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Ghost Dreams

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Posted 12 October 2007 - 06:47 PM

I have another one. This was actually one of my posts.

It started out a normal dream, but then I ended up in ended up in this covered wagon type vehicle going down a freeway. All that was keeping me from the road was a sheet, wich worked well out well in my defense.

So I'm heading down the road, somehow the hoarses were keeping up with the cars, go figure, and there was this girl sitting next to me. She starts singing this song she said she heard on a movie:
Kill up river
Kill (down the river? not sure of any lyrics after "kill up river")
So I'm like ok, and I start singing and she says, no, you have to sing it like this, and she sings again while having this creepy grin on her face and moving her bony fingers accross her face!!!

then her face changes, and looks like the girl from "the exersist" so I'm like wholy moly she's posessed! So I tell her to come here and sit on my lap, and when she gets over my lap I toss her into the road. It was a sideroad so it was on the ditch. I watched her and it took a while for her to recuperate, but she ran back to the wagon, fast mind you.

I anticipated this so, I wait until she hops into the wagon and then I hop out (I waited so she didn't see me jump). Then I woke up.

I was/ still kinda am convinced that this was an attack

Heehee! What a funny dream(and sorta scary at parts). I remember having a ghost dream a lot like this:

I was sitting with Geoffrey Rush in this cool room(he was dressed like a pirate), and I asked him about ghosts when he burst out laughing."Ha! There's no such thing!" Then, suddenly he told me to shut my eyes cuz there was an ancient Japanese panter woman ghost coming to kill him, and if I looked at her I'd be cursed, too! So I closed my eyes, and she throttled him gruesomely, then sat in front of me and panted in my face in raspy breaths. She wouldn't leave, so I punched her!! lol

Of course then she cursed me, but said "You're pretty brave, kid. Why don't you become my servant?" "Okay," I shrugged.(!!!) "So, go and fetch me come of those cyanide-filled paint cups so we can eat together?" Hehe, right, I thought, so I grabbed a knife as I handed her the poisoned drinks and stabbed right into her chest! Of course, she was a GHOST, and it didn't affect her. I think soon she got sick of me and told me to go away! :D
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