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Investigate the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, WI

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Posted 26 November 2010 - 10:10 AM


Come investigate the historic, beautiful and extremely haunted Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!!

Available Dates:
Saturday January 22, 2011
Saturday March 12, 2011

6pm to 8am

$75.00 (6pm to 8am)


The SWPRG will be hosting this event along with the owners of the Brumder Mansion, Tom & Julie Carr and the Brumder Staff. The SWPRG's extremely sensitive and specialized equipment will be set-up and running when you arrive. Members of the SWPRG will be available on-site to explain the equipment to you and will allow you to work with them on their ongoing investigation if you like.

Intrigued by the paranormal and want to experience something exciting.
Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters
Psychics and Sensitives
Skeptics and Non-Believers

An introduction class on paranormal research and investigation in the evening before the investigation begins. (If you have already taken the class at the Janesville Haunted Mansion and choose not to take it again, a second option will be provided)

Participation in a professional investigation with the SWPRG (half of the night).

Free roaming of the entire mansion (with the exception of a couple rooms) for half the night.

Use of the SWPRG’s handheld equipment for the entire investigation.

Dinner the night of the investigation.

Breakfast the morning after the investigation.

All the snacks and soda, coffee & bottled water you want.

You DO NOT get assigned a room for the night within the mansion. If you would like to reserve a room at the mansion for the Friday night before or the Sunday night after the event, please call the mansion directly at (866) 793-3676 and reserve your room separately.


Please send any questions to Jen@ParanormalResearchGroup.com.

You will be sent an email with all the information you will need to know about the night's events the Monday prior to your scheduled investigation date.

PEASE NOTE: You WILL be required to sign a Liability Waiver.

For more information on the Brumder Mansion, visit their website at: www.BrumderMansion.com
or http://www.hauntedho...der_mansion.cfm

Information about the Brumder Mansion and the on-going paranormal activity

Located at 3046 West Wisconsin Avenue, in Milwaukee, WI. sits this grand, 4 story, almost 8,000 square feet, 1910 red-bricked Victorian / Gothic / English Arts and Crafts style mansion which surely makes a glorious bed and breakfast. The house has been restored to its former glory. The first floor has all the rooms deemed necessary for a 1910 upper class family, including a parlor, living room, foyer, dining room, ballroom, library, large kitchen etc. The crown jewel in the dining room is the stunning, handcrafted stained glass tile fireplace, designed by Neideken; an interior designer who worked with Frank Lloyd Wright.

The main massive Gothic oak staircase takes the visitor up to the second floor and landing, which has 3 bedrooms / suites. Another staircase found on the second floor leads up to what were the servant’s quarters on the third floor, which has 3 rooms and the innkeeper's apartment. There are a total of 6 guest bedrooms, which are used for visitors to the Brumder Bed and Breakfast.

Restoration of a building to its original state, in combination with the influx of antique furniture and items, which once belonged to other folks, often greatly increases paranormal activity. Carol Hirschi, the previous owner of the Brumder, reported the first known paranormal experiences. Because there are no reports of spirit activity in the Brumder before Carol Hirschi bought the mansion, one can theorize that the spirits here are probably attached to some of the antiques and items found in the mansion. Sometimes, people are so attached to their belongings, that they don't wish to leave them to go to the other side.

The Main Staircase
Around 4 pm in the afternoon, when the mansion is empty, one can sometimes hear a man's footsteps coming down the main staircase, from the little office off the kitchen.

The Gold Suite
Susan/Aunt Pussy was mostly quiet in the first part of 2008, perhaps studying the new folks involved with the Brumder Mansion. It seems that this entity is still willing to be a good sport and go with the flow, as long as dogs are kept out of The Gold Suite, and light comes in through the windows. As we don't have any pets or dogs in the Brumder Mansion, she has been relatively happy, but still had some issues with the decor.

2008- When the curtains were taken down for a few days before the new curtains were hung, in The Gold Suite, it is thought that she was the entity who locked the deadbolt of the door from the inside, leading from the mud room into the entry way, locking out some guests, who had to call the Innkeeper to let them inside.

After a German marriage certificate in a large frame with a sturdy wire on the back was hung on the wall by Emma's room, it mysteriously lifted itself off the wall and crashed face down onto the floor, cracking the glass a little when no one living was around. There was nothing wrong with the wire, or the nails it was hung upon.
George's Room

2008- A staff member felt a cool breeze brush past her face and hair, and then billowed the curtain, as it breezed through the room. There was no logical explanation.

A regular guest during the winter months heard an unseen presence moving her medicine bottles around in her carry-on bag in the bathroom.

2009-The owners stayed in the George Room for a few weeks during the winter. Tom hung his belt up in the middle of closet. The next day, he looked and the belt was gone!!! A few days later, it reappeared in the closet, hanging right in the middle.

2009- A member of the cleaning staff was vacuuming the George's Suite, when the plug was pulled out of the wall. After our staff member put the plug back in, he /she watched in amazement, as an unseen force pulled out the plug again. After saying, "In the name of Jesus, stop!" The plug stayed in, after it was again put back in the socket, so the vacuuming could begin again.

Marian's Room
Recent activity reported by guests. Some think an entity of a young person haunts this room.

One of our visiting friends who slept in Marion's Room, was awakened by a presence who playfully bounced the bed a little to wake her.

Another visiting friend was in bed, watching TV, when the towel which was hanging securely on the hook, lifted itself off and fell to the floor. The gas fireplace was also on very low, but suddenly roared up and then down, as if some rascal was playing with the gas control.

One of our staff members was cleaning the floors, when the plastic framed emergency instructions slammed itself down on the whirlpool.

The Blue Room
Guests report that a small light sitting on the fireplace mantel turned itself on during the wee small hours of the morning.

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