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Lee Road Black Van

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Posted 15 June 2004 - 01:36 PM

This one is popular in Covington La, and I briefly investigated in a few years ago but never gained a solid lead. I became of the opinion that it was just a myth, but it's still a fun read none the less.

Lee Road is a very rural area in St. Tammany Parish that stretches through some very dense woods for about 5-10 miles. A person can very easily get lost in this area, especially at night. The legend goes that a group of Satanist hunt their victims on the deserted streets of the Lee Road area in a large black van. The van parks in a dark area and waits for the unsuspecting to come along. Then theyn give chase and force the driver off the road. At that point they kidnap the driver and move their car to a hidden location. The van has reportedly been spotted several times, creeping slowly along the many dark roads, most of the gravel, of the Lee Road area. As of yet, authorities have yet to capture the black van.

I personally never saw the van, but I've had an instance where it still woke me up at 3am.
I had told the story to a couple friends of mine at work once, and one of the guys lived near Lee Road. He told me that he'd keep an eye out for it and let me know if he ever saw it. Now, this guy was a skeptic all the way, he used to giggle everytime I'd mention ghosthunting. So, when he called me at home one night at 3am gasping and out of breath, I became a little alarmed.

According to my friend, he was parked out on one of Lee Road's most rural locales, tossing back a couple drinks. All of a sudden, bright head lights blinded him from behind. At first he thought it was the cops, but then reality hit home and he realized he was being flashed by a huge black van. Well, he froze up and didn't even flee, and the van slowly drove past. Well, he got his nerve back after it circled the corner, and he started to drive when all of a sudden the van turned the corner behind him and started to give chase.
My friend floored it and was able to make it to a gas station before the van was able to catch up to him.

He called me that night gasping and telling me that I was right, that there was a Lee Road black van.

Whether he was joking with me or not, it still made one heck of a good scary story, and now I've passed it on, enjoy!
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