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Who were you?

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Posted 07 April 2006 - 10:07 PM

I also believe i was on the titanic. When i was little I would refer to the time i almost drowned in cold water...My mom told me it never happened. I am so afraid of water i panic. My hubby tried to take me scuba diving in mexico. They let us off the boat as soon as i got in the water i started to have flash backs of people screaming and the cold and people in the water going under. I started to panic and my hubby had to help me back in the boat. We went to see the movie titanic in the theator we had spend the night at a hotel and we were drinking the night before. I did have a killer hangover and the sound surround was blarring. In the movie while the life boats went down they keep hitting the side of the boat and at times the people would scream like they were going to fall out of the boat. I leaned over to my hubby and said that was so scarey i almost fell out of the boat. The sound of the lifeboat hitting the titanic was awful and the scream of the people was worse than the movie....! He thought i was losing my mind. I didnt even know i was saying this till it came out of my mouth its like i didnt think! A few years ago i was looking over the titanic list and i noticed my daughters name on the list! First middle and last name was the same.. Could this of been me? Did i rename my daughter after my past life? I never seen the list till after she was born.
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Posted 10 April 2006 - 06:28 PM

Thanks for the link, Holly. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed reading that story the first time . . . and it always tickles me to read Mykiedave's posts again. Hmmm . . . I also noticed that I'd replied to that post and was going to relate an experience to you. I remember quite well what I was going to write about, and I still haven't done it yet. Thanks for the reminder!
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Posted 10 April 2006 - 07:50 PM

Here's a good book to read.
Many lives,many masters by Brian L. Weiss, MD
It is a true story.

Dr. Weiss is one of my heroes :weeee: It was after I read Many Lives Many Masters that I started getting a very serious interest in regressive hypnotherapy, which led me to become liscensed as a clinical hypnotherapist.

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Posted 13 April 2006 - 02:35 AM

I am sorry but I havent read all the posts. I just wanted to say that I am just beginning to open my mind to reincarnation. I am going to trust my intuition on this and I feel that maybe I am on the right path.

I have always thought it a stupid idea but couldnt explain this fixation I had with steam trains. I use to have terrible dreams about running across railway tracks and a steam train coming down the track towards me. I always felt unnerved crossing tracks in a car or on foot. I am intrigued by steam trains. The sound of them and the look of them. I dont know why. I have never had a regression and dont really want to because I dont trust the person doing the regression. I want to trust myself more.

I have this gut feeling I have lived before in a life where there were steam trains and that I played cat and mouse with a train and met my death like this. I must have been young to have done this. I have this idea because in my dreams I was trying to beat the train. Whenever I cross present day crossings in a car I always look for the train down the track that might be coming so I will beat it. Its so weird. It has given me a fear of railway tracks and railway platforms. I see kids too close and I want to run and grab them and pull them back. Stupid parents are so lax with things like this.

I hear of suicides on platforms or tracks and my mind starts spinning again and I get transfixed on this.

I like steam trains but I feel something terrible with them.

I am pretty sure that what I have felt since being a little kid, I am now 46, has something to do with a past life. My intuition or knowledge that is buried, tells me this.

Yes, I feel there is is truth in reincarnation.
Hey, once I had this same feeling about the afterlife. I had no proof but have since found it.
Maybe the same thing may happen with my discovery of reincarnation.

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Posted 13 April 2006 - 11:00 AM

i definately beleive in reincarnation. i like this post :D
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Posted 13 April 2006 - 03:30 PM

I am new here but I think I will just jump right in. I had a past life reading once and was told that I was an old midwife and that I lived a hermit type life and people would come and get me when I was needed to deliver a baby. It was supposedly in the British Isles somewhere most likely Scotland.

With no information on what I did for a living or anything this person came rather close. I am a retired paramedic and one of the calls I loved most was delivering babies..I delivered six and two were critical deliveries. One was a tiny twin boy who fit in the palm of my hand. I did CPR on him all the way to the hospital and when I got there the ER Dr. wouldn't work on him because he said he was too small..I took him in the trauma room and continued to work on him. Luckily, somebody called a neonate code and help showed up. I was so angry but all turned out well. By that evening he was doing so well he wasn't even on supplemental oxygen. I went by and saw him several months later when he got out of the hospital and I can tell you that little guy was healthy as a horse and had a great set of lungs!!! His brother was delivered at the hospital and still didn't fair as well but he was doing pretty good also. I am not a loner per se but I do enjoy my time with myself. I am not someone who always needs people around so I could imagine me living in my little cottage with my animals and delivering babies and being perfectly happy.
I also wonder about the drowning thing too. I love the water and swimming as long as my head doesn't go under...if that happens I freak. I even hate to take showers because i can't stand the water running over me like that..so I always wonder if I was trapped somewhere where water was pouring in over my head and drowned me. Don't worry I do take baths, LOL


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Posted 13 April 2006 - 06:46 PM

All interesting stories....

I feel like I am linked to the WWII era. Ever since I can remember I was hooked to music from the 1940's and the movies from the 1940's. My mother used to listen to an old radio station in the car, it was embarrassing when I had friends riding with us, but these were the first times I heard these old songs, and there were many times it was deja vu, I actually knew the words of some of these songs. They used to play the old classic movies on Sunday afternoons, and I never watched tv as a kid, I was always outdoors, but I would always go home on Sundays to watch the old movies. The Hitchcock movies and anything with Cary Grant were my favorite and still are. I always had a feeling like I belonged "back then" in the good old days. I also had several deja vu feelings when I visited England, as if I had gone to certain places there before.
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