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Posted 06 November 2008 - 10:22 AM

I can't remember which episode of MH it was (it was definitely towards the end of his run with the show, as he left after the Jack the Ripper live show...mayhap a season or two ago?), and I can't remember what the location was, other than it was a castle. He came up with Richard the Lionheart, stated that he lived in the 9th century (what????) and had spent a great deal of time at that particular castle....when Richard spent maybe a total of 6 months in England through his entire reign, and spent most of his life pre-kingship in France, as he was his mother's heir for her lands. You could see Cearin (sp?) trying to hold back, same with Yvette.

Completely off, so far off that any English schoolchild could see it, and if he was receiving the information from 'Sam', he should have KNOWN that he was being fed a line of garbage. And that's only one example. There's the infamous possession at the gaol with the spirit of the South African jailer. And never mind the hundreds of times where he would go into a location and claim that the dark arts were practiced there and any number of serving girls were raped and murdered by the Lord of the Castle/Manor/House.

I can perfectly accept mediums having errors in their readings, they're as human as I am after all, and the spirits they are in contact with were once human as well. And one can't always expect someone to interpreate something correctly, we all err in that regards, medium or not.

But when you are dealing with facts that are widely known, facts you were taught in school for heavens sake, I mean....come on!

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