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CT hauntings

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Posted 29 August 2002 - 04:42 AM

Ansonia - Eagle Hose Co. #6 (firehouse) - to be honest just weird things but they only happen when you are the only person there whether in the basement or on the top floor there is a history here check into it.

Ansonia - Hunters Lane - Only when two of the residents in the house fight the ghost will show her rage. Only a small cat was in the room at the time. A whole dresser fell down onto the bed with on it a television and inside it lots of clothes. Another, which the treadmill turned on by in self. She is older and a white lady. Very nice, but gets angry when people fight.

Ansonia - Pine Grove Cemetery - Some have reported hearing children playing, smelled roses, heard chains rattling, hot spots where it would be warmer than the rest of the cemetery and on the way out we saw three figures which seemed to be guarding the gates, and four figures walking toward them.

Bara - Hack Settlement - Pomfret - The ruins of the settlement that later grew into Pomfret, along with the old cemetery used by the small settlement, hide in the CT woods but hold many surprises for those who take the time to find them. Reports include human voices, animal sounds, children's' laughter, sightings of a baby reclining in the branches of a tree, and orbs of light.

Bethel - Bethel High School - There have been sightings of apparitions on the second floor and in the basement. Cold Spots have been experienced in the basement also. There have been numerous suicides associated with the school. At one point the school was called Suicide High

Bethel - Wooster St. - In a boarding house on the Danbury end of the street, there is a room where one man committed suicide and another overdosed on heroin. Former residents of the room report hearing screams in the night and the illusion that the walls are melting.

Bristol - Church of Eternal Light - Formerly one of the three original churches built in Bristol by the Sessions family, church was built late 1800 to early 1900, (not sure of date). has been on national T.V. show , a ghost hunter filmed ghost balls or spirit balls. There are also reports of a former church goer who was struck by lightning on the front steps. There have also been reports of an apparition seen in the bell tower.

Bristol - Lake Compounce Amusement Park - The oldest running amusement park in the world. The first hauntings date back to the opening of the park in the late 1800's when the ghost of the former owner of the land, Chief Compounce, who killed himself in the lake the day before the land was to change hands. Since that time, every building on the land has experience hauntings at one time or another. As well, death has been a plague at the park. In recent years, a child died from injuries received from a near drowning it the lake, a worker was killed underneath a rotor ride, and another was decapitated by a roller coaster. Most of the hauntings have occurred in the Star Light Ball Room. It was said, but this author has not confirmed, that the head of the Norton family, who bought the land from Chief Compounce, died after mysteriously falling from a ladder. The park is now under new management, and is running successfully. However, the park still employs overnight security service people, who all, without prior knowledge of hauntings, have all disclosed their fears and sightings around the park.

Bristol - Peacedale Cemetery - Sightings of a white wolf that walks down near the banks of the stream that runs through this cemetery are usually sought by those who have a deep emotional problem bothering them.

Bristol - Pine Lake Area - Feelings of being followed, now a high ropes course, occasionally hearing ropes tighten as if being swung from, loud footsteps in the leafy ground, whispers, and shouts, over all spookiness.

Burlington - Green Lady Cemetery - Covey Road - Images of green mist and the "Green Lady" formerly Elisabeth who died next to the cemetery in swampland-she drown and supposedly her husband would not or could not save her. She is seen walking on the dirt road the cemetery is located on in a green mist.

Burlington - Torries Den - Located on the blue trail there has been reports of drum beats coming from the area at night some people also say that they have seen Satan there.

Clinton - Town Hall/Opera Theater Of Connecticut - Reports of whispers, the feeling of someone right next to you, and feel cold gusts of air.

Colchester - Bacon Academy High School - The catwalk in the auditorium is haunted by the ghost of a man who fell to his death while the school was being built. People have witnessed lights being turned on and off when no one is up there.

Colchester - Camp Connecticut - in pictures taken there are many "orbs" near the main gate and near the large sign within the camp, examinations shown not be photo error or bad development. Witnesses have seen 40 apparitions standing in front of the gate, as they walked towards them they parted, letting them though, and they walked right in between them. as the got to their car the figures slowly disappeared.

Cornwall - Dudley Town - A deserted town that is said to have gone mad and died off, located in Cornwall, CT. After a long walk through the woods the path opens up to reveal old foundations and cellar holes from a lifetime ago. Here it is said that glowing orbs of light can be seen swirling around, and on occasion have even occurred during the day. There are many reports of odd happenings occurring to those that visit Dudley Town.

Danbury - Tarrywile Park & Hearthstone Castle - Several hauntings are known to exist on the grounds - mainly around the area of the abandoned Hearthstone Castle. There have been reports of shadowy figures, glowing orbs or mists in the castle's windows or on the roof - as well as the surrounding land and the locations of the former servant/guest houses.. Some hikers have reported being pushed & sticks thrown at them.

Danbury - Western Connecticut State University - Fairfield Hall - 3rd floor haunted by soul of young girl who had committed suicide in the tower on the top of the hall. She is know for apparitions in windows n mirrors.... running showers and showing up in photographs. She is known for making mirrors become never ending ...and making screaming sounds all through the night...is she waiting to be let free...or is she just haunting the students who live there.

Derby - Irving School - People have been known to see a little girl and a teenage boy wondering the halls and auditorium of this school. Cold flashes and spots are some of the effects to the persons investigating the school. Several police and fire fighters have also witnessed these encounters.

Derby - Lincoln School (Old Derby High School) - basement of the building believed that a staff worker used to work there died in the school. in the boys bathroom/ lav by the gym there's a metal gate where you can see the locker room. many students said that if you look into the room long enough you would see a quick flash of light then it would disappear. or you would see a figure holding a mop in his hand. there would be whistling on some days too and you never knew where it was coming from.
~*Lifes Blessings*~ ~*Cindy*~

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Posted 29 August 2002 - 04:43 AM

East Granby - Old Newgate Prison - It was originally a copper mine in the 1700s. It became a prison to hold tories and loyalists in the Revolutionary war. It also held confederates in the civil war and is now a tourist attraction. In one area in the mine, a man's face is seen in the rock because the ceiling collapsed on top of him. The last man to be killed there was trying to escape through the well by climbing up the rope. On his way up, the rope snapped. He was either killed by impact or drowning.

East Haddam - Devils Hopyard - Have been numerous reports of strange sightings and occurrences over the years. Many locals have seen and heard apparitions.

East Hartford - Huguenot House - Haunted by a woman dressed in blue after the building was moved.

East Haven - Dear Run School - walking though the north hall you can some times hear voices and see blood coming down form the walls no one is sure who haunts this building

East Windsor - Pasco's restaurant - movement of objects, closing doors, cold spots, etc.

Easton - Union Cemetery - Haunted by the ghost of a young woman known by locals as the "White Lady" no one knows of her past yet. Firemen and Police Officers have seen her on different occasions. It's one of the most haunted places in the country. Another haunting is "Redeyes" is also a well-known haunt. As the stories go, a man was walking along a road next to union cemetery when he noticed a pair of red eyes staring at him through the darkness. Upon this observation, he turned and ran and heard footsteps following him. The Warrens have done extensive research of the area.

Fairfield - Fairfield Hills - there have been sightings of a young small figured woman dressed in white staring thru the windows of the condemned building with a glowing light behind her.

Groton - Woods West of town - In the woods west of town, there is a hiking trail which winds through the woods. In these woods are numerous Indian dwellings, some still not excavated. Reports of feelings of being watched.

Hamden - Sleeping Giant - At the top of the mountain where the castle is located, it is said that a man dressed in all black has been seen wandering the area. At first he looks as if he is normal, but if you stay and watch he seems to have a white ring around his left arm. When approached, this figure slowly evaporates into the air, and those who have witnessed his appearance have only seen it once, despite efforts to find it again.

Hartford - Colt Armory - Throughtout the years tennents on every floor have reported hearing a bolder drop and then roll over on on floor above them...event those who live on the top floor.

Hartford - Hartford City Hall - Supposedly this ghost bangs on doors, closes doors, and opens doors that people know they've locked.

Hartford - Old State House - Built in 1796, the former State Capitol building is said to be haunted by the spirits of its' glorious past. The first witch to be hanged in the New England colonies was on this site in 1647. In the late 1970's the Warrens found the ghost of local painter and museum keeper, Joseph Steward, to be alive and well and roaming the halls of the second floor. Many reports of strange footsteps and ghostly assembly meetings have been reported.

Kensington - Chamberlain Highway (Rt.72) - Coyotes are native to this area. So every fall-spring in the houses around, you hear coyotes yelping in the late night hours, after about 5 minutes of this, you hear a trumpet. Anywhere along RT.72 (Chamberlain Hwy) you hear them.. Legend has it, that at Ragged Mountain off Rt.72 in the late 1800's a young trumpet boy had gotten lost around his new home, and he was lost with his trumpet. And coyote's have gotten to him, So this is his call for help, Just to late.

Lampson Corner - Route 69 - An area between Burlington and Bristol CT. on rte 69, as the story goes the village was wiped out by small pox. People who have gone up there say they have seen strange apparitions.

Manchester - Emanual Lutheran Church - Sometimes you will walk by the nursery and the lights will be off and no one is in there but the rocking chair will be rocking by itself. 1 witness reports, “what really made us believe was when we were playing "Sardines" a hide-and-go-seek type game and we were the first ones downstairs in the church and we checked the bathroom. So we turned on the lights, checked all around no one was in there. Just before we turned off the lights all the stall doors were closed the minute I turned off the light both doors slammed.”

Meriden - Hubbard Park - A young girl was said to be kidnapped and brought into some woods at Hubbard Park and now haunts the park. She will save those being kidnapped of killed and kill the ones who are kidnapping or killing. She is said to look like a 7-year-old girl and she will laugh when she kills someone bad.

Meriden - The Black Dog of Meriden is said to roam the streets of Meriden. Appears as a sleek black dog, resembling a Labrador retriever, though much more menacing. The dog is said to appear extremely evil and will stare you down. If a person sees the black dog once, it is considered good luck. Seeing the Dog twice is a warning of impending death. If the dog stares you in the eye for a third time, it is said you will die very soon.

Meriden - Undercliff Institution - Formerly an old insane asylum up until the mid 1960's, Undercliff is now an abandoned building that is host to many different sightings. Reports of hearing former patients running around corners and down hallways to escape orderlies, and faint screams being heard form rooms where shock therapy was supposedly administered. Also sightings of a former patient who was murdered by a group of other patients with plastic utensils from the commissary walks the old courtyard.

Middletown - CVH Cemetery - Witnesses report driving down the road and at first saw a headless man in a tuxedo (only in the dark w/o headlights) When turning headlights on, they could not see it, and drove down the road (possibly through the ghost). Also seen, a Woman in a white wedding dress, and electrical problems with the vehicles only to start working correctly upon retreat.

Monroe - Union Cemetery - There have been many sightings of different ghosts at different times. The most common sighting is of a lady in white with a white glow around her, who walks the cemetery around midnight. Many people have seen her. She appears to be looking for the grave of a loved one, but when she is approached, she slowly vanishes.
~*Lifes Blessings*~ ~*Cindy*~

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Posted 29 August 2002 - 04:44 AM

Naugatuck - Guntown Cemetery - Residents and even the Warrens attest to the ghostly activity that occurs here. Witnesses have heard children laughing far into the field behind the cemetery and as they stayed longer each time the children's laughing grew as close as behind the back wall to inside the cemetery. They also heard old rag time music playing in the woods near the cemetery.

New Britain - haunted reservoir home - An abandoned home near the New Britain reservoir in the area of crescent lake said to have been badly burned and forgotten after a man and women were killed in a fire there. The small brick house has one main room and inside has odd-looking gages and dials in metal cases. Upon visiting, a young man beckoned the "ghosts" to make themselves known, after a few seconds of taunting, his foot fell thigh deep through the floor and nearly into the basement. Also, feelings of sadness, anxiety and feelings of being watched have been experienced

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - Several of the mansions converted to dorms are said to be haunted. One of them is haunted by a woman in a green dress and a small boy around the age of 8-10. The boy tends to be looking for a playmate, for when alive he was often locked in the attic. He moves objects, changes the orientation of other objects, and stands in the hallway watching you.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - Dominican Hall - the former Yale Psychiatric Institution. Activities reported are knocking on walls, stereos and televisions being turned on or off (especially when there is a lot of noise, or the music is too loud), doors slamming and people running through hallways when no one is there, and voices muttering. Spirits appear in pictures, too.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - McAuliffe Hall - Is indeed haunted by a small boy and woman in green is possibly true but she is believed to haunt the front staircase, and around midnight, if you are not holding the rail, she'll shove you. He said that when he first moved in, a woman used to begin singing every night at 10 PM. An insomniac, he found this annoying and finally asked the woman to stop.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - Rosary Hall - Rosary is an antique elevator that is no longer in use. Several students, faculty members, and staff have reported an evil presence around it, as well as freezing cold blasts of air and moaning sounds.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - Sansbury Hall - Doors open, objects move, and faucets turn on and off, as well as playing with items on tables and desks. Orbs of light have also been witnessed on three separate occasions this year.

New Haven - Cemetery Blvd and Congress Ave. - Midnight Mary's Grave Inscription " and they shall pass away at mid-night. " Visitors at midnight see apparitions and pass on the next day.

New Haven - Fort Nathan Hale - Along the beach where a battle took place, there are under ground bunkers. They are blocked off with gates, but inside the bunkers there have been sightings of glowing green orbs. Along the beach and the outside of the bunkers ghostly figures of soldiers have also been seen.

New Haven - Lighthouse Park - At Lighthouse Park around midnight you can hear the carousel running and little kids giggling.

New London - Ledge Lighthouse - There have been reports of lights and strange sounds coming from Ledge Lighthouse which is now inoperable. Also believed to be haunted by a lighthouse keeper that committed suicide there.

New London - The Lighthouse Inn- Various haunted rooms, and two ghostly Victorian women who roam the hallways at night.

New Milford - Bank Street Coffee House - Footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement, items moving on their own in the kitchen, shadowy figures and unexplained footsteps.

Newtown - Cyrenius H. Booth Library - The only public library in Newtown on Main Street is haunted by Mary Hawley, the daughter of Booth, whom the library was named after. The building used to be her home, and her room is on the top floor, which they used to let people view, but have locked since they put an addition on. Experiences ranged from feelings to shadowy figures in the corner of one's sight to actual encounters with what is supposedly Mary's ghost. Nothing has been said about her since the addition was put on, but then again, no one has been in her room either.

Newtown - Fairfield Hills Asylum - Haunted state mental hospital that opened in the early 1900's and recently closed due to state funding. The hospital has been in many "haunted" shows such as MTV's FEAR. Ghostwatcherz.com has all the info on it.

North Haven - Grove road - water coming from the ceiling, no pipes in ceiling, seeing water drip from ceiling. But no water on floor, middle bedroom get cold and quite, cats hair stands up. Wife committed suicide, by carbon monoxide poison.

Old Mystic - Red Brook Inn -The north room of the Redbrook inn is haunted by a former owner, Sally Crary. Legend has it that after the death of his wife in 1979, Mr. Crary married his wife's best friend. Since then the spirit of Mrs. Crary haunts the north room of this bed and breakfast. moving cold spots and voices are the symptoms here.

Oxford - Hookman's Cemetery - Believed that in the 1900's sometime the caretaker of the cemetery had a hook in place of his hand and would sometimes kill a person who stayed later than the others to speak words to the one laid to rest. Also in the field behind the cemetery used to be a house where a family once lived and rumorfact has it that the young son of the family killed the remaining family members including him. The house was knocked down years ago but on Halloween it appears briefly as a phantom. Anomalies have shown.

Pomfret - Bara Hack NO TRESPASSING (the village of voices)- Bara Hack is a lost settlement that eventually became the Township of Pomfret Connecticut, Now located on Private property.  Most common signs of ghostly presences in the village are voices of farmers, mothers calling their children, laughing children, whistling, talking, orbs of light, people swinging or sitting on trees, trails of energy, sounds of farm animals, footsteps. Most of these occur with full force around 10:00 to 11:00 at night in the graveyard or at the old mill.

Preston - Norwich Insane Asylum - Reported sightings of early 1900s patient's spirits. Also, serial killer Mike Ross commits the site of one of the murder.

Putnam - Blood cemetery - It is said that a family with the last name blood lived in Putnam Connecticut. When the youngest a boy had gone mad and killed his family and himself. Now they all reside in the family grave yard. Also a lot of strange and dangerous things have been reported in that whole area near blood cemetery. Witnessed ghost sightings and other strange happenings in that area. you go do not go alone and get permission from the owners before going.
~*Lifes Blessings*~ ~*Cindy*~

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Posted 29 August 2002 - 04:46 AM

Redding - Topstone Rd - a small field on the right of the train tracks before the overpass usually at night orbs of light and a lit tent vanishing.

Salem - Salem Town Hall - The Salem Town Hall is haunted by the spirit of a man who hanged himself on the radio tower. The ghost walks the hallways, slams doors, shuts off lights, locks doors, and walks up the old steps which have been removed. Barometers rise and cold spots have been reported.

Seymour - Carousel Gardens - haunted by a woman who used to live there. It was a mansion converted into a restaurant in the mid 60's. Now the story is, that she lived there with her brother for many years, but they rarely spoke, and they say, for this reason, she haunts this place.

Seymour - Great Hill Road - A few years back, a man was killed on his motorcycle while going around a sharp turn down Great Hill road. Its been reported that a man was driving down this road headed for this specific turn, and he saw the ghost of the motorcycle on his motorcycle only to see the cycle raise his hand to slow down and the man's car stalled.

Shelton - East Village Cemetery - While walking in, you will often hear a young girls voice, say hello, and then later, if you stay long enough you can see a dark shadow figure run and what seems to be hiding behind the grave stones, then when you are leaving you will again hear the young girls voice but be unable to understand her.

Shelton - Indian Wells State Park - Supposedly haunted by "white lady". Some say she was killed there on her wedding day, hence, the "white lady" title. Others insist she is one of several children/young people killed by a train while playing cards on the train tracks during the '30s'

Simsbury - Chart House - Its an old restaurant that has the spirit of a woman, who is described as friendly, residing there. The employees like to tell stories about her; she does stuff like shut off lights if they've been left on, closing doors at closing time, that kind of thing.

Stafford Springs - Hamden Rd - Hamden Rd runs up a small mountain, ghosts like figures have been seen and felt walking through the woods (the mountain is populated but there is large areas of uninhabited forest)

Stepney - Stepney Cemetery - ghost photos have been taken there for quite some time.

Stratford - Phelps Mansion - Before the Mansion was built a lady named Goody Basset was burned at the stake for being a witch. After the house was built, lots of people have been drawn out of it. The legend is that if you stare in a mirror in the house, you will not see your face but Goody Basset's and she will prick your arm with a needle for staring at you.

Stratford - Stratford Booth Memorial Park - A large area of negative energy is known to be haunted by a man who can be seen if photographed in a large white house in the top window.

Suffield - Kent mansion - The abandoned mansion has been seen with lights on and with shadows in the windows. Even in the carriage house. Update - It is believed to be haunted by its past benefactor Sidney Albert Kent. Many occurrences of a mischievous conduct take place. Pictures fall and break. Light fixtures fall. Dogs scared of certain areas only at certain times. Lights mysteriously go on when they were known to be checked as off. Back hall too second floor has cold chilling sensation at times.

Torrington - Hill Top Inn Restaurant - witnesses have Seen a little girl there many times, in the 1800's and to this day young children still see her!

Torrington - The Warner Theater - A ghost haunts this early 1900's theater in the town of Torrington, Connecticut. The ghost is said to be named Murph, and he was a homeless guy who was trying to break into the theater to spend the night. He was drunk and fell down the stairs leading to the basement. People have felt cold wind in the middle of summer with no air conditioning and performers have seen things on the balcony during rehearsals only. The lights also go on and off when no one is touching them. There is also a story of a huge control lever that controls all of the lights in the building. It takes two or three people to pull it down. One day, there were two people at the theater and they were away from the lever and all of a sudden the lights went out. They came back and the lever was switched off.
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Posted 29 August 2002 - 04:46 AM

Unionville - Unionville Cemetery- This cemetery is home to multiple hauntings. One of the best known is the white lady. She is said to wander the cemetery around mid-night. She is also accompanied by multiple orbs of light, voices, and other apparitions. On Halloween the local police are stationed around the cemetery’s stone wall to keep kids out.

Voluntown - The grave of a girl named "Maud" - is located along this road. When riding in a car and her name is uttered by her gravesite, the car is supposed to either stall or crash. Orbs have also been seen by observers. Also, a man running through the woods at the same speed of the car was seen by a passenger in my vehicle.

Wallingford - an old gas station - a gas station was built over the foundation of a house that burned down. It was later shut down due to some paranormal activities. For instance, two girls went in there to use the bathroom when suddenly they heard banging on the door and on the wall behind them. And it was so loud and hard, the mirror in their was shaking. Other encounters and sightings have also been reported.

Wallingford - Moses Y. Beach Grade School - At night, the neighbors of the school sometimes say they hear music and see the lights of the gym on. The police would go and investigate only to walk into the school and find that the music and the lights have been turned off abruptly. Some people, believe that the prom or homecoming was supposed to be the night of the tornado that destroyed the high school that was there before the elementary school. Some people, including police officers, claim to have seen Old Man Moses Y. speeding up and down the halls of the school in his wicker wheelchair.

Wallingford - Shell Station on Center - Once a hotel that had a fire, killing most of the people inside. Then the Shell gas Station was built in its place. It is now out of business because of hauntings occurring in the station. These hauntings scared away not only the customers, but the workers too. Neighbors have also claimed to see lights in the building at night.

Wallingford - Whirlwind Road - Lady in White back in the 1930's a woman was left at the alter on her wedding day. She was so depressed that she drowned herself. Motorists have seen her on the side of the road totally soaked and asking for a ride but when their backs would be turned she'd disappear .a few police officers have seen the woman

West Haven - Savin Rock near the old "Casino" restaurant- A young lady known as "Darcy" seen in a pale yellow dress is known to haunt this area. She walks along the beach on foggy nights and disappears into the fog, also reported cold spots and hearing her sobs.

Westbrook - Talcott House - Old Bed and Breakfast Inn on the shoreline of Connecticut. Past innkeeper experienced activity. Beds unmade by themselves, old ragtime music in the vents, piano playing a tune by itself. A wealthy man who died in a fire originally owned the house. Townspeople claim of suspicious activities. The house recently caught on fire again during renovations in the middle of the night.

Wethersfield - First Church Cemetery - lady in white walks around at night.

Winchester - Greenladys Graveyard - This place has an old gravesite dated back to the 1800"s. This commentary isn't even located on any maps. It has a haunting of a woman whom was deserted during the war. She also was named the green lady. Its been known for her to come out on foggy nights. She wanders the grave.

Winchester - Old Civil War Cemetery - In an old Civil War centenary found 3 miles in on a dirt road through dense forest off a main road, one can find a green lady haunting the site in the upper-right corner of the cemetery. She is seen during a full moon.

Winchester - Suckerbrook dam - Voices can be heard late night and spectral images seen as well. The most scary incident was of a dam worker who drown some say pushed to his death.
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Posted 29 August 2002 - 06:08 AM

I lived in the dorm (actually on the floor in the dorm) of Western that is haunted. Crazy mirrpr things, wierd sounds, disappearing objects, etc were quite the norm. And since I am a bit of a sensitive I saw quite a bit of it.

THe basement is also haunted- there is an underground passageway connecting all the buildings. Years ago some guy got into the passages and killed a girl in the basement. She's still there.

The whole building gives off bad vibes. Course that dorm was the first building of the Connecticut Teachers College wich was one of the first colleges in CT... so there is a ton of history tied into the place.

The good news- its still active, very active.
The bad news- its a strict  all girl dorm, so unless you know someone that lives there you can't get in.


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Posted 31 August 2002 - 07:04 AM

Is anyone going to the Halloween seminar with the Warrens?


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Posted 07 September 2002 - 04:59 PM


im new here and i live in norwich,ct. where is the
insane asylum where micheal ross killed those girls?
is it the big mental hospital going towards foxwoods?
a month ago i took various pictures of the place but havent gotten them developed yet. ill let ya know if
anything becomes of them. theres also an old house
my friend lived in that had several evil spirits,one
attacked her husband. the place had 13 apartments
in it but now its boarded up,uumm i wonder why!
well email me anyone with info,thanks.

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Posted 13 October 2002 - 06:30 PM

hey guys!!!!!! i was wondering if anyone had the directions to the undercliff institution in Meriden.....me and a few friends want to go check the place out!!!!--Mr.Fuzzy

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Posted 16 October 2002 - 05:06 AM

Hiya Carol..Im Cindy :) Isee your a guest but hope you come back.Im just over 395 inMystic.Nice to see someone so close to me here on the boards:)

Btw..the building your referring to is the old Norwich State Hospital.My neighbor worked there well over 20 yrs and an RN.Ill have to ask her one day if anything ever happened there.Im dont think thats were Michael Ross killed those girls since at that time is was still an operating hospital.Its only closed in recent yrs.Then again it could have been on the grounds since they are so vast.

I meet him..Michael Ross I mean.Right after he started his spree.Didnt know who he was at the time..but looking back..Im glad my friend and I didnt take his invitation to "come on in" at his apt..creepy :o
~*Lifes Blessings*~ ~*Cindy*~

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Posted 16 October 2002 - 12:07 PM

Wow, Cindy, you actually had an encounter with Michael Ross!  That is creepy.  I am sure you just had a feeling about the guy...a bad one!
"When you let beauty and peace sink into you, dissension and strife begin to look like sheer insanity. Everything that people make a fuss about seems unimportant " Anne Frank

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Posted 16 October 2002 - 01:08 PM

Yeah it was creepy!He was the neighbor of my firneds sister at the time.She had borrowd a book of his and asked us to return it really quick for her.So we just ran up knocked on his door gave him his book and thankfully didnt take him up on his offer.Also 1 of the girsl killed was the friend of an exbf's cousin.Weird huh..
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Posted 25 August 2003 - 10:34 AM

Try Pomfret Connecticut for the area known as bara hack very creepy! You would have to ask locals where to find the area. be careful!

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Posted 07 September 2003 - 02:05 AM

I haven't heard about Undercliff being haunted but it is located right across the street from the Meriden Square mall.  

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Posted 01 June 2004 - 11:11 PM

I saw that awesome list of all those haunted places and I thought that I would add some myself.  hehe i know some around the eastern side of CT.

Voluntown- right around the same area where Maude's grave is, there is also her house foundation.  It is extremely hard to find because it is in the Pachaug State Forest.  Also, in the forest there is a mansion somewhere.  That too is really hard to find.  I know of people who've actually found it, but then there are some people who've looked for such a long time and still can't find it.

Griswold (my hometown)- there are a couple graveyards around my house and they are suppose to have vampires, though they are only people who've had TB.  Also, there is a road called Taylor HIll Road.  Now no one has ever talked about it being haunted or anything.  I just personally find it a little odd that there have been a lot of accidents and deaths on this road.  And when they occur they are always in the same spot of the road.  Alittle too wierd for me!  Then there is Breakneck Hill Road.  There was a man who was on his horse and they both fell off the cliff and died.  There is also a legend that they man didn't die he just broke his neck, hence the name of the road.  On this road there have been sitings of the man and the horse.  Also, there are soldiers on this road.  During the Civil War there was a camp there that got raided.  So it is said that soldiers can be seen walking back and forth the width of the road.  From experience, I've seen it!  The road itself is real scary because its still gravel and there are only a couple of houses on this road.  I think its like a couple at the beginning and a couple at the end.  Breakneck Hill Road is a good mile long too, so just imagine having to drive the middle part of it during the dead of night!  Very scary!

Sterling- For some reason I can't think of the name for sure.  I think its Gravity Hill.  Anyway, you put your car in neutral at the very bottom of the hill and your car rolls up the hill.  Now if you get all the way up the hill then you are supposed to see a head roll down the hill.  One of the legends is that there were a few witches that gotten ran off the road or broke down and no one helped them.  So there have been occurences where people have seen finger prints on the back of their cars, meaning that with the help of the witches the car was able to move up the hill.  Again with experiece I've gotten all the way up the hill but have never seen a head roll down the hill.  Though I never did check for fingerprints.

thats just a couple that I can remember off the top of my head!  I love CT for all these hauntings and wierd places!
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