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Posted 27 May 2004 - 06:46 AM

It was about 11 p.m., the room was normal temperature approximately 72 degrees, and perfectly quiet. No fans or other distractions were on at the time of this session. My first trance-mediumship experience came to me tonight. We started with simple conversation via the “Spirit Board.” We progressed into rapping where I asked the spirit questions with a response of one knock for “yes” and two knocks for “no.” The spirit responded immediately, I then asked that he try and knock louder. He eventually began to knock a little louder in response to each question. Finally I asked the spirit to ring a bell for me that I held by a simple string with my hand. It at first swung slightly back and forth. After a few moments I told the spirit to trust me and to not be afraid. I told him we came as friends with love and light for him. I asked him to come into our dimension temporarily and for him to bring us into his temporarily. I held one hand with my partner while my partners other hand remained on the planchette holding the connection with the spirit. My other hand was holding the string with the attached bell. I told the spirit to use our energy in order to ring the bell. It swayed a little more. Finally I asked the spirit if he would ring it by using my arm to do so. A moment passed and I felt my arm twitch just above the wrist area. I mentioned this immediately to my partner for confirmation of what was happening. It was apparent I had not caused it. Then it happened twice more consecutively, a little more than the first time. I again mentioned to my partner what I had just felt on my arm. Upon feeling this, I silently asked my spirit guides to protect me and then asked the spirit to enter my body in order to accomplish the task of ringing the bell. At that moment where my forearm had twitched I immediately felt a warm/hot sensation “inside” my arm. This feeling continued rather quickly and fluently over into my stomach up through my chest and my neck throughout my face into my head. The way it went from my arm to my stomach surprised me. I remember when it filled my face I felt my face tingle all over. As it reached my head, it started back at my stomach where it had branched off to fill my upper body, and continued on filling my legs and my feet. Let me point out that the warmth never left one area without the previously filled areas continuing to feel warm/hot. Let me stress this was a warmth that filled me internally it was warm to hot, not unbearable but warmer than room temperature and quite noticeable. As the warmth filled me, my eyes must have closed at some point, because it seemed a few moments later my partner called out to me LOOK it’s spinning! I cannot recall at what point my eyes had shut while being filled with this warmth. I do remember opening my eyes and the bell was spinning a lot quicker than before in a “counter-clockwise pattern.” I then asked in the name of my Higher Power that the spirit leave my body, and I thanked the spirit for accomplishing the feat. I might have asked the spirit to leave rather quickly, but I was a little shocked that it had worked. The warm/hot feeling left me as it collected itself from my feet and my head where it met at my stomach. The last place I recall feeling the warmth was once again in my forearm where it had originated. At that point I felt the normal temperature of the room and I silently thanked my spirit guides for their protection. I might add I felt “considerably” cooler. I remember the (warmth) the spirit filled me with at first felt like it might be sickening to my stomach but it quickly made me feel comfortable after filling me entirely. As it did this I realized that I was in fact very comfortable. It was NOT at all a sickening feeling, just one I was unfamiliar with. We ended the session by asking that the spirit part from the place until called upon again. I do believe he went in peace.  I would honestly say I was not scared just surprised and a little overwhelmed. This was truly an experience, I look at my accomplishment as a newly discovered tool to further my development in communicating with spirits and aiding them in moving into the light.

***FINAL NOTE: Immediately following the session I felt hungry and thirsty. I quickly fixed a snack to nourish myself. Within the hour after the session I was rather tired. Other than the following, I feel completely normal.

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