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Experiencing a touch by a crying ghost/spirit woman/girl

ghost spirit ghost

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Posted 12 January 2016 - 05:34 AM

Hello everyone,


Well first i want to say that i tried not to think about it for almost 11 years because whenever i tried to tell this to other people they thought that i'm just "imagining" or were just smiling and saying "that i was young than and it could be anything" even if i experienced it being fully awaken.


Anyway, i always had bizarre and vivid dreams or more like stories and whenever i woke up i felt very tired but i never understand why, it felt like i was going through those "stories" being fully aware but not in a way i can describe it, so even now it's hard to describe it how it is. So when i turned 16 i started to have a very weird dreams and encounter with a ghost/spirit but it only happened for one year after that i somehow started to get those weird dreams less and less and right now in my 27 i only see those "stories" maybe 2-3 times every year but i still can't explain what that ghost/spirit thing was 11 years ago...


Anyway, on that night when the spirit touched me i had this weird out of body experience and even if i tried to explain to my parents and friends how it was, i couldn't because it was the weirdest experience in my life and until now i don't fully understand what the hell happened that night... 

That night i moved my bed to other side of my room and it was in front of the window so whenever i slept my back was always pointing at the window, so as i always were sleeping on my left so the only thing i could see was my wall but suddenly i started to flow and saw my room and myself and that crying girl/woman it was such an odd feeling that i panicked a little and suddenly i saw everything from the back of my had even if i was sleeping on other side but it felt i was still outside my body, so the crying girl slowly came and put her's cold hands on my shoulder and suddenly i "woke up" and by woking up i mean i was back in my body and it felt like i didn't sleep at all, as i remember it was still very early but it felt like i wasn't sleeping at all, like i said it was so weird that it's very hard to explain how it felt that time... :(


I'm really embarrassed telling this story to anyone cause whenever i try to tell anyone it feels that everyone around me just put this stupid smile on and say "nice story" and it's been a long time when i last talked about it but i know it's true cause i experienced it and it felt so real that it's hard to fully express it. 


Can someone tell what it was and also how much i should trust these vivid, bizarre stories i have every now and than ? Also even if it sounds stupid but is there a chance that i've been possessed by this ghost/spirit?


Thank you

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Posted 12 January 2016 - 01:13 PM

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Was there anybody in your life that passed away around the time your encounters started happening?

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Posted 13 January 2016 - 10:05 AM

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Was there anybody in your life that passed away around the time your encounters started happening?

No, the only thing that comes to mind was that few months later they found a graveyard(more like a hole) from World War 2 and in that hole they pushed innocent people in and buried them alive but the problem is that hole was quite far away from my place, so i thought that it's something else but who knows.

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