through the place, stuff is falling off shelves and doors are slamming against the walls - at this point I was getting a little nervous, but Chris explained that their were storms comming in, so I shouldn't get too jumpy.

Chris has a stereo that plays sounds like the Bells "heard" when the haunting was taking place - She would use a remote to switch it on and off when needed. After the wind died down, the stereo went dead and all the power went out. Ok - This was getting interesting. We proceeded to the upstairs of the cabin, without the stereo for background. I told Chris that it was fine, my 4 year old was getting scared anyways, so just go ahead with the story.

As she continued to tell the story a large "bang" came from behind a bed that was in a roped off area, my husband jumped and so did Chris. For some reason, that noise didn't register with me. At that time, my daughter deceided that was enough and wanted to go down. We did.

Chris finished her story and we started on the path to the cave. She gave us some background on the land (Indian burial ground) and began to tell us the storys of the strange occurrences in the cave. We entered in the cave and again my daughter started to complain she didn't want to go - Which is unusual because this is not the first cave we have explored - We have been to different caves in the past and she adores them!

Being the nice mommy I am, I convince her that it's ok and make her go on ......

I have a digital camera, so I took quite a few pics, but got nothing. I also didn't feel anything except creeped out by these huge spiders that are in there.

Has anyone been there and what were your feelings? I would like to go back some day, just to try it again.

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